Back-ordering Now Available

At the beginning of the week we quietly rolled out back-ordering for our Pistol Range bag. Several people have already taken advantage of this option and we are now prepared to let everyone know that we are offering this program. Let’s lay out the details.

Why are we offering back-ordering?

Back-ordering is often not everyone’s favorite option for purchasing products, and we are well aware of that. However, with our growing order volume it has become increasingly difficult to keep inventory in stock as well as predict sales. We are also in the process of launching several new products, including our 36″ Rifle Bag and our 3-Gun bag.

How does our back-ordering work?

Simply put our product back ordering works much like most companies. You purchase and pay for the item, and we ship the item to you as soon as it’s ready.

Here is how Lynx Defense’s back-ordering¬† program is little different:

  • Communication: We give you up-to-date information on your product, and include you at every step of the process. We notify you via email when we receive your order, start manufacturing your bag, and ship your bag.
  • Time Frame: We are working on a two week manufacturing timeline for our American Made Pistol Range Bag. To get the latest time estimates, navigate to our store, select the product you are looking for, and read the notices.
  • Discounts: Want to take advantage of a sale or a limit time coupon you have found online for our products? With any of our products that have the back order option, you will get to lock in the discounted price, thus saving you valuable coin.

As always any currently in stock items ship out ASAP, and we are working on ways to increase our inventory and eliminate the need for a back-ordering program. We look forward to hearing your feedback and cannot wait for you to try our quality American Made products.

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