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  • What Size Rifle Case Should I Get?

    Determining what size soft rifle case to buy is one of the most popular topics we talk about with our potential rifle case customers. Since we offer two sizes of our tactical rifle cases and two sizes in our covert rifle case lineup, we want to make sure our customers get the case that will […]

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  • Anatomy of a Pistol Range Bag

    Creating the perfect pistol range bag is part art and part science, especially when constructing them by hand in the USA. Regardless of the type of bag, we begin with the same question for each and every range bag we create — how do we create a durable, lasting product our customers will reach for […]

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  • What Makes Our Pistol Range Bags Stand Out

    At Lynx Defense, we don’t just sell range bags. We sell the best American-made range bags around because we believe in quality over making a quick buck. Here are four reasons why we think our pistol bags are better than anything else you can find on the market today. Better Than One-Size-Fits-All Sure, a pistol […]

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  • Behind the Design | EDC Backpack

    When we launched Lynx Defense, we only planned to carry range bags. Our customers had other things in mind. They wanted a backpack, and they wanted it made from the quality, American-made materials Lynx Defense is known for.   Meet the EDC Backpack We built this bag with discretion and comfort in mind, so you [...] Continue Reading
  • How do I clean Cordura?

    All Lynx Defense products are made with at least some Cordura fabric, either in 500 Denier or 1000 Denier Cordura. Cordura is a durable, nylon-based fabric that is used for high-performance gear and apparel. Products made with Cordura are known to last, with easy maintenance and care. For our products we recommend the following care […]

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  • Phasing Out the Basic Pistol Range Bag

    There comes a time in a products life cycle where it no longer makes sense to continue its production. We have recently realized that such a time has come for one of our products. The basic pistol range bag was born due to several people asking for a smaller range bag because they only had […]

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