5 Easy and Impressive Camping Meals

Cooking out over the campfire is one of the oldest traditions around and too often we make it harder than it needs to be. These meals are a mix of ancient and innovative, but each one is simple, proven, and delicious. The next time you spend time outdoors, leave the cast iron at home and try your hand at some real campfire cooking.

Flame-Roasted Fish

Everyone knows that fish tastes best if you cook it right after you catch it, but not everyone understands just how easy it is to do it. Simply slit the fish open, gut it, and push a stick into its open mouth until it hits the tail. It’s up to you whether you want to scrape the scales or just pick the meat off of the bones and skin but, however you decide to do it, you’re sure to love the amazing flavor of fresh fish mingled with wood smoke.

Rotisserie Meat

Most people wouldn’t think about bringing a whole chicken or small roast into the woods with them, but big cuts of meat can be frozen in order to help keep your cooler chilled down. After they thaw, you can roast the meat slowly over the fire on a spit. For best results you’ll either want to have a low fire or keep the spit off to one side, so that your food won’t burn before it’s cooked through. Keep your eyes open for an aluminum spit to save on weight, or just make one yourself with a couple of forked sticks and a greenwood skewer.

Skewered Bacon and Coal-Roasted Eggs

Unless you pack your whole kitchen in with you, bacon can be surprisingly hard to cook outside. There are a few cooking methods that involve hanging strips of meat over a stick, but it’s easier to skewer the bacon and cook it above the coals. You can roast your eggs at the same time, just take care to punch a vent hole in the top of the shell with your knife. This classic breakfast combo makes the most of the ashes and embers of the fire that you used to brew your morning coffee.

Chocolate Cake Cooked In An Orange

Chocolate cake mix might not leap immediately to mind when you think of survival foods, but it’s nonperishable, lightweight, and full of calories. It’s up to you whether you want to make it with fresh or powdered eggs, but the only other ingredients you’ll need are a bit of cooking oil and some water. Using a hollowed out orange is a creative way to get the most out of everything you bring with you and eliminate the need for cumbersome cookware. Just fill the orange with batter you mixed up in the bag, spoon it half-full, put the top back on, and nestle it in the coals.

Smokey Campfire Whiskey

When dinner is done and it’s time to hang out around the fire after a long day, nothing goes down better than a stiff drink. This simple idea melds the smoke from a campfire with a long sip of neat whiskey, and it couldn’t be easier to do. All you need to do is open the bottle, lean back, and and take a drink while you warm your feet. If you’d rather skip the cooking and get right to relaxing, then think about a premium instant meal from Wise.

Their meals cover everything from creamy pasta, tender chicken, hearty beef, and even lasagna with cheese. Each dish takes only 12 minutes to prepare, and the only thing you need to do is boil water, relax with a drink, and wait. Wise makes their meals from scratch and then freeze dries them while they’re still hot, so you’ll have the freshest, most flavorful and delicious lunch or dinner with little effort and no mess. Don’t wait until the end of the world as we know it, take an instant meal from Wise with you the next time that you hit the trail.

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