350 Legend

The .350 Legend is an exciting cartridge for several reasons and I’ll cover all those shortly, so keep reading to learn all you need to know about the .350 Legend round.

Overview of 350 Legend

The 350 Legend was released in 2019 and created solely by Winchester Repeating Arms Ammunition division, known now as simply Winchester Ammunition.

The 350 Legend is a legend in its own right because it is one of the few cartridges that have no parent cartridge.

It does have the same diameter as the .223 Remington cartridge, but that is where the similarities between the two rounds start and end.

Purpose of 350 Legend

This straight-walled cartridge was developed for hunting where states had strict regulations on straight-walled deer hunting rounds.

The 350 Legend is a product of the Ammunition industry responding to ridiculous government regulation and overreach.

Without oddball laws on hunting with necked cartridges, straight-walled cartridges like the 350 Legend cartridge would likely not exist.

Performance of 350 Legend

The performance of the round was designed to deliver high lethal terminal energy on deer at ranges out to 200 yards.

.350 Legend Headstamp

The 350 Legend sits in an area of its own where at 200 yards it outpaces 300 Blackout, 30-30 Winchester, and 223 Remington in energy on target.

The closest comparison for foot-pounds on target for the Legend is the 300 Blackout round which comes in at 790 ft-lbs at 200-yards. The 350 Legend clocks in at 903 ft-lbs at 200-yards. As you can see it’s no slouch and the .350 legend doesn’t just barely edge out the 300 blackout round either.

Guns that Shoot 350 Legend

The nice thing about the 350 Legend cartridge is the number of rifles that have adopted the round.

Bolt action platforms, as well as AR-15 rifles, have adopted the Legend and the offering is quite nice.

Savage Axis XP

savage axis

The Savage Axis XP is a fantastic bolt action rifle offering from Savage. I may seem biased, but just because I share the last name with the company, there is no affiliate, unfortunately.

The Savage Axis XP is a fantastic gun at a sub $500 price point and they chamber it in nearly every caliber known to man.

If you want a functional gun with decent features, grab yourself an Axis XP.

Ruger American Ranch

Ruger American Ranch chambered 350 Legend

Ruger often adopts calibers extremely well, especially in their bolt action lineup. The bolt action American Ranch rifle is a touch of tactical mixed with the classic look of a bolt action rifle.

The Ruger American Ranch features a 5 + 1 capacity via a magazine feed system. The barrel is only 16″ long and is threaded, making it silencer-ready.

The sight mounting options are endless because it comes with a Picatinny top mount built-in.

The stock comes in a few different colors, namely black and tan however, the stock is nothing special. It works, but you won’t droll over it.

Ruger MPR 350 Legend

ruger mpr 350 legend

The Ruger MPR rifle hits home for me because they are proudly built in North Carolina, my home state.

The MPR is clean and extremely well done if you ask me. If you are looking for a 350 Legend AR this is probably your go-to.

There are plenty of AR-15s chambered in this caliber, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the MPR.

You can always check out the offering of 350 Legend rifles at Guns.com, as companies are constantly releasing new offerings!

350 Legend Ammo Price and Availability

350 Legend Ammo Box

Guns are easily found in 350 Legend, especially bolt action rifles.

Since the Legend is mostly a deer round, it has primarily remained available through the wild ammo times of 2020 and 2021.

350 Legend Ammo is easy to find in stock at Brownells and Palmetto State Armory.

Lucky Gunner is one of my favorite places to pick up in-stock 350 Legend ammo.


What is a 350 Legend Good For?

The 350 Legend is a fantastic round for hunting deer at long distances.

The cartridge was designed so that states with laws against hunting deer with necked cartridges hunters could still achieve lethal terminal ballistics at distances of up to 200 yards.

What is a 350 Legend comparable to?

Cartridges are always compared to other cartridges so it makes sense to address what the 350 Legend is comparable to.

The size of the 350 is close to a .357 Magnum round but the cartridge as a whole is closer to .223 Remington.

Is the 350 Legend worth it?

I think the Legend fills a niche, and if it’s a niche you’re looking to fill, it’s perfect.

Ballistically there is another more readily available round that you might buy because the ballistics are similar, and the rounds are much easier to find.

However, if you live in a state with regulations on hunting with straight-walled cartridges, the 350 Legend is probably completely worth it.

What states are the 350 Legend legal in?

The 350 Legend is legal to own and shoot for recreation in any state but is specifically allowed and an approved straight-walled hunting cartridge for use in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and Indiana.

It may be allowed in other states as well.

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  1. after building a couple AR’s in 350 legend for friends, I finally opted to build one for myself. I went with a 16″ free floated barrel, 2.5x scope. everything else is basic AR setup. I load my own ammo, so a set of dies was purchased. starline brass, speer 180gr hot-cor bullets and Hodgen lil gun powder. makes for a fine shooter. I plan on breaking it in this coming deer season. but so far, no issues, complaints or gripes.

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