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The Policy is an everyday carry bag insert to help keep your PDW, folding brace AR, or other small backpack carryable weapon. The Policy was designed to separate your gun from the rest of the contents of your backpack but still allow you to quickly and easily get to it if you need to.

Since your backpack weapon is your backup plan, this backpack PDW insert is rightfully named The Policy, as in your insurance policy if a situation is bad enough.

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Length: 18″
Width: 11″
Depth: 1″

Modular: Features loop field on the rear of the policy for attachments.
Standard: Features a single handle on the rear of the policy.

Built for Maximum PDW Concealment

You want to be as greyman as possible when it comes to carrying concealed. When you put your Sig Copperhead or your CZ Scorpion or even your folding AR pistol in your backpack you want to know it’s going to stay in place and hold your weapon securely.

Weapon Pocket

The Policy has two pockets one for your weapon and one for magazines and silencers. The weapon pocket is the larger of the two and features slits on both sides to accomidate weapon optics and longer magazines while in the gun.

Magazine and Silencer Pocket

The front pocket is the perfect pocket for magazines and silencers and allows you to keep all your weapon accessories away from everything else in your backpack. Which allows you to not lose the functionality of your backpack.

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 1 in

Standard, Modular

12 reviews for The Policy

  1. Jason B (verified owner)

    Love the Policy and use it regularly. It is a little small for my 9″ 300 Blackout folded, so would love to see an XL version just a few inches longer. Also, it would be nice if the front pocket was divided into two so that my silencer didn’t bang up against a loaded mag. Thanks again, great product.

  2. Edward B. (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy. Customer Service is outstanding. Shipping was fast. Discretely and securely holds my B&T APC10 Pro and a 30 round magazine, in an Oakley day pack. Excellent product.

  3. Alpha Bravo (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it much as I just got it, but it appears well built and my APC10 fits in it perfectly. Turns. a regular Jansport backpack into a covert PDW case. Does appear that it could use some more structure and padding along the bottom edge, however.

  4. Aaron Speedy (verified owner)

    Exactly what I need to carry my ruger lc charger in 5.7×28 with a couple of spare mags, suppressor and some tools. Fits perfectly in my 5.11 AMP 10 and I carry it all the time. They kept it simple which is much appreciated and I highly recommend this to anyone carrying a Pdw sized firearm in a backpack.

  5. Aaron Stover (verified owner)

    This item was exactly what I was looking for, my Sig MPX fits perfectly in it and isn’t loose flopping around in my backpack anymore. Extremely well made and padded nicely. My order went out either next day or same day and shipping was quick. Very impressed!

  6. Dane Ciolino (verified owner)

    Using it with my B&T APC9. Very well built. Wish there was more padding at bottom where the muzzle rests. The outside pockets should be a little better at accommodating a suppressor and two 30-round mags. They fit, but not perfectly. Very satisfied though.

  7. Ryan Nolan (verified owner)

    I am running the policy in a Kifaru Urban Ruck 2.0 and absolutely love it. I currently have an APC9k in their and fits very nicely, before I had an MP5 clone and that too fit very well. The only thing I would change would be to add some padding towards the bottom where the muzzle sits but not a huge issue, I would also add a few outside pockets for say a suppressor and a few odds and ends.
    Overall for the price and what it does I am extremely satisfied and will be buying more for other packs in the future.

  8. Christopher Griggs (verified owner)

    Very well built, holds the stribog well. My only complaint, I asked via email if it was padded on the bottom and I was told it was. Not sure if it was miscommunication or not, but the only padding is the back piece. The area where the muzzle sets is not padded.

  9. Patrick (verified owner)

    The Policy looks great. Will hold a backpack weapon perfect.

  10. Risky Chrisky (verified owner)

    I run a Stribog in The Policy and have been nothing but IMPRESSED. This item is a must have for your PCC or PDW style firearm. You literally could throw this thing in a Jansport and it would work as advertised.

    The Policy takes the “Grey Man” tactic up a notch.

  11. Andrew W (verified owner)

    I’ve been running the policy in just your average “tactical” generic bag, along with a few more discreet bags. It fits in each one, and snugly holds my Grand Power Stribog, with space for a spare mag or two along with it.
    I often times hit the range with WAY too many firearms, and even the biggest bags can’t carry them sometimes. The policy doubles for me giving me extra storage space for a few extra pistols to head to the range in a bag that I may be carrying extra mags or something in, away from the mags and anything else that could bang up my guns.
    In all, the idea of an expanded duty insert for backpacks is genius, and The Policy is excellent at it’s intended task of PDW storage, as well as it’s expanded capacity as just some extra, safe storage space.

  12. Harrison J (verified owner)

    I’ve been running my honey badger in a pre-production policy with my Honey Badger Pistol and 10.5 AR15 with law folder.

    Both of these guns are run with 20 round magazines when using these guns.

    The main backpack is an older Mystery Ranch bag that’s similar to the Coulee 25.

    It works well to keep the gun separated from the other items in the pack.

    I’ve carried the 10.5 in this pack for years before the policy was even a thought. It worked but it didn’t work well. It took me 1-2 minutes to get the gun out as I had to unpack the entire bag to get to the gun.

    This option wasn’t quick access by any means.

    With the policy, I just have to unzip the bag and do minimal adjusting to get the gun out in well under 10 seconds. This is with a mostly stuffed pack.

    How you pack your bag still plays a major role in how long it’ll take you to get the gun out and put it back in.

    It’s not as easy to get the gun back in as it is to get it out. But it’s still much easier with the policy than when you have nothing else in the pack.

    I use the outside pocket to hold my suppressor and a 30 round magazine. It works to hold those items but it isn’t easy to access. This is why the product has 4 stars instead of 5. It’s definitely better than nothing but I wish it were easier to access.

    In my opinion, this is the best solution for carrying a PDW in a backpack. If concealment is your concern then this is far superior to the purpose-built weapon packs like a Vertx, LBT, and Eblerstock.

    I’ve got the Eblerstock Cherry Bomb and I feel like I’m carrying a sign on my back that says I have a gun!

    Since I’ve gotten the policy it’s hung in the closet.

    While some of those packs blend in fairly well they do look noticeably different than normal packs and anyone familiar with the brands or shape can spot them for what they are. This is a no-go when you have a policy that helps you avoid this altogether.

    If you want to be truly discreet using the policy with Jansport, Patagonia, Osprey, LL Bean or any common utilitarian pack is the way to go.

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