3 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Pistol Bag

Typically, many people do not put a lot of thought into picking a gun bag. However, for those of us who like to look at all of your options and consider the possibilities, we have come up with a few things to consider.

1. Miscellaneous Items

What do you carry? What do you use at the range? This will vary from person to person, but here are a few items to consider when purchasing a pistol case.

  • Targets
  • Staplers
  • Markers/Pens
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Range Passes
  • Gun Holsters/Magazine Holders

All of these items play a part in picking the best pistol bag for you. After using our pistol range bag for a long period of time, I’ve noticed that these particular items tend to take up more room than I originally realized.

2. Gun(s)

It sounds silly, but it matters what gun(s) you plan to carry in your pistol bag. If you’re shooting a full size 1911, it will take up a more considerable amount of room in your range bag compared to a compact Glock.

Also the number of magazines you plan to carry to the range is something to take into consideration. The more magazines you plan to carry, the more room you will need.

3. Ammo

Pretty obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget how much space a box of ammo takes up. If you’re running multiple pistol calibers then the amount of ammo you will be carrying will increase.

I have often used an entire bag to carry just my ammo to the range, so consider how much ammo you typically carry to the range and how many calibers.

How you plan to carry your ammo may determine what range bag you need to purchase. Without ammo, the range is going to be a very dull place.

Now it’s time to get your range bag!

I hope we’ve made selecting the right range bag for you a little easier.  Try considering these three things the next time you decide to make your purchase.

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