2016: A Road Map for Lynx Defense

2015 is over and we have finished laying out our plans for the coming year. It’s been a wild ride for Lynx Defense as a business and for everyone involved. We have seen our products manifest from simple ideas to production and eventually land in the hands of our customers. What is even more exciting is that several times, including now, we have sold completely out of stock. With that being said, we have dug in and geared up for 2016 and will be pushing on into the new year.

Every company makes plans for the new year and we are no different. However, we figured it would be a good idea to go ahead and share with you some of our plans so that you may join us along the way.

Moving forward, we will use this post as our guide and it will be updated as time goes on with links to the respective products as they are added.

Q1 2016

  • Begin shipping our 36″ Rifle Bags in both black and tan configurations (Production is underway – Inventory is in stock but low) – Completed
  • Complete Development of our new EDR Bag (More details coming soon – Product is currently in conception phase) – On Hold
  • Attend Shot Show (If you are attending and want to meet us contact us and we will send our contact information) – Completed

Q2 2016

  • Begin shipping our 42″ Rifle Bag in both black and tan configurations (Currently still in testing/development phase) – Completed
  • Begin shipping our Tactical Backpacks (Production move has been completed) – Pending

Q3 2016

  • Begin shipping our specialized EDR bag (More details coming soon – Product is currently in conception phase) – On Hold

Q4 2016

  • To Be Announced

Watch this space for more to come!

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