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Looking for some of the best Sig P365 Accessories to spice up your pistol? Maybe there’s just one little thing that you want to change to make it your perfect EDC gun.

Well, I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of Sig P365 accessories. If we missed something that you just can’t live without, don’t keep it a secret. Please share it in the comments section below.

Best Sig P365 Accessories

When it comes to enhancing the performance and functionality of the Sig P365, there are several outstanding accessories that stand out from the rest.

One of the must-have additions is the extended magazine, which increases the pistol’s capacity, allowing for more rounds to be carried without sacrificing compactness.

Another valuable accessory is the aftermarket grip module, which offers improved ergonomics, a more secure grip, and customizable options for personal preference.

Additionally, a high-quality holster specifically designed for the P365 ensures comfortable and secure carrying, with options for concealed or open carry.

Lastly, sights or a red dot sight provide enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for quicker target acquisition and improved accuracy.

These accessories complement the already impressive features of the Sig P365, transforming it into an even more versatile and reliable firearm.

Note: Keep in mind many of these accessories are for the P365 or the P365XL only and are not interchangeable.

Extended Magazine Base Plates

These provide additional grip surface and capacity to your magazines, allowing for better control and more rounds in the magazine. They can also add extra rounds to your magazine capacity, increasing the number of rounds you can carry without significantly increasing the overall size of the pistol.

Floor Plate

p365 magazine

Xtech Tactical makes a number of accessories for the P365, and not only are they functional, but they are aesthetically pleasing.

The one I’d recommend is the MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender with Spring for P365. It gives you an extended grip and an increase in carry capacity.

One of the great things about this extension is that it works with Factory 10 Round magazines for standard P365 frames and the Wilson Combat P365 Frame.

P365 17RD Magazine

Sig P365 Accessories: 17 Round Magazine

The P365 17 magazine is the go-to option to get the most rounds in your P365. It adds additional grip length as well as substantially more rounds.

If you want the most rounds for your gun get this magazine.

NDZ Performance Floor Base Plate

ndz base plate

The NDZ base is an aftermarket base for the P365 magazine it doesn’t add to the magazine’s round count but does a nice base and can be purchased in multiple colors.

It is made from aluminum and is one of the few aluminum bases available.

Trigger Upgrades

Aftermarket triggers can improve the trigger pull weight, reset, and overall feel. They can help enhance accuracy and speed during shooting.

Flat Trigger

kit 365 flat trigger

Flat triggers can provide a more consistent trigger pull and a straighter back motion, resulting in better control and potentially improved accuracy.


Upgraded sights, such as night sights or fiber-optic sights, can improve visibility in low-light conditions and enhance your aim and target acquisition.

XS Sight Systems DXW2

xs sight systems

The XS Sight System is unique in that there is no rear cutout but rather a gradual V. The high-contrast front sight allows you to easily and quickly get on target.

These sights aren’t my cup of tea but I can see how they might work well for others.

ZEV Combat Fiber Optic Sight

zev combat sight

The Zev Fiber Optic sights are extremely good-looking and functional. The front sight is an orange fiber optic rod with a U for the rear sight.

These sights are built with its all metal construction and may be your goto sights for the feature.

Grip Modules

Different grip modules can offer alternative textures, sizes, and ergonomics, allowing you to find the most comfortable and secure grip for your P365.

Sig Sauer

sig p365 coyote

Sig offers factory grip modules for the P365 but they don’t vary much from the standard grip frame. The biggest difference is going to be the color of the frame.

Gray Guns Laser Sculted Grip Module

gray guns grip module

This grip module isn’t made by Sig Sauer but it is sold by them on their web store, which is clearly an endorsement of sorts.

There aren’t many differences in this grip module mostly just the grip texture. If you don’t love the P365 grip texture then this may be your go-to.

Wilson Combat

wilson combat p365

My personal favorite is the Wilson Combat P365 grip module. I like the overall look and feel of the grip and it truly adds that extra bit of polish that makes the P365 a great-looking gun.

Custom Slides

While custom slides are primarily cosmetic, they allow you to make the gun what you want. It’s a great touch to an otherwise plain slide and one of the favorite Sig P365 Accessories.

Strike Industries Slide

strike p365

Strike Industries makes several different color slides that make an already extremely good-looking gun even better looking.

The Strike Slide comes pre-cut for an optic and has a ported slide which gives it good functionality and a great aesthetic.

Zev Industries Octane Pistol Slide

Zev Tech P365 Slide

Zev Industries makes some really cool-looking slides and the Octane is one of my favorites.

The Zev Octane comes precut for an optic and can be bought empty or completely built ready to go.

Recoil Springs

Upgraded recoil springs can help reduce recoil and muzzle flip, improving control and follow-up shot accuracy.

DPM SIG Sauer P365

dpm recoil spring p365

Enhance the performance and precision of your Sig Sauer P-365 with the installation of the DPM Recoil Reduction System.

Designed specifically for this pistol model, DPM offers Pistol Slides & Slide Parts that eliminate jams, safeguarding both your slide and frame, resulting in a more dependable firearm.

Experience reduced felt recoil with the DPM Pistol Recoil Reduction System, empowering you to achieve faster follow-up shots on target.

Elevate your shooting accuracy and speed by equipping your handgun with the DPM Mechanical Recoil Reduction System for Sig Sauer P-365.


While not an aftermarket part per se, having spare magazines is always a good idea. Consider purchasing additional SIG Sauer P365 magazines to have more rounds readily available.


dawn 365 barrel

Upgrade your Sig Sauer P365 with aftermarket barrels to enhance its performance and accuracy.

These barrels are designed specifically for the P365 model and offer improved precision and reliability.

Experience smoother operation and increased accuracy with high-quality aftermarket Sig P365 barrels.

You can also opt for a threaded barrel that would allow you to put a suppressor on your P365. While suppressors aren’t practical for concealed carry, they can be a fun drop-in accessory for a range day that will enhance it and make it more fun.

Sig P365 accessories options grow daily for the P365 series and as new products come to market, we will be sure to update our list of accessory products!

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