Firearms Training: “Check your ego at the door”

Coming from a background in law enforcement, I always viewed firearms training as a pesky thing we had to do every year. The kind of thing where you do the same stuff over and over again because you were required to. I never subscribed to the idea of getting outside training before I trained with Every Day Ready.

After entering into a free training drawing at a gun show I went to several months back, I won a course to meet and train with some of the nicest, intelligent, and knowledgeable people around.

I opted to do carbine training, and given my background the guys at EDR allowed me to go straight to the Carbine Operator 2 class. The class focused on enhancing skills in weapon handling, reloading, advanced malfunctions, and shooting positions. It also covered shooting on the move, working with cover & concealment, including operation around vehicles. We finished off the day with a few qualification courses and some practical exercises.

The most memorable part of the entire day was the first thing that Monty said when I arrived: “Check your ego at the door.” This set the tone for the rest of the day in that it was a relaxed, down to earth environment, where everyone enjoyed training. I had no idea what to expect, knew no one at the range, and was completely out of my comfort zone. Although these guys are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, they show you how to improve without making you feel like an idiot. They work with you to sort out any mistakes you may be making and help you learn the proper technique along the way.

“Check your ego at the door” – Monty Edge

I generally do not go out of my way to write a review for a product or service, but I was so impressed with the guys at EDR that I had to share my experience. The guys at EDR are the real deal when it comes to training. They truly care about teaching people the fundamentals of firearms as well as advanced techniques that could help save lives.

Not only did I learn a lot that day, but Monty, Stephen, and Austin showed me how important it is to continue to train. It is not enough to just buy a firearm for protection, it is paramount that you train with that firearm and become proficient with it. In my opinion, the guys at EDR will provide above and beyond the training you need if the situation arises to save your life or your loved ones. The guys at EDR have even agreed to help test and develop new Lynx Defense products in the future. So keep an eye out to see what’s coming. I will be training with EDR more and I hope to see you out there!

About Every Day Ready

Every Day Ready (EDR) was formed by a group of North Carolina citizens who believe in the mission of developing confident, capable, and independent Americans.  EDR staff have come together with skills obtained in the Military, EMS, tactical firearms training, Krav Maga, disaster response industry, and outdoor experiences.  What began as a circle of friends & family helping each other with common interests, has evolved into a training institution dedicated to sharing our knowledge and skills with responsible persons who wish to be capable of safeguarding themselves and their families when trouble calls. North Carolina firearms training.

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  • Jim Hubbbatd

    The training day you’re talking about was my third course at EDR. I was there with you that day and couldn’t have written the experience any better. The EDR team is very deserving of reviews like this one. In today’s world, service has taken a back seat to price and get rich quick schemes but these guys are all about quality of service to their paying customers. Each time I have attended a training course, I immediately look forward to the next one. Hope to see you out there soon and as a potential customer would be interested in testing your equipment as well. Take care and see you at the range.


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