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Pistol Range Bag


The Best Pistol Range Bag on the Market.
100% American Made.
Lifetime Warranty.

Being the best range bag isn’t easy, but it’s something we committed to do. Constructed with 500D Cordura fabric, a modular design for custom configuration, a built-in cleaning mat, and a lifetime warranty.

If you want the best, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

Pistol Range Bags are in Production!

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The Perfect Size

Your range bag needs to be the best size for you.

Made in the USA

Berry Amendment Compliant

Modular Interior

Craft the interior to fit your range bag setup needs.

Genuine Cordura®

Made in the USA Genuine Cordura fabric.

Built in Gun Mat

Cleaning your gun has never been easier.


Our range bag was introduced in late 2013 and has been our top selling range bag ever since! It’s the perfect size and quality that our customers rant-and-rave about it and wish they had found it sooner.

Here is the quick list of our top features:

  • 100% Made in the USA – Fabric, Zippers, Thread, and Sewn in America
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length: 13in Width: 10in Height: 8in
  • Includes two gun/magazine inserts (More add-ons are available for purchase)
  • Inserts fit most guns (feature gun and magazine holders)
  • Recommended maximum of four inserts
  • 500D Cordura Fabric Exterior
  • Heavy Duty Carry Handle
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Built-in Detachable Rollout Cleaning/Range Mat
  • Removable Hard Bottom Provides Increased Durability

If your favorite color is in stock don’t wait to order! Your order is backed by our impeccable money back guarantee.

Pistol Range Bag Dimensions


Our range bags are 100% American made and also Berry Amendment compliant. We are extremely proud to say our bags are manufactured in Selma, North Carolina. American-made range bags are not always easy to come by, so we created our pistol range bags focusing on innovation and American manufacturing.


Using the right materials in our range bag is the key to making the best product money can buy. We aim to make every range bag the best bag you’ve ever purchased.


We use official Cordura brand fabric in our pistol range bag, and it’s made to the highest quality and specification in the United States. Lynx Defense primarily uses 500 Denier Cordura due to its proven durability. We source every thread, zipper, piece of velcro, and fabric from American companies making their products in the USA.


Low-quality zippers can really ruin a range bag, so we use IDEAL brand metal zippers in all of our pistol range bags. While the zipper chain is plastic, all of our zipper pulls are metal and offer an exceptional feel with excellent reliability. We made heavy-duty zippers a top priority in our range bag.


A great deal of thought was put into our carry handles. They are a key component of the bag, so we had to ensure we got them right. We didn’t want our competition to have better carry handles on their range bag.

The included shoulder strap makes shoulder carrying the pistol range bag more enjoyable and comfortable.


We source every thread, zipper, piece of velcro, and fabric from US companies making their products in the USA.


Size is important, no matter what your first girlfriend told you. That’s why we made the pistol range bag the perfect size. With its small footprint, you may think it won’t hold all your range gear, but our customers have told us time-and-time again that it’s the perfect size range bag.

The bag also has two side pockets that provide ample storage space for all of the gear you take to the range.


Each Pistol Range Bag comes with two pistol and magazine holder inserts that securely hold your pistol and magazine upright. We also offer multiple insert designs to customize your range bag setup. Each holder is made from a sturdy fluted polypropylene plastic material wrapped in foam and packcloth interior fabric.


The Lynx Defense Range Bag features a built-in detachable range mat. The range mat is great for the safe placement of your firearms while at the range. The mat can also be great for cleaning your firearms. With an easy to clean packcloth fabric, it makes cleaning your gun and your cleaning surface a breeze.


The range bag is developed so that you can make it your own. The included hard bottom protects your pistols and shooting gear when using your range bag. It also helps the bag hold a sturdy figure.

History of the Pistol Range Bag

The Lynx Defense pistol range bag was created in 2013 to fill a gap in the handgun range case market that we identified. The pistol range bag allowed range goers the ability to keep their handguns, ammo, and range gear organized in a compact and simple range bag. Creating a multiple pistol range bag was the core of what started Lynx Defense and to this day remains our most popular product offering.

The core purpose of a pistol gun case is to carry your pistol to and from the range. So we took the core concept of the pistol range bag and made it the centerpiece of our design. Lynx Defense knew that the pistol was the most important item going into the case so identified the best want to secure it which was standing it up and insured access to your pistol was quick and effortless.

Once we determined the concept of the range bag we set out to make it the best pistol range bag on the market. Since its inception in 2013, our pistol range bag concept has been copied by other brands but our customer reviews show that we have clearly executed it the best (plus we make it in these great United States of America).

The pistol range bag features a large main compartment and two large end pockets. The main compartment is built to take our proprietary pistol range bag inserts and can be interchanged and added to, to make the bag work best for you. We are constantly working to create more inserts that complement our pistol handgun case lineup.

Order the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag with confidence because it’s backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and we have industry-leading customer service. Don’t take our word for it, check out our verified customer reviews.

We Guarantee this is the Best Pistol Range Bag of 2021.

So if you are looking for an all American made pistol range bag from an all American company, look no further. If you have any questions please send us an email or even pick up the phone and give us a call (919) 701-9411.

How much will the pistol range bag hold?

The pistol range bag will hold 2-4 guns and 200-1,000 rounds of ammo. The amount the pistol range bag will hold largely depends on what insert configuration you use in your range bag.

Looking for something larger?

Checkout The Concord Pistol Range Bag a bag built around the purpose of carrying even more than our pistol range bag.

Additional information

Weight3.15 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 8 in

Black, Tan (FDE), Wolf Gray, Ranger Green

65 reviews for Pistol Range Bag

  1. Austin

    This is the best pistol range bag made to date. It’s able to hold everything I need plus more for a day at the range. Im able to carry my glock 23 and glock 21 with extra magazines on the dividers, plenty of ammo, ear/eye protection, flash lights, Otis cleaning kit and a few other odds and ends. The stitching is top notch with quality straps that will stand the test of time. The fact the bag is made from a company local to NC and made in the USA makes it that much sweeter. As an avid shooter, this is everything I look for in a range bag. If you have any issues with the bag, the customer service is first class as well.

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    I picked this bag up due to a recommendation from a friend of mine. I had been needing a new one since my old range bag is pretty bad off. Plenty of room for my GLOCK 23, 5″ 1911, and CZ 75, plus 300 rounds of ammo. 100 rounds per gun. Then there are all the pockets which is very useful to hold ear plugs, small bottle of sun screen (I shoot outdoors some and the Texas sun can be brutal) safety glasses and much more. Totally love this bag.

  3. S. Beall (verified owner)

    What a great bag! I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality and workmanship. Perfect size too. I can take all the supplies I need for the range in one convenient place. My favorite part is that it’s made in USA. I do a lot of shooting, and I can tell that this bag will hold up for a long time. Great design, and quality. I got real tired of using a backpack. Thanks!

  4. Kayla (verified owner)

    Got my pistol bag about a month ago. Super impressed with the overall quality from the thickness of the fabric to the durability of the zippers. I love the different compartments. You can keep your different guns separated or the different caliber a of ammo. It offers so much variety!! Make sure you also check out their rifle bags too I have their 36″ and it is also top notch!!!

  5. Dan (verified owner)

    Just got my range bag and I must say the quality is insane, all the little details that matter are there, you guys kick ass. Also the customer service was unreal, I had no timeline expectations what so ever as I do any time I order custom hand made gear and out of the blue I get a call that my bag is gonna be a day late and your gonna send me a free shirt. Ordering a range bag right now and I’m going to show and tell all my buddy’s your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  6. Kevin

    Doing my part to Make America Great Again by purchasing my Lynx Defrnse pistol bag from Amazon. It’s just the right size for two handguns, 9mm ammo, hearing and eye protection. Stitching is top notch and bag looks and feels solid. Lynx Defense responded quickly to a question I had regarding the construction of the bag. It’s an expensive bag compared to others out there, but the commitment to quality is evident and I love using a Made in the USA bag.

  7. Eric B. (verified owner)

    Very well made, durable bag. Plenty of pockets and a roll-out mat! And most importantly, 100% American Made. I’m totally OK with spending a little more for that if need be.

  8. Frank P (verified owner)

    I was using a giant Shooters Connection bag or matches but this is half the size and perfect for one or two pistols, muffs and eye protection, 200-400 rounds, 6-10 mags, tools, etc. for reasonable practice sessions. Excellent construction, movable dividers. I don’t use the cleaning mat and kinda wish it wasn’t there. The elastic magazine holders are too tight for STI double stacks. The triangular pistol slot just catches on sights and grips. No bag is perfect but this one wins based on “right size” and quality construction and materials (great zippers, dense weave, good structure). I might do a little surgery to remove some of the “features” I don’t use. Thanks, make more stuff like this!

  9. Scott T (verified owner)

    This is is the bag I’ve always wanted! All of the bags I’ve ever found have features I didn’t want or didn’t have the features that I did. This bag is well constructed and is clearly built to last. I love the modularity of this bag. I can take one or two pistols and a bunch of ammo or I can take 4 pistols with enough mags and spare ammo to have an enjoyable range session. The range mat is a little stiff and not easy to put back into it’s compartment, especially when the bag has items already in it. I wish the bag were a little larger, though. I’d like something about twice the size of the bag now. Rumor has it that future iterations will address this issue. If that’s the case, I’ll definitely buy again.

  10. Howard Lim (verified owner)

    This is a very well made bag that easily carries my two pistols and ammo to the range. I like the built in mat (it does take up some interior space though) and Michael was accommodating when I asked for a 5×5 inch loop panel sewn on the top panel for my military patches. You won’t find a better made bag from the big box stores.

  11. Dudley Owens (verified owner)

    Spend the extra money and get a great American made range bag!!!!! Worth every penny!!!!!

  12. Tim (verified owner)

    3 pistols, 12 magazines, 300 rounds 9mm and 100 rounds .380, ears, eyes. It all fit great. Great bag, well made, easy access.

  13. James B (verified owner)

    Great range bag. I work in manufacturing and can see quality when it’s not there. This bag has it. It is well designed and made. It’s perfect for me when I want to take some pistols and ammo and incidentals to the range. This bag has served me well and will continue for years. Saving my pennies for a rifle bag also.

  14. Eric (verified owner)

    Perfect size for our two 9mm handguns, 4 mags each, mag loaders, about 400 rds , eye/ear protection and more. I never use the cleaning mat and could fit my own so don’t foresee ever using it. The bag itself is very solid and durable construction, well worth the pricepaid especially considering US made and the obvious high quality. I could see the flap pockets for the guns wearing out before anything else as they have already stretched out a bit. That is about the only area I could see improvement in design, but they still hold the guns fine after about 8mos of light use.

  15. Shane (verified owner)

    This is a great, high quality range bag. Lots of features like built in cleaning pad, gun pockets, mag holders, pockets on the ends and moveable dividers. The tan colored model is very nice looking. I like everything about this range bag. American made was an important part of my purchase as well.

    I only wish they made a bigger version. Sometimes I want to bring about 5 handguns with mags and ammo and this is a little small for that. The one I do have easily fits 3 handguns, mags and ammo for 1-2 hour range trip. Two pockets for handguns and I put another gun in between. I put ammo in the compartments of the adjustable dividers. Ears and eyes in one end zippered pocket and some cleaning products, extra grips that came with the guns, and other misc in the other zippered end pocket.

    I also put a screw apart cleaning rod under the cleaning pad. The only thing I’d say is add another zippered pocket on the opposite side of the cleaning pad that is long and can take the screw apart rob then this item would be more amazing. I probably bring too much to the range but this thing handles it all.

  16. Brick (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Lynx Defense Handgun Bag for over a year now. It’s holding up incredibly well, and still looks like new. The handles are holding up, the zippers still work great, the velcro still velcros. What’s not to like? Would definitely buy again.

  17. Peter Scott (verified owner)

    I started searching for a bag to replace my aging Midway bag (which was too large and not as durable as I would like). I found the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag and could not be happier. Perfect size for two pistols and my gear, extremely well made, and local to my area.

  18. Jim Zielanski (verified owner)

    Excellent range bag and just the right size without breaking your back trying to carry it. Two pistols,extra magazines,mag holders,gun belt,holsters,plenty of ammo, shot timer,hearing and eye protection all fit in this bag. Plus room for miscellaneous items such as score cards, snacks, trauma kit go in the end pouches with room to spare. I was worried it was not large enough but it is actually bigger than you think and very well made. I just took mine to the range last week for the first time and my shooting pals were impressed. Of course I told them Lynx Defense made in the USA because it is important. Get one !

  19. Phillip Phan (verified owner)

    I’ve had this bag for about a month now and have taken it to the range a few times. I definitely wanted to believe that the American-made quality was going to be superior but unfortunately it hasn’t proven true. The materials used on this bag are OUTSTANDING. The zippers, the Cordura and everything else is definitely high-quality stuff but the CRAFTSMANSHIP is lacking. Simple things like the company logo on the top of the bag not being cut squared and the stitching/sewing underneath the opening flap coming apart and getting frayed are absolutely unacceptable on a bag at this price range.

    Will definitely be contacting someone for warranty service.

    • Michael

      Sorry for the issues you are having with your bag. This is outside the norm for our quality and shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately, sometimes it does. We have reached out to you to make it right! Look forward to fixing the issue for you and getting you back to the range issue-free.

  20. Dave (verified owner)

    I was looking for an American made bag for my SIGs. Bag is perfect for 2 x 9mm, 6 magazines, 2 x ears and eyes, 400 rds ammo. Plus outside pockets for UpLULA and other miscellaneous items. Excellent bag.

  21. Daniel Matuck (verified owner)

    Great range bag looks small but you can put a lot in there.

  22. Phillip Phan (verified owner)

    Lynx Defense read my review and decided to make it right! They asked for pictures and immediately decided to send out a new bag in the original color of BLK/TAN. The new bag was much better! Thanks for the great customer service.

  23. Scott D Sinclair (verified owner)

    I searched for a rifle case made in the U.S. I found Lynx Defense and was extremely satisfied in the detail and workmanship and quality. When it was time for a range bag I came back to Lynx Defence. I waited a period of time but received the limited edition green and black range bag. I like the features of the extra pockets, the mat and the movable partitions. You can’t beat the quality of Lynx Defence

  24. Mark W (verified owner)

    Perfect size range bag for 2 handguns, ammo, ear-muffs, on the inside. The 2 end pockets are perfect for target center replacements, and cleaning, marking, adjusting supplies. The Quality of this bag is very impressive. Having movable partitions is the most important aspect of any range bag, and this has it.
    The biggest reason for not wanting anything bigger is the Indoor Shooting Range I go to has a small shooters platform about 2 feet deep and 5 feet wide, so this bag fits up on it to the side of my shooting perfectly. I want to keep an eye on my gear when at the crowded Range and not have to rely on the RSO to watch my stuff from theft while I am distracted.
    The only thing I would change about this bag for myself if I could, and it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. I kind of hate it when ALL bag and luggage makers put that stupid Velcro wrap around the 2 hand carry straps. Does ANYONE like that? I hate that about every bag I have ever bought but it’s on everything, I just don’t get it.
    I have already recommended this bag to Friends and Family.

  25. Michael (verified owner)

    Quality bag and stitching, and additional inserts are available. My only suggestion is an additional long pocket for paperwork – on the outside of the bag opposite the cleaning mat side.

  26. don (verified owner)

    Perfect range bag. Just the right size, thick fabric, quality seems, stitching, and zippers. The center pocket has velcro all the way down the sides for the inserts/dividers so you can configure it for whatever you need that day. Most impressed with the overall fit and finish, it’s held up fantastically -even after tossing it in/out of truck beds and through the mud. Was looking for a quality, USA made bag, and Lynx always makes a product I’m proud to have on my bench.

  27. Josh (verified owner)

    Amazing made in America quality! Perfect organization and top notch customer service!

  28. mike lahey (verified owner)

    Great range bag.Perfect size for my use.As expected, expertly made by Americans in America.That was a no brainer for me.American made!I can put a mixed caliber of pistols,ammo,earplugs,and other essentials in one well made bag.This one will stand the test of time.Thank you and always buy AMERICAN whenever possible.

  29. Mike NJ Republican (verified owner)

    Made in America… double stitched….this bag was only a few dollars more then the cheap China crap currently on the market. I highly recommend this bag.

  30. John (verified owner)

    It’s a great bag, very good quality, provides plenty of room, and made in America! Highly recommended!

  31. Manny (verified owner)

    Great range bag! Large enough to carry two pistols and ammo, ear muffs, eye protection and maintenance gear without getting too heavy. The design is well thought out and it is well made. Made in the USA is a huge plus.

  32. Dale (verified owner)

    Great range bag. It is the perfect size to fit two hand guns and and plenty of ammo Thanks for making your product in the USA. The quality is exceptional.

  33. Brian H (verified owner)

    Recently received my Gun Range Bag from Lynx and I must say it is spectacular in quality. For many years I have tried to make a concerted effort to BUY USA and I will tell you that the workmanship of this bag is amazing. My color choice was not in stock but waiting was not an issue since this is was an extra. Since it was my first purchase I did not go with a Custom Bag but now I will be looking at that option in the future. Great product, Made in USA…I’m glad I found your website.

  34. Todd C (verified owner)

    I literally scoured the internet searching for that perfect bag and then I found Lynx Defense – this bag is awesome. I ordered the Black with tan interior. The quality, perfect size, layout of the spaces, craftsmanship, material, USA made – all perfect. I could not be happier with this purchase. Thank you Lynx Defense team!

  35. Steve Stamper (verified owner)

    Great range bag. Lots of room and yes it’s made in the United States of America!!

  36. Danny W (verified owner)

    Ideal range bag. Big enough to hold everything and not too cumbersome to carry and store in the range bay. Compartments and accessories are practical as well as the material is top notch. Looking for a solid Made in USA bag and this one was the one. Thanks!

  37. Dave Roberts (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the bag..I gladly payed the premium to support this extremely high quality, Made in The USA product and will do so again for my rifle bag

  38. Michael Molleur (verified owner)

    Made in USA !! Excellent well designed and manufactured product….Holds (2) sigs (8) magazines with plenty of room for ammo and additional magazines / ear protection and cleaning supplies

  39. Dan W (verified owner)

    At first I was apprehensive due to the price, but the reviews swayed me. After receiving and using now for a few weeks, this range bag is well worth the price – solid and will last a long time, well thought out design and plenty of space, made in the USA, durable material choices.

  40. Darrin Edler (verified owner)

    Very versatile range bag, i also use it has a photography bag from time to time, its perfect for just about anything. would highly recommend.

  41. Tony Anderson (verified owner)

    I’ve had it for a few months now and couldn’t be more pleased. The quality is excellent, just a solid bag. Glad to have spent a little more for a US made product.

  42. Bill

    I just got my pistol range bag and am very pleased with it. The quality of materials and workmanship is outstanding. Everything I need to bring to the range fits perfectly. Very well thought out.

  43. Kathy Ramper (verified owner)

    I love my bag! Great quality, highly recommended.

  44. Patricia Manion (verified owner)

    Beauty and the Beast! These bags are as handsome as they are sturdy! Beautifully sewn and designed, they would look as good in the airport as a ‘carry-on’ as they do at the range. I ordered one for myself and one for my husband so that we can each pack our range essentials in customized fashion.
    Please don’t spend a little less on a foreign made range bag. While you are exercising your Second Amendment rights, buy GOOD American made products to show off at the range.

  45. Richard Piatas (verified owner)

    High quality, adjustable compartments. Fits everything in need to take to the range.

  46. Dave Tackes (verified owner)

    Very nice bag, with amazing American made quality. I’ve owned many of blind bags for hunting, and now my first real range bag, and so glad I chose this Lynxdefense bag. The dividers and pouches keep all my pistols and items organized, and love the coyote color I chose. Everything about it feels solid, and quality made right here in America.

  47. Chris (verified owner)

    Love my range bag best yet

  48. Cody (verified owner)

    Awesome bag! Was looking on Amazon at cheaper ones. While reading reviews someone mentioned Lynx Defense. Though they are more expensive, they are worth the quality and they’re made right here in the US. Durable zippers, adjustable dividers, and large straps along with the overall material makes the bag look good and feel strong.

  49. Chuck Childres (verified owner)

    Outstanding craftsmanship and great features. Plus, it’s American made!!

  50. Richard Howard (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how the range bag balances with the weight of pistols and a few hundred rounds of ammo. I am the envy of the range, getting approving looks when I come in with my new bag. Everyone want to know where I got it.

  51. R Heberer (verified owner)

    Shopping experience was excellent. Delivery time was very fast. This bag has repeatedly taken two full size h&k nine mm pistols, one 22lr pistol, two pairs of ear muffs, and enough ammunition to shoot for at least three hours at the range. I ordered an extra divider to aid in keeping things organized. The quality is amazing. This bag gets comments at almost every visit to the range! I am very pleased with this range bag. What is even more impressive is that it was built by real Americans in the good ole USA. THANK YOU

  52. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The quality of this pistol bag is excellent and is immediately apparent when you open the packaging. I love that it’s Made in the USA. The hard plastic base on the bottom is much sturdier than on my other pistol bag, which should be nice when I’m throwing in lots of heavy ammo for a training course.

  53. Raymond Auger (verified owner)

    Premium quality bag made in the USA. Outstanding features for organization of firearms, magazines and plenty of room for ammunition. External pockets, great for carrying ear muffs, safety glasses, shooting gloves, etc… To top it off, a pad to protect your firearm and magazines in dusty or wet conditions, that rolls up out of sight in a zippered pocket.

  54. Kevin Bowlby (verified owner)

    Excellent range bag! The quality is amazing, made in the U.S.A., versatile, perfect for the range. I can carry all my ammo, 2 pistols with 5 mags each, ear & eye pro with room to spare. I would definitely recommend.

  55. Teresa L. (verified owner)

    This range bag is the highest quality I have ever had or seen. The materials that are used to make it are incredibly strong but lightweight. From a female perspective I appreciate that the bag doesn’t start out heavy. Even after I load it up it is very comfortable to carry . I would recommend this bag to anyone. It’s a huge bonus in my book that it’s made right here in the USA .

  56. Kurt (verified owner)

    fantastic bag for the money. really impressed with it and love supporting American made.

  57. Howard M Goldstein (verified owner)

    I am glad I bought this bag. More expensive than imported stuff, but much better quality. I load in a lockbox, magazines, supplies, etc. and it can handle all that and more. The folks in North Carolina who make the bag all initial their work on a document. I will buy more of their goods going forward.

  58. Sonya (verified owner)

    This bag is the perfect size for me, extremely sturdy, and well made; Definitely a quality product worth the price tag.

  59. Sylvia (verified owner)

    Perfect range bag. Really quality made, LOVE that it’s all made in the US. I can fit 2 pistols, 6 magazines, ear & eye protection easily with still plenty room left!

  60. Kenn Blanchard (verified owner)

  61. Dustin (verified owner)

    Great bag. Like some kind of video game house that’s bigger on the inside than the outside. Made in the USA.

  62. Lefty (verified owner)

    Love it

  63. Paul Morris (verified owner)

    Love this bag! Very well made. Highly recommend this product.

  64. Bill (verified owner)

    I bought this bag in tan for a broad I’ve been teaching to shoot. She really seems to dig it and it gives her a cool look when she’s out there on the range.

  65. Jed Hendrickson (verified owner)

    Beautifully made and well constructed. Very happy with the bag.

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