Range Bags

Handgun Range Bags

Lynx Defense builds range bags that allow you to take the most gear possible to the range. We kept all of our customers in mind, from the EDC enthusiasts to the once or twice-a-year range goers.

Custom Range Bags

Our pistol range bag and our multiple handgun bag, The Concord, can hold everything from hearing protection to ammo boxes to the more important item(s), your guns.

As we call them here at Lynx Defense, Pistol Range Bags and handgun range bags are part of anyone’s essential range gear. The bag is an essential part of hitting the range because it brings all the range gear you need together.

We make the best firearm range bags on the market today. We don’t say that with arrogance. We are repeating what all our customer reviews say. But making the best pistol range bags isn’t easy. We work hard to ensure our product is of the highest quality available, and we make it right here in the United States of America!

Our range bags have several interior pockets that allow for the organization of your range gear and exterior pockets that allow you to store your eye protection, hearing protection, and more. We make the best range bags that feature modular designs, which, simply put, means that you can customize them to your liking with minimal effort.

We often sell fundamental, stripped-down bags, so our customers can purchase their own accessories and are not buying unneeded products. This saves our customers money and ensures maximum satisfaction with their product purchases.

We sell additional bag accessories, so you can truly make them your own.