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  • 36" American Made Rifle Bag How to determine quality in a rifle bag

    Rifle bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so it comes as no surprise that sometimes it is difficult to recognize a high-quality bag when shopping for a rifle case. Below we offer a few tips to use when shopping for sewn rifle cases since those are our specialty. Selection When selecting a quality rifle […]

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  • 36" American Made Rifle Bag Soft Rifle Case vs. Hard Rifle Case

    Decisions. Decisions. You’ve finally decided to replace that rifle case you bought a few years ago (actually you bought it during President Reagan’s first term), and now you’re faced with yet another decision—whether to go with a soft or hard case. On the surface, it doesn’t appear to be such a difficult decision. But, like […]

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  • The 5 Worst Camping and Survival Hacks

    From packing in your own private hand-washing spa to hanging your dirty dishes around a tree in order to entertain the bears, some of the most popular camping and survival hacks online aren’t worth your time. We’ll take a look at these terrible tips and offer up some alternatives that actually work in the woods. […]

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  • 5 Biggest Survival Breakthroughs

    It’s easy to take the technology that we use every day for granted. In the past, spending a week in the woods meant exposing yourself to terrible bug bites, barely edible food and long, chilly nights spent shivering in your tent. These days, as long as you’re prepared, spending time outdoors is more comfortable and […]

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  • Are you prepared for the Atlantic storm season?

    With the Atlantic storm season getting underway with the development of tropical storm Arthur. It’s important to make sure you are ready for any natural disaster or storm that comes along. Storm Preparedness begins with inventorying your food supply and see what you made need and make sure you have long term food options in […]

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  • 7 Things You Don’t Need In Your Bugout Bag

    Packing a good bugout bag is a tough task. You’ve got to think ahead and try to bring as much functionality as possible into a tight space while keeping things light. Lynx Defense tries to best determine what to leave out of our bugout bags, which is just as important as deciding what to put […]

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