Production Schedule

Nobody likes to wait. But handcrafting Lynx Defense gear is an art and not a science, which is why it takes time to get your gear in your hands. However, customer service is our top priority, so we want you to have as much information as possible while making your purchasing decision.

We can’t guarantee shipping dates, but we can give you our most up-to-date production schedule. We’re updating this schedule daily (as needed), and it is accurate as of the last updated timestamp at the bottom of the page. Individual production runs take about two weeks but can change depending on a number of uncontrollable factors.

Still looking for production answers? Contact us about your order or potential order and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

Current Production Schedule

EDC Backpacks

EDC Backpacks

Production on EDC Backpack has started for all colors.

42" Rifle Case

42″ Rifle Case

42″ Rifle bags production is expected to start on or around 10/04/21.

36" Rifle Case

36″ Rifle Case

Pre-Orders are Open Expected Production Start Date October 25th.

Last updated: 09/24/21 at 1524 hours ET

Production Note

Sewing is a very labor-intensive process, and issues arise that are unforeseen (employees get sick, machines break, etc). We try our best to make quality products at an efficient pace, but sometimes unforeseen issues can delay things.

Please be patient if you have pre-ordered or back-ordered an item and know that we are getting to it as quickly as possible without sacrificing our quality standards.