The Best Range Bag for Pistols

Simply put: Lynx Defense makes the best range bag for pistols on the market today.

If you want to stop reading the article there, feel free. That’s the gist. But we’re going to prove why you don’t need a list ranking range bags to tell you what is the best one on the market.

Best Range Bag Lists

First, let’s talk about these so-called “best range bag” lists. They are a dime a dozen on Google, and does anyone else find it odd that every single one of the articles link to products on Amazon? Well, there’s a simple reason for that: the Amazon Affiliate Network. Those links pay them kickbacks for ANY sales made on Amazon within 30 days, which is great but misleading. Now I’m not bashing someone trying to make money, that would be hypocritical as we want you to buy our products. Plus, we also sport a similar affiliate network. But with nearly all of the posts linking to Amazon, are we getting an accurate and objective review of each bag? Or are they possibly searching Amazon for bags, making a list, then copying and pasting the high points of the bag and giving a pros and cons list based on what they see in the pictures and description?

That’s for you to decide.

Look, we aren’t arrogant. We are confident. That sounds cliché, but blogs are using our photos for their list post headers, not listing our bags, and getting comments asking what kind of bag is featured in the header image.

Customer Service

The reason we know we make the best range bag is simple: our customers have told us so. It’s not just because we make it right here at home in the United States. But our customer support is world-class. But don’t just take our word for it, look at our reviews. If you notice we leave up the bad ones and reply to them, we are transparent in that we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes but we fix them, and we’re always striving to improve because that’s what our customers deserve.


We are constantly told how our materials are of high quality and feel much more durable than any other bag that our customers have owned. We don’t take this lightly. To build the best bag, you have to start with the absolute best materials which is where every Lynx Defense product starts.


Everyone likes to set up their bag differently. Since we all have our own opinions, wants, and needs, we took that into consideration when making the pistol range bag and again in The Concord. With more designs in the works, the possibilities don’t end with just our current insert lineup either.


So you decide. Do you want the best range bag money can buy? Or would you rather settle with an “It’ll Do” range bag? If you have any questions, you can reach us by clicking the small icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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