A Statement about Production at Lynx Defense

It’s an understatement to say things have changed in 2020. Due to coronavirus fears and neck-breaking peaks and valleys in the economy, many businesses have faced real hardship and tough decisions. Fortunately for us, we have great customers who have shown up for us this year in ways we did not expect or plan for, which is why we want to give a behind-the-scenes look at our production process.

You deserve the highest quality we can offer, and we know it sucks to wait for your gear. Especially since we live in a world that is used to an on-demand online shopping experience.

We don’t believe in cutting corners or outsourcing our labor to cheaper, international factories. We believe in investing in our community, buying American-made materials, and giving you the best product on the market. Sometimes that comes at the price of having to wait for your gear. But we would choose to wait for a high-quality range bag over one that falls apart after a few uses any day of the week. We know you would, too.

Here’s a look at our production process and what you can expect from Lynx Defense in the coming months.

Production Process

We are a cut-and-sew factory, which means we handle every aspect of the production of our bags in-house. This is great for quality control, but it can sometimes slow down the production process.

Every bag is hand-cut and stitched to our exact patterns and dimensions. We then hand-inspect the bags twice before they are packaged and shipped to customers. We refuse to change our quality check (QC) practices in an effort to save time.

Production Priority Selection

Selecting what product offering we run next is always a tough call. We have a small team that builds our rifle and pistol cases. We have three things we monitor daily to determine the next product to enter production.

  1. How old is the oldest order in our queue?
  2. How many of each product SKU has been back-ordered?
  3. What are the current and future sales volumes of these SKU’s?

From there, we break down those and assign priorities to the product and send it to Earl, our head of production. Earl then begins preparing the production run. We evaluate these three things on a daily bases and are working hard to get back to an inventory positive state.

What are we are doing to catch up?

We are hiring new employees and purchasing new and updated equipment to increase the efficiency of our operation. We are thankful that our increased business has allowed us to make these efficiency improvements, but changes don’t happen overnight.

New employees must be trained in making our cases, and we ensure that every employee performs to our high standards of production.

What about my order?

We always welcome emails, calls, and live chat messages in regards to your order status. We make it a priority to communicate with you directly about your order. However, due to the increase in demand, there may be a delay in response times at this time.

Thank you!

We hope you appreciate this behind-the-scenes look at what we’re doing right now to catch up and fulfill our current backorders. With that being said, I want to personally extend a big thank you for your continued patience and orders. We strive every day to make a product you’ll be proud to carry to the range!

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