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Ballistic Advantage Review

Ballistic Advantage AR-15

Ballistic Advantage is a manufacturer of AR-15 barrels, parts, and accessories. They are most known for their AR-15 barrels and make matching uppers and lowers to build a stylish and durable AR-15. They have one hell of a marketing team,…

FN 509 Review

The FN509 is a fantastic handgun by FN. This polymer framed pistol may be the replacement for the Glock 45 you've been looking for.

Daniel Defense DDM4 Review


It’s about time I reviewed an AR-15, MSR, Armalite Rifle, Black Gun, or whatever you wanna call it, right? Well, it’s here. The time has come to put in the work of reviewing one of the longest-standing guns in my…

Ruger PC Charger Review

Ruger PC Charger

Overview of the Ruger PC Charger The Ruger PC charger is an extension of the Ruger PC line. The Ruger PC line is a pistol-caliber carbine version of the Ruger 10 The operating system is slightly different, but the Ruger…

Ruger Mini 14 Review

Ruger Mini 14 Range Rifle

History of the Ruger Mini 14 Released in 1973, the Ruger Mini-14 was the brainchild of Bill Ruger, who designed the firearm along with Jim Sullivan. Interestingly enough, Jim Sullivan is most famous for his work with the Mini-14’s main…