What range bag do I need for the range?

Getting the most out of your range day starts with planning out what to carry to the range. But what range bag fits your needs the best?

Ensuring you have the right bag or case ensures you have all the guns, ammo, hearing protection, and other items you may need.

Once you can determine what you plan to take to the range, selecting a range bag is much easier. When you choose, you’ll want to make sure you have the best gun range bag you want to consider your future needs but more on that shortly.

Let’s break down the things to consider which selecting your bag.

How many guns?

Most of us have more guns than we typically take to the range each time. You may decide to focus on your shooting skills with just your Glock 19 or only take your EDC gun and as much ammo and as many magazines as you can.

If you want to take one or two guns, our standard pistol range bag is the perfect bag to carry.

The pistol range bag packs a large amount of storage in a small compartment. Many of our customers have reported carrying 500+ rounds of ammo, 10 magazines, and two guns. So don’t sleep on the pistol range bag for a lot of storage.

If you are carrying more than three pistols, it’s probably time to upgrade to The Concord. Our latest handgun range bag comes in almost 2x the size of the pistol range bag.

This bad boy can hold a sizeable gun collection to haul to the range. Pack the Concord if you want to take the maximum number of handguns, magazines, and ammo.

What kind and how much range gear?

Knowing the kind of gear you will take to the range sounds like a no-brainer. But it’s not that simple. We put together a list of the top 3 things to consider when buying a range bag.

Not everyone relies on the same gear setup, but that goes without saying. Many people enjoy the sweet, sweet sounds of a silencer. Others may want to bring their .50 Desert Eagle along for the ride.

Range days are not the same for everyone. But identify your range gear and make your decision based on the best gun range bag for you on the gear you plan to take.

I personally take 2-3 pairs of over-the-head hearing protection because someone always forgets theirs, so it’s best to have extra. Holsters can also take up a good bit of room. If you plan to carry multiple pistols, make sure you take your concealed carry holster for each gun to train as you carry.

Women may have a whole different set of needs for their range gear. Lynx Defense Pistol Range bag is still the best range bag for women, here’s why!

Type of Shooting Range

You would think the type of range you planned to go to wouldn’t matter much when it came to your bag. But, it does, and if it’s your first time going to the range be sure to take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Ranges.

Let’s dive into the topic of picking the best shooting range bag depending on the type of range, a bit more.

Outdoor Range

Planning to go to an outdoor range? Then you’ll want to make sure your range bag provides adequate protection for your handguns and gear.

The roll-out mat on the pistol range bag is the perfect range mat to set all your gear on so it’s easy to grab and locate. It also keeps your guns and gear off of dirty surfaces.

I don’t think I expect your gun to be clean or a safe queen, but if you can keep it dirt-free, you can ensure you won’t have any issues shooting!

Indoor Range

If you are going to an indoor range, it may be more important to have a compact, simple setup rather than a large rolled out mat and multiple bags.

The pistol range bag provides a small enough footprint and ample storage to make your indoor range trip easier and more organized.

So What Range Bag Is Best?

Hopefully, this article helps you identify what size gun range bag will best work for you. It’s important to consider how many guns you plan to take, what type of range you are going to, and how much gear you plan to take.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please comment below. We are always looking for valuable input from our readers and customers!


  1. The Pistol Range Bag is much smaller than the bag I was previously using but far far more functional. I have extra room in the bag, because everything fits better. It fits a Walther PPQ and Sig 365 easy, with plenty of room for ammo, eyes, ears, etc.. I could probably fit one or two more guns with several extra mags if I wanted.

    Don’t underestimate what the big will fit! (This was my concern when I first purchased it)

  2. I like that the pistol range bag is american made and has a lifetime warranty. Probably wouldn’t need to use the warranty with how durable it looks.

  3. Finding the right bag isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have several for different reasons, but I still haven’t found the perfect one yet. You have a nice selection i’m gonna look at.

  4. Sounds like you have any bag needed for the range! Thanks for the great info. when I am ready to purchase.

  5. This is a nice little article to get you thinking before you actually start buying range bags. Did I say “bags”? Yes, I did. I have a double pistol bag, a rifle bag that can hold two pistols, two rifles, and tons of accessories, a couple different backpacks, a range duffel, a hard shotgun case, and a hard rifle case. All of these are set up to carry pistols or pistols and rifles, or just a shotgun. Which bags and cases I take depends on which range I am going to… and that is determined by the type of shooting that I’m in the mood for. So, this article is a good start on deciding which bag or bags, or which case or cases, you decide on.

    Remember to have fun.

    • Great informatio . I usually try to take just basics into range. But, car has other things packed, just in case!

    • Remember to throw in a few packs of soft ear plugs. Somebody always has a overly loud gun at the range.

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