Product Update: 36″ & 42″ Hook & Loop Rifle Bags

We are constantly trying to make our products the best they can be, and enjoy receiving feedback and listening to our customers.

I guess this should be more of a “press release” style post, but that seems excessive. We are a pretty down to earth company, and we simply wanted to let you guys know that we are updating our 36″ & 42″ Hook & Loop rifle bags.

Our customers told us that they wanted more loop on the ends of each bag – so we delivered. Before this modification we had two small pieces of loop for specific items (typically a flag patch and a name patch), but we have seen the error in our ways given the plethora of amazing patches out there.

So we went more cow bell but instead of cow bell we substituted with hook.

product-updateWhat does that mean if I already bought one of these bags?

Your bag will continue to hold our warranty and hold up just as we’ve promised.

Can I trade-in or send my bag in for additional hook upgrade?

With any product update companies get these questions. We won’t accept any trade-ins or exchanges on bags. As for upgrading your existing bag, we wanted to be able to offer this option, but due to the way our bags are constructed we have determined this won’t be an option we can offer.

Rifle Bag Sale

Here’s the good news! If you have been holding out on buying one of our bags now is your chance to save some money. We are going to put the current hook & loop rifle bags on sale until they sell out. We will then make the switch and update the product pages with new pictures and post a notice.

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