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Range Gear for Pistols

Getting the right gear for your range carry is important. So make sure you have ample room to carry your pistol and gear to the range.

Pistol Range Bag

Pistol Range Bag

The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is our flagship product. It is by far our customers favorite item. It overs ample storage space and the ability to carry multiple handguns to and from the range.

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Red Interior Custom Range Bag

Custom Pistol Range Bag

The Custom Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is our built off our pistol range bag design, but with the ability to customize the exterior color, interior color, and thread. Our customers love the ability to design their own pistol range bag.

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The Concord

The Concord is part of our new Urban Legend Series of bags and cases. The Concord was designed in response to our customers who carry four or more pistols to the range. The wanted to be able to carry more guns, gear, and ammo to the range with them. So we took our pistol range bag interior and expanded the size.

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Rifle Cases for Serious Shooters

Having the right rifle case is important. There are tons of options to choose from but having a handmade in American rifle case guarantees quality and longevity.

36″ Tactical Rifle Case

Our 36″ Tactical Rifle Case is a customer favorite in our rifle case lineup. The tactical rifle case offers storage for magazines, hearing protection, ammo, and more while still being lightweight and durable.

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PDW Case

The Bureau

The Bureau is the second rifle case in our Urban Legend Series of bags. It was built to offer SBR’s and PDW’s a covert case to allow people to carry their weapon wherever they go without drawing unwanted attention.

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The Bronx

The first rifle case in our Urban Legend Series, The Bronx, is a 36″ discreet rifle case that allows our customer to carry their full-size rifle anywhere they may go. Like its smaller counterpart, The Bureau, it offers concealment from prying eyes.

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About Us

Founded in 2013, Lynx Defense is an all American brand built on a deep love for the shooting sports and gear. We celebrate the American spirit and seek to create the best gear in the best country in the history of the world.

Lynx Defense is more than just a company name it’s a statement. A company with the belief that America and its workforce are the best in manufacturing and we should keep manufacturing jobs in the United States.

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