Building a Shooting Range – Part 1

We started building a home shooting range and decided to document the process. We hope you enjoy watching it come together, and if you have suggestions for our first home shooting range, comment and let us know!

I’m in no way an expert range builder, so take any advice and try any techniques at your own risk!

Step 1 – Planning

Determine the size range you can safely create with the space that you have. I took some initial measurements, and I’m going to shoot for a 50 yard by 30/40 feet range.

The land that I’m working with has quite a few trees and some underbrush. The brush isn’t very thick, but the trees range in size from a few feet in diameter to a few inches. Trees and any natural obstacles that may interfere with your shooting lane should be cleared.

Step 2 – Tools/Marking

I’ve had a chainsaw for a few years, but it wasn’t one I’d run for several hours, let alone run hard. So I picked up a brand new Stihl Professional series MS261 C-M.

After picking up the chainsaw, I decided to walk the area again to mark it off. I used a few fiberglass posts I had laying around to mark the area I wanted to clear.

Step 3 – Get Started

I recruited a friend of mine for some free labor. We walked the area again and came up with a plan. We started with the smaller trees to thin out the area to see what we were working with.

For safety and to make the job a bit easier, we decided to lay the decent size trees where the berm would eventually be. The trees tops and leafy limbs were dragged behind the berm area so they wouldn’t be in the way of our working area.

Update: Wanted to create a running cost total through every stage of the range build. Some of the items will be optional but I’m keeping track of each as to note my expenses through the process.

Stihl Chainsaw$579.95
Running Total$579.95

Watch the video we put together for day one of the Building a Shooting Range Series:

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