3 Reasons Why You Need a Range Bag

Are you at your limit with using a bag that wasn’t made for the range? Or maybe you’re new to the range and want to start out with the best foot forward. Whatever the reason, it’s time to ditch the duffle bag and give your gun what it wants. Here are three reasons why you need the Lynx Defense Range Bag in your life.

1. Protect Your Investment

If you’re anything like us, you don’t take buying a pistol lightly. You’ve done your research, and you’ve found exactly what you want. The Lynx Defense Range Bag helps you take care of that investment. Made from durable Cordura fabric, our bags can handle any environment you throw at it and will keep your firearm safe and well-protected with its custom-fit pistol and magazine inserts. Plus, the built-in mat doubles as a cleaning mat when you’re done at the range, so you can keep your gear in top shape with ease.

2. Stay Organized and Prepared

Have you ever gotten to the range to realize you left your ear protection at home? Or maybe your box of ammo wasn’t as full as you thought it was. With a range bag, you can make sure you’re set up for a successful day of shooting because everything you need has a spot. Once you’ve customized your kit the way you want it, you will know at a glance if your tools are packed, what safety gear you have on you, and when you need to pick up another box of ammo. Once packed, our bags will have you ready to head to the range at a moment’s notice.

3. Level Up Your Range Sessions

Talent makes the athlete, but quality-made gear never hurt anyone. Our superior, made-in-America bags signal that you take yourself and your sport seriously. You want the safest and best shooting experience for everyone on site. You’ve invested in a quality firearm and also in proper gear to maintain and protect it. They won’t catch you fiddling with your firearm while the range is cold.

If you’re ready to up your gear game, check out the range bags available on-demand in our online store or work with us to design one made specifically for you and your interests.

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