Where is my bag made?

As a business, we are devoted to boosting the U.S. economy and manufacturing 100% U.S. made gun bags. Unfortunately, many bag manufacturer’s do not share the same ideals. We often see bag manufacturers outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign countries due to lower manufacturing cost.

U.S. Made vs Foreign Made

We have almost perfected the ability to recognize foreign made bags based on the design alone. Oftentimes foreign bags are made with features that do not make any sense, and are built with style, not user efficiency, in mind. We would like to explain our litmus test on how to identify a foreign made bag, especially if the ‘Made in China’ sticker has been conveniently removed. This way, if buying and supporting American companies is important to you, you will know how to identify non-American made bags.


One of the telltale signs we see with foreign made bags are unexplained features that are not usable or do not make sense. One of the best examples of this was on a Chinese made rifle bag I once had. This bag has two pockets on the front, one on each side of the center pocket, that you could not fit your hand in. You could barely put a magazine in the pocket, but you would have to get a small child to reach in and get it out because it was so small your hand would not fit in it. I actually still have this Chinese made bag so that I can show people the difference between our bags and their foreign counterparts.

The next offender, and it’s my biggest pet peeve, is unnecessary molle attachments. We’ve all seen it. Molle attachments on the bottom, sides, front, and back. You know, just in case you need to mount your IFAK kit on the back of your backpack so that it’s jabbing in your back. After all, options are key, am I right?! This is a pet peeve for me because aside from increasing the fabric cost, molle attachments are pure labor.  This does not mean anything to companies paying their workers pennies an hour, but for American companies paying at least minimum wage, it adds a lot of costs and unnecessary labor.


Whoa. Too rich for my blood. Expensive. The main words we hear once people look at our products, fall in love, then go for the purchase. For the same reasons mentioned above, American made bags are going to cost more. Everyone asks why does it cost so much more for American companies to make textile goods and that’s largely due to labor costs.

American companies pay employees at least minimum wage (as of this writing is $7.25 an hour) whereas the average hourly wage in China is $0.5 to $3. As you can see that makes a huge difference if a single bag takes just one or even several hours to make.

Chinese Manufactured Cost Breakdown

  • Bag Cost – $9-19 per bag
  • Shipping – $20-25 per bag
  • Total – $29-44

Quality vs Quantity

Lastly the most obvious of offenders with foreign-made bags is quality.  Weak zippers, strange coating on the fabric, and bad thread management are all examples of how low quality affects the usability of the bag. These offenses are pretty easy to spot and if you notice any, run for the hills! I often explain to people that you can buy our bag that will last you a lifetime or buy numerous Chinese bags that will last you maybe a couple of visits to the range.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality American-made rifle bags or pistol bags check out our selection.

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