Ammo Pouch Insert (Tan)


Have boxes of ammo been taking up far to much space in your range bag? Well we have found the solution to your problem with our ammo pouch insert. With the ability to hold hundreds of rounds and a handful of magazines in such a small space you’ll feel like you have a whole new range bag.

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Our ammo pouch inserts are the latest addition to our modular pistol range bag. This addition is one that many have requested, and we are excited to add it to our options for the popular pistol range bag.

The gun side of the insert is covered in heavy-duty strips of hook velcro and comes with one universal gun attachment. This allows users to move larger guns around to avoid any issues they may have holding full or oversized guns in our standard inserts.

The backside of the insert is a large ammo pouch with a drawstring and cord lock top to secure your ammo and magazines in the pocket. The pouch is great for quickly grabbing handfuls of ammo to reload mags at a faster rate so you can get back to shooting. Loading your magazines from the ammo pouch insert for our pistol range bag or The Concord Multiple Pistol Range Bag will seriously improve your range day.

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 1 in