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Lynx Defense is proud to say we make 100% Made in America products. We strive to stay 100% Berry Amendment compliant on most of our products.

  • Where is my bag made?

    As a business, we are devoted to boosting the U.S. economy and manufacturing 100% U.S. made gun bags. Unfortunately, many bag manufacturer’s do not share the same ideals. We often see bag manufacturers outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign countries due to lower manufacturing cost. U.S. Made vs Foreign Made We have almost perfected the ability […]

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  • American Made Rifle Case 3 Reasons not to buy Lynx Defense Products

    Don’t buy Lynx Defense products if… 1. You only care about paying the lowest possible price If you only care what products cost and are looking for the lowest price, similar to the government, then we may not be the best fit for your needs. Here’s why. We focus on creating the highest quality American […]

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  • Made in America: No Thanks.

    The other day I walked into a local gun store to show them our new Made in America Range Bags….. But what happened next is a something we hear far too often, but why?

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