Lynx Defense on the Second Amendment

With everything that is going on in the firearm world, I felt the need to address some recent law proposals and our stance.

I am a full time law enforcement officer and also the owner of Lynx Defense. Lynx Defense manufactures American made gun bags and other gear mostly targeted towards the tactical industry. Lynx Defense is also a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL).

People constantly ask would I ever take part in confiscation or enforcing unconstitutional firearms laws. The answer to that is unequivocally no. I am first an American and as such I believe in our constitutional rights.

I opposed Hillary Clinton for president as many gun owners did. Although I was not completely excited about everything Donald Trump said, at the time he was, what I thought, our only hope at protecting our second amendment rights.

In recent days it appears the president has sided with congressional Democrats, who prefer legislation by emotion. I strongly oppose any further infringement on our constitutional rights to due process and protection.

You may be asking yourself, “why do I care what you think?” The truth is that you might not, but I wanted our customers to know upfront how I stand on the issue. Be assured in knowing that your dollars spent with Lynx Defense will go towards further protecting your rights as Americans.

Michael Savage
President, Lynx Defense

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