Dealer Program

Lynx Defense dealer program is a comprehensive program designed to empower our partners with exclusive access to our premium line of gun bags and shooting accessories.

As a member of this network, you will benefit from competitive pricing and resources tailored to enhance your sales and satisfy your customers’ needs for high-quality, American-made firearm transportation solutions.

Program Benefits

Exclusive Wholesale Discounts: Enjoy significant savings with our pricing structure to increase your margins and competitiveness.

Priority Access to New Releases: Get early access to Lynx Defense’s latest innovations, allowing you to offer your customers fresh and exciting products ahead of the competition.

Marketing and Promotional Support: Benefit from marketing materials, including professional product photos, engaging content, and co-branded advertising opportunities to elevate your marketing efforts.

No Minimum Order Requirements: Order with flexibility, thanks to our no minimum order policy, allowing you to manage your inventory efficiently and respond to market demands dynamically.

Dealer Locator Inclusion: Increase your visibility by being included in our online dealer locator, which will drive potential customers directly to your store or website.

Program Requirements

Application and Approval Process: Interested retailers must complete the Lynx Defense dealer application, detailing their business operations and commitment to brand values.

Initial Purchase Requirement: A curated initial purchase selection that showcases Lynx Defense’s range and quality and demonstrates a commitment to the partnership.

Brand Representation: Uphold Lynx Defense’s brand standards in all promotions, displays, and customer interactions, preserving our products’ integrity and premium positioning.

Engagement and Feedback: Participate in regular check-ins and provide feedback on product performance, market trends, and customer needs to help us serve you better.

The Lynx Defense dealer program is designed to foster strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with retailers passionate about delivering quality and value to the firearms community. We look forward to welcoming you into our network and growing together.