3 Reasons not to buy Lynx Defense Products

Don’t buy Lynx Defense products if…

1. You only care about paying the lowest possible price

If you only care what products cost and are looking for the lowest price, similar to the government, then we may not be the best fit for your needs.

Here’s why.

We focus on creating the highest quality American made gun cases on the market. We don’t compromise our product quality to save money. In fact, there have been several times where we have made improvements to our design that made it more costly to manufacture but kept our prices the same for our customers.

We will not try to beat Chinese made products on price. We can’t do it and we won’t do it.

2. You don’t care where your product is made

In case you haven’t noticed we are fiercely proud that we make all of our products in the United States. The United States’ economy is the best in the world. We as a country have become so accustomed to cheaper imported goods from China that we balk at the price of American-made products. However, for the past several years the tables have turned.

When we first started out, we began with a few pre-made patterns from some Chinese manufacturers. It was obvious, almost instantly, that our customers wanted U.S. made cases and bags, and that the market was not being served.

So the pre-made patterned bags were scraped and we went back to the drawing board. A lot of growing pains were felt during this time, but it’s what has made us who we are and it’s largely the reason why we are so proud and passionate about our products.

3. You don’t care about the company who made it

We value our customers and have on several occasions called customers after their purchase to follow up and make sure they are still satisfied with our products. Our products are something we truly believe in and thus have no problem backing them, and even checking up on them, to make sure they are holding up to our high standards.

Since we care so much about our products, we also care just as much about our customers who use them. We have donated to great causes and are known to stay on the phone with customers to just chat about guns and shoot-the-shit. We are a very down to earth company, so when you call don’t expect to get put on hold and talk to a monotone, or foreign, person.

So are Lynx Defense products for you?

After reading, you know a little more about our company and how we think and operate. If we sound like a company you believe in then check out our current list of products or go straight to our store to have a look around.


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