The Concord

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Large Range Bag for Multiple Handguns. The Concord pistol range bag is the largest pistol bag available from Lynx Defense. This long-lasting, durable bag is spacious enough to carry multiple pistols plus all the ammo and gear you need for a day on the range. and features a sturdy shoulder strap for easy transport.

Like all Lynx bags, this one is hand-built in the heart of North Carolina.

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Large Range Bag Features

  • Hand-sewn in the USA
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length: 20in Width: 12in Height: 10.5in
  • Interior Dimensions: Length: 17in Width: 9.5in Height: 9.5in
  • Comes with two inserts with the ability to additional
  • Inserts will fit most guns (gun/magazine holders)
  • Create your perfect fit with your combination of inserts
  • Cordura and Magnatuff fabric
  • Removable hard bottom

A Custom Fit

With configurable inserts, you can set up your large range bag to best fit your shooting interests, ammo, and style. Plus, our range bag inserts are made to fit any Lynx Defense pistol bag.

Built to Last

With our limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, we build our gear to last through the ages.

Our products are double stitched where it counts so that our product holds up when it counts.

Quality Materials

Every shooter knows that a firearm is only as good as the materials it’s made from. The same logic applies to how we transport them. The Concord is made of durable 500D Cordura, meaning this thing is virtually indestructible.

Cordura is highly resistant to abrasion and won’t rip or tear no matter what the terrain is like where you’re headed (or how you throw your stuff inside).

Multiple Guns? No Problem!

Carry all the guns you need to the range without worrying about how you will carry it all. The Concord is built for the range goer with more than 3 pistols in tow.

Since the Concord is such a large range bag it can comfortably fit 6 pistols in our standard gun/magazine insert. But if you were to use double gun inserts or abandon your inserts all together you could get 12 or more handguns to the range.

Everything you need in a side pocket

Full-length zipper pocket and mesh drawstring pocket provide a great storage experience and allow you to fit as much in your gear bag as you need. Most customers who purchase the Concord report they have so much space they can’t fill it all.

But we believe in our customers and are certain over time they will fill it up, which is always great to have room for your every changing range gear loadout.

Premium Materials

Give your guns an upgrade. The Concord large pistol range bag is durable and long-lasting thanks to a combination of 500D Cordura and Magnatuff fabrics that ensure a water-resistant exterior, anti-tear technology, and built-in strength to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Our signature metal D-Rings and metal swivel snap hooks allow you to transport it on your shoulder leaving your hands free.

Make It Yours

The Concord features two gun/magazine inserts and is backward compatible with all of the pistol range bag inserts.

The additional space allows for more inserts as well as more pockets on the exterior of the range bag making it the perfect bag for anyone who takes more than two firearms to the range.

Keep Your Gear Organized

We built this bag with your gear in mind.

Four exterior pockets, two end pockets, and two side pockets provide for a large number of storage options.

The Concord allows you to keep everything in its place from your ammo to ear protection to spray paint for your steel targets, we wanted to ensure The Concord was big enough for any shooter!

Made in the USA

Here at Lynx Defense, quality is our top priority. Our large range bag, The Concord, is carefully constructed to the highest of standards in Selma, NC.

We are proud to support our team of Americans who work hard to bring incredible products to market. We also have a fantastic return policy if it doesn’t meet your exact needs.

Additional information

Weight 4.14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 10 in

Black, Gray

9 reviews for The Concord

  1. Michael Stoddard

    Looking for the Concord to come oout

  2. Joe Almeida

    Just received my Concord bag today. Well done. The fit , finish, seams, zippers all very high quality and well stitched . Even the Velcro closures are heavy duty . And it’s made in the USA, what’s better than that. Lots of very small but very functional touches in the bag too. The dividers serve multiple purposes too. They hold your firearm securely and even come with separate spaces for magazines. I’d also say that it’s pretty lightweight too. The packaging was quite well executed too, clearly thought out properly. Yes, I love my new bag and yes there will be more. Hats off to Lynx, solid job done on this!

  3. Robert C Taylor

    Excellent pistol bag. It has room for all my ammo, pistols, targets, Ear protection, and much more. Very well made and I love all the compartments and they way the zippers are addressed. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry. Great job. A big plus, it’s made in the USA!!!!
    Job well done,
    Bob Taylor

  4. Big J

    I was definitely in need of a Larger Pistol Range Bag! Since I already have the Lynx Custom Pistol Bag and love it, it was a no brainer not to get the Concord.
    So I received the Concord & began to load it I can fit tons of goodies in it with ease.
    It’s also the same great quality of build that Lynx is know for.
    If you are looking for a Large, Heavy Duty, US Made, High Quality Range Bag Look no further than the Lynx Concord!
    I’m definitely a huge Lynx Fan, I also love their rifle bags as well.

    Lynx always does

  5. John

    Very well built bag, durable. Lots of storage. Expensive, but worth the cost for a quality bag that support USA made textiles and workers!

  6. Darrin

    Excellent bag, plenty of room for all my gear, very well made! 5 stars

  7. Craig Russell

    Great bag! I was looking to downsize from a humongous range bag but still compartmentalize all my stuff. Very well made. Highly recommend.

  8. Brad Whiting

    Just received my Concord. It’s great. My old gun backpack was falling apart. This feels great and seems very well made. I was glad to find a bag made in the USA. It was made quickly and arrived quickly. I would highly recommend to everyone. Now I might need a smaller one too…………

  9. Mark

    Perfect size range bag for my needs. Great sturdy top zipper, opens wide to fully utilize the center compartment. Side compartments are also roomy, but the zippers are smaller and not as strong. Pistol compartments in the center main chamber seem designed for mid size to small pistols. Semi auto pistols with 4-5” barrels are a tight fit, and will not fit into the divider, but can lay on their back between closely spaced dividers.

    Glad to see a well made U.S.A. product

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Large Range Bag
The Concord



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