Lynx Defense Now Accepting Bitcoin

Lynx Defense is now accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital payment network. It offers users a payment form similar to cash, but is used on the internet. We recognize the increasing value that our customers are placing on cryptocurrencies, and as such we have decided to offer this unique form of payment.

Many companies, including Microsoft and Shopify, have also taken the steps to offer Bitcoin payment for their customers. It is important to us that we offer the most up to date options for our customers, and we are proud to join these companies by offering this new payment feature.

To check out using Bitcoin, go to your cart and follow the check out process as you normally would. At the payment information section, you will be prompted to select your form of payment. Choose the option to use Bitcoin and follow the on screen instructions that will follow.

Lynx Defense is a premier manufacturer of gun bags, medical kits, and accessories. Based in North Carolina, Lynx Defense offers 100% American Made products. Filling a rapidly increasing employment void in the American economy, we are proud to manufacture American goods.

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