Are you prepared for the Atlantic storm season?

Storm Preparedness for Tropical Storms

With the Atlantic storm season getting underway with the development of tropical storm Arthur. It’s important to make sure you are ready for any natural disaster or storm that comes along. Storm Preparedness begins with inventorying your food supply and see what you made need and make sure you have long term food options in place to make it through any natural disaster.

Storm Preparedness Water Purification

You also want to ensure you have plenty of water sources and ways to sanitize water. Bottled water is a great and easy way to store water but it’s also important to have a water purification plan. There are plenty of options when it comes to water purification including water purification tablets, filter straws, and the tried and true boiling. If you need any help deciding or getting these items we would be glad to help!

Storm Food Storage

Storm Preparedness Food Storage

Storm Preparedness Food Storage

Food is also a must have resource, so be sure to have enough to get your family through at least three days without power or outside help. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) are a perfect way to ensure your family has enough to make it until help arrives.

One consideration we took in preparing our survival bags was to plan for one to either be forced indoors or outdoors to survive. We were sure to include items that work in both situations so you aren’t caught off guard. If you haven’t started preparing for disasters and storms there is no better time than now to make sure you and your family are ready.

Start preparing now, even if it’s only a small stock of food or water, so you don’t get put in a bind when your family is in harms way and is counting on you the most. If you don’t know where to start

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