Phasing Out the Basic Pistol Range Bag

There comes a time in a products life cycle where it no longer makes sense to continue its production. We have recently realized that such a time has come for one of our products.

The basic pistol range bag was born due to several people asking for a smaller range bag because they only had one gun. We have learned over the past several months that we went in the wrong direction for size. With the average gun owner now owning 8 guns it has become clear that more storage is needed, not less. Note that our standard flagship pistol range bag will continue to be in production and is selling better than ever.

Thus, we have started the process of developing a larger pistol range bag to accommodate the needs of the new average server, and will phase out the basic pistol range bag.

Details will be coming soon and we will be launching the new bag via this blog. We look forward to bringing you more range bag options. We are also working on an entire new category of bag that will be announced, we hope, in the next two months.

We appreciate the continued support and appreciate your understanding.

FAQs Regarding the Phase Out:

Q: What if I have order this bag and it’s not shipped yet?
A: We will fulfill all outstanding orders but will not be accepting any new orders for this product as of now.

Q: What about my warranty?
A: Your warranty still remains completely in place. We will continue to honor our warranty terms for all products even ones we no longer make.

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