Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

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  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
4.4/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Action: Double/Single
  • Barrel Length: 5.1"
  • Weight: 33.4 oz
  • Classic Look and Feel
  • Fantastic Single Action Trigger
  • Cost

The Beretta M9A4 has been a gun that I have long wanted to get my hands on and do some extensive shooting. For the historic value and to see if this gun is worth the United States military sticking to it for so long.

As someone who never served in the military I never had the “pleasure” of putting thousands of rounds through the M9, so I’m really ready for my turn!

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz

Beretta M9 History

The Beretta M9, also known as the Beretta 92FS, is a semi-automatic pistol that has been widely used by the United States military since 1985.

It was adopted as the standard sidearm for the U.S. Armed Forces to replace the aging M1911A1.

The Beretta M9 is a 9mm caliber handgun with a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger mechanism.

It features a 15-round magazine capacity and has a reputation for its reliability and durability.

The M9 has been used by various branches of the U.S. military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Beretta M9A4 Features

The Beretta M9 has gone through many different versions and the A4 is one of the latest and greatest versions of the M9, the 92 and 92FS are probably the most common M9s. This review will cover the M9A4 feature set only.


Grip modules on the M9A4 are very similar to the 1911 style pistols. They are panels that can be removed by two simple screws and be changed out.

If you buy the right combo the M9A4 even comes with additional Vertec-style thin grips that give you a different grip and feel of the gun.


Overall ergonomics of the M9A4 are really fantastic to me. It sits in the handwell the beavertail is excellently crafted to fit my hand and for a full-size 9mm this fits my medium-sized hands really well.

I personally really like this grip angle and how it feels in the hand. It’s one of those guns that just feels right when you first hold it. Shooting it may or may not be a different story but we will get to that shortly!

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz


With this model, it came with a Steiner MPS red dot sight already mounted so I didn’t get a chance to shoot it with just plain iron sights.

However, the iron sights are a standard 3-dot configuration with factory night sights. The sights appear to be okay if you want to run it in its “pure form”.

M9A4s come RDO ready or if you buy it as a package with the sight installed. This version has the Steiner MPS already installed so the iron sights are irrelevant.

m9a4 rear sight

The iron sights don’t come close to co-witnessing because they sit almost even with the optic mounting block. Even a smaller pistol red dot sight wouldn’t help you achieve a co-witness due to the mounting plate height.


While you can buy this gun as a package with the Steiner MPS this gun has additional plates for any of optic mounting platform.

You can purchase this gun stock and the MOS attachment areas and filled with blanking plates.


Beretta has had a long-lasting relationship with Mec-Gar Design & Mfg and the quality of these magazines are solid.

This bundle came with 3 x 18 round magazines which all have a metal housing and a polymer base.

I personally have always liked Mec-Gar magazines so it’s no shock to me I like these magazines as well.

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz


Berettas M9A4 comes with a few more controls than you might be used to on a striker-fired polymer pistol.

The 5 major controls are:

  • Magazine Release
  • Slide Stop
  • Trigger
  • Decocker
  • Hammer

Time to dive into each and try to give you some pros and cons of the controls.

Magazine Release

Beretta really built up the magazine release button on the M9A4 to allow you to better reach it with your thumb.

m9a4 mag release

The magazine release is slightly taller than the grips on the frame and makes it easy to depress to drop the magazine free.

Slide Stop

The Magazine release is functional but nothing groundbreaking. It features a small lever that rides down the slide and sits just above the trigger.

m9a4 slidestop

It is fairly easy to use out of the box on an empty magazine. I like the ergonomics of the slide stop overall.


This gun features a single-action/double-action trigger configuration. I’ll talk about them both and the pros and cons of each.

m9a4 trigger

Double Action

When you are using the double action pull on this trigger the hammer is down in the uncocked position.

This trigger pull is extremely long and heavy, however, once the first round is fired the gun is now in single action.

The pull is long and heavy and acts as a safety for the gun as there is no external safety.

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz

Single Action

The single action pull can be achieved two ways: first, you can shoot the gun double action first and the gun will return to battery with the hammer cocked, second you could cock the hammer manually putting the gun in single action.

Single action pull on this gun is very short with just a little bit of take up. The break is crisp and smooth, I’m a big fan of the single-action trigger pull on the M9A4 Beretta.


Decockers seem to becoming a rare feature on guns these days, even the hammer guns seem to lack them more and more.

Beretta M9A4 Decocker

The decocker sits just in front of the hammer and shows the classic “fire” red dot indicating the gun is ready to fire.

Pulling on the decocker drops the hammer quick, fast, and in a hurry. When you decock always be sure to have the gun pointed in a safe direction.


This pistol’s hammer design is very slim and blends into the gun’s aesthetic well. I don’t think the design intended for the end users to manually cock this hammer, I say that because of the relatively small size of the hammer.

m9a4 hammer

However, manually cocking the hammer is easy and fluid and if you enjoy a good hammer pull you’ll enjoy this gun.


Accessorizing your gun is a must from holsters to flashlights you are gonna want to buy some extra gear to make the gun truly yours.

MOS Mounting Plate

The great part about the M9A4 is the mounting plate comes with it if you get the optics included.

Otherwise, you’ll have to buy your MOS mounting plate separately and find the right mounting footprint for your desired optic.

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz


Your options for pistol red dot sights for this gun are pretty endless. Almost all of the current production red dot sight footprints are available for the M9A4.

m9a4 steiner

The hardest part would be deciding which option you want to put on the gun. If you need help choosing which pistol red dot is right for you we put together a solid list.


With the built-in 1913 rail, your pistol flashlight options are nearly endless. From the Surefire X300 to the Streamlight TLR-6.

Choose whatever light suits your needs and budget best and don’t look back!

Threaded Barrel

The M9A4 features a threaded barrel so be on the lookout for a good 9mm suppresser to through on this gun.

m9a4 threaded barrel

My personal favorite for this pistol is my Microtech R2K9, it’s an awesome suppressor from a kick-ass company.

I also like the Dead Air Silencers and my Q Erector 9.

Beretta M9A4 Ammo

The M9 series of guns from Beretta will chew up and spit out nearly any round you through its way.

The only ammo I didn’t get to experiment with much was subsonic ammo while shooting it suppressed.

Shooting the M9A4

Shooting the M9A4 was a blast. It’s smooth consistent recoil was a fantastic range experience. I could probably shoot this gun all day with little to no fatigue.

If you are looking for a smooth shooting gun that is just fun to shoot I think the Beretta M9A4 should top your list.

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz

Beretta M9A4 Final Thoughts

Personally, I love the M9A4 and I think it’s a great gun to have and shoot at the range. I don’t view it as a good option for everyday carry but it’s a full-size pistol, so that wouldn’t make much sense.

It’s a great-range gun and a true classic if you are into US Military weapons. While it may not be the answer to your pistol dreams it’s definitely one that you should consider adding to the collection to have fun shooting with friends and family.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Beretta M9A4 pistol.

Is the Beretta M9A4 worth it?

Yes, the Beretta M9A4 is a well-built gun with a laundry list of features that enhance the function and use of the pistol.

What is the difference between M9A3 and M9A4?

The M9A4 is a modernized M9A3 with a few of the upgrades being a red-dot cut slide, included night sights, and a short reset trigger system.

What Beretta did the USMC use?

The United States Marine Corps used the Beretta M9, which is what the Beretta 92FS is referred to as.

Beretta M9A4

Beretta M9A4

Caliber: 9mm
Action: SA/DA
Weight: 33.4 oz
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  1. I bought my M9A4 over a year ago. I do concelled carry with it using a “Craft Harness” Custom made Italian leather shoulder sling and is counter balanced by 2 extra mags. I’m small but can carry into stores, church, or driving without it showing. I do have a S&W 9 M& P SHIELD. Its a litte easier to carry and a lot lighter, but with it M9A4’s accuracy, 18 plus 1 loaded plus 36 more rounds. Its ready for any situation. If 56 rounds aren’t enough, neither will the 40 rounds the Shield offers. Plus shoots out to 35 plus yards with confindence I will hit my target center mass with more than half that gone with a Shield. I love everything about my pistol. I could pay more and get less. But I don’t think I could find a pistol more accurate, and confident it will function under any condition, with a large capacity. But it with confidence, and the tritium night sights are great. You don’t need the red dot its so natural to quickly obtain center mass on your target and make the decision to fire or not. Its out shot all my friends Glocks, S&W’s, Rugars, even older M9’s. I do have an M9. But its not nearly as accurate or easy to see in low light conditions. Its a winner in my book and the US Armed Services.

  2. You say that there is no external safety on the M9A4: I’m pretty sure all the Beretta FS pistol’s decocking levers are also external safeties. When in the ‘decocked’ position, the trigger is disengaged and the pistol cannot be fired. For sure, my M9A1 operates this way and I don’t believe this was changed.

    Also, btw: It’s ‘throw one on’, not ‘through’ one on. 🙂

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