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Our 36 Inch rifle case is 100% American made and Berry Amendment compliant. We are extremely proud to say our 36 inch rifle case is handmade in North Carolina.

We are the leading soft rifle case manufacturer in the United States. If you want a high-quality 36″ rifle case look no further.

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36 Inch Rifle Case Features

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 36 Inch Two gun rifle case
  • Dimensions: Length: 36in Width: 4in Height: 12in (36in Model)
  • Three expandable front pockets for magazines and ammo with cord lock and bungee cord
  • Adjustable backpack straps that contour to create a more natural carry
  • Two small arms storage areas with hook and loop closure
  • Two large zipper compartments for cleaning kits, hearing protection, and rifle accessories
  • 36 Inch Rifle cases will fit most 16″ barrel AR15 style rifles with collapsible buttstocks
  • Built-in gun divider detaches and serves as a range/cleaning mat
  • Molle webbing on both ends of the case
  • Durable 500D Cordura fabric

Our 36 Inch rifle bags are 100% American made and also Berry Amendment compliant. We are extremely proud to say our bags are manufactured in North Carolina by Americans.

Standard benefits:

  • Protect your gun from dust and dirt.
  • Keep it safe from damage during transport.
  • When you get home, take a deep breath knowing that your gun is in one piece

Criss-Cross Buttstock & Barrel Security

36 inch rifle case with full Strap

Much like hard cases, you don’t want your rifle to bounce around or be not secured in your soft case. We have gone the extra mile and created a criss-cross barrel and buttstock retention system to hold the rifle secure even when you don’t strap it in. We have already included three velcro weapon retention straps s you get to customize how secure you want your rifle to be while carrying it in your case.

500D Cordura Fabric

Our AR rifle cases are made with Cordura fabric, which is a rugged and durable performance fabric for a variety of end uses. Cordura offers enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long-lasting durability.

4 x Configurable Security Straps

We have solved the age old problem of your bag interior straps not being in the right place to secure you firearm. With our four interior straps, not only can you ensure a secure firearm, but you can pick and choose how many or few you’d like to use.

Removable Shooting Mat

Features are important, so we did not hold anything back from our tactical rifle case. This case provides a removable shooting/cleaning mat that is the width of the case. When not being used as a shooting mat, it is attached by a hook & loop in the center of the case, which acts as padding between your firearms.

Configurable Rifle Retention

Both sides of the rifle case come with 4 completely removable Velcro straps. This allows you to configure the security of your rifles in a way that you feel fits best. With our dual triangle barrel end and buttstock retention, your rifle will not bounce around or move inside your AR 15 carrying case no matter what the conditions are. Some may call our retention overkill, but we like to call it the correct way.

Built-in Rifle Range Mat/Cleaning Mat

Our 36 inch rifle case features a built-in range mat that also serves as the divider for your case. The range mat is great for the safe placement of your firearms while at the range. The mat is also great for cleaning your firearms, with an easy-to-clean 420D packcloth nylon fabric it makes cleaning up after use a breeze.

Quality Check

At Lynx Defense, we believe our name represents quality so we conduct two extremely thorough checks of every product before we ship them. We conduct one complete check as the product comes off the production line and a second one is conducted by the packager of the order prior to shipment. By having this two-step QC process we have fewer returns and more happy customers. We take great pride in having the best firearm cases on the market.

Custom Options

Want an even more heavy-duty rifle case? Contact us and we can upgrade the fabric to 1000D Cordura for that extra strength you need. Keep in mind that this tactical gun case already isn’t your AR-15 Walmart case that you might be used to, the 500D fabric is often more than heavy-duty enough for most applications. If you are wondering what rifle case to get we have written an article over on our blog about choosing the best rifle case for you.

When you need long-lasting durability. Trust the Lynx Defense 36in Rifle Case.

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Black, Tan (FDE), Wolf Gray, Ranger Green

8 reviews for 36″ Rifle Case

  1. Troy

    Had this bag at the range a few times it is great. Love the fact that it is American made. I carry a 16” AR-10 in one side, a 16” AR-15 on the other and I slip my 300BLK pistol build in the the center of the mat. I also carry about 100rds for each and 3 mags for each. Holds up very well I will Ofer another for my other rifles and will have to look into a pistol case.
    MADE IN USA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Darrin Edler

    Awesome case & extremely durable. Would highly recommend

  3. Michael A. Beauchamp

    I was going to buy another bag, but my wife told me it was made in China so that led us on a gun bag, made in America, search. This bag had all the features I was looking for, so we bought it. Came quicker than anticipated, and when I opened the package I was very much impressed. It weighed 6 pounds empty and when I filled it up it came in at just under 50 pounds. The backpack straps were comfortable, but the boxiness of the package let me know that it was ok from car to range, but not for all day carry in the two gun configuration. I am going to take this to Front Sight for a future class and I am looking forward to this being the only bag I have to carry around. It is very well made and the features are great. Time will tell if it will last, but I have cheaper bags that do just fine, so I see no issues. I only wish that I had bought this sooner as it would have saved me money and space. If you are looking for quality and a great American made bag buy this, you will not be disappointed.

  4. Chuck Childres

    Outstanding craftsmanship and great features. Plus, it’s American made!!

  5. Greg Davis

    Everything about this bag is first-rate. The design, attention to detail and workmanship leave nothing to be desired. Plenty of spaces for all my gear. Sure, I could have bought a cheaper, foreign-made bag, but I wanted one that I could be proud of that would last me the rest of my life – and this bag checks those boxes. Glad I chose to go with a quality product from an American company.

  6. Todd (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a high quality case for your M4 or AR15 look no further. This case is quality made, inspect and reviewed the old way… By professionals.

  7. Ryan B

    Bag is quality except for the shoulder straps. The straps could use more padding and more length on the straps. When it’s loaded with two AR’s the straps are really tight to get on. So tight where it’s to the point that it’s pulling on the stitch at the shoulder side way too much. The reason I purchased this bag was for two reasons made in USA and the shoulder carrying capability. So far I’ve been able to carry it only using one strap. I’m average build 5’10” 215 pounds so it’s not like I’m a giant, otherwise it performs great.

  8. kdwatson58 (verified owner)

    First & foremost, it’s made in the USA! The attention to detail and finish of this product are outstanding. The design and myriad options to stow rifle(s) and gear, again, are outstanding. I highly recommend this bag. Well done!

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