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Best LPVO Mount

Most Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO) don’t come with included mounts which can be good and bad. Having something work right out of the box is always nice, but getting the best mount for you might require research and money.

Here is our list of the best LPVO mounts on the market. We will address each and pick the winner for the following categories:

  • Best Value
  • Highest Quality
  • Best Affordable

First, we will dive into several LPVO mounts individually and do some quick and dirty mini-reviews.

Without further ado:

Primary Arms Cantilever Mount

Primary Arms Cantilever 30mm Mount

A primary arms cantilever mount is a great option for any LPVO mount. It is designed to provide a stable and secure platform for the optics while allowing the user to easily adjust the position of the scope or optics to align with their eye.

The primary arms cantilever mount is made from aluminum, making it lightweight and durable.

It features a series of rings or clamps that hold the scope or optics in place and is available in 30mm or 34mm.

The mount also has a base that is attached to the firearm, either by clamping onto the firearm’s Picatinny rail or by being mounted directly onto the firearm’s receiver.

One key feature of the primary arms cantilever mount is its cantilevered design, which allows the scope or optics to be positioned farther forward on the firearm, closer to the shooter’s eye.

This can be especially useful for shooters who prefer a longer eye relief, as it allows them to maintain a comfortable and natural shooting position while using the scope or optics.

Overall, the primary arms cantilever mount is popular for shooters who want a reliable and adjustable optic mounting system.

It is widely used by hunters, tactical shooters, and other shooters who rely on precision optics to enhance their accuracy and performance.

Primary Arms PLX Cantilever Mount

Primary Arms Cantilever Mount

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.9 oz
Sizes: 30mm & 34mm
Price Check: Amazon | Primary Arms

Geissele Super Precision

geissele super precision

Geissele makes some of my favorite triggers on the market, so I had to give their LPVO mount a shot.

The Geissele Super Precision is one of the highest-quality mounts I have used. It’s neck and neck with the Scalalrworks LEAP mount.

The lightweight Super Precision mount makes it extremely attractive for use as the mount for my LPVO.

The Super precisions are by no means a cheap option for mounting your scope, but they are exceptionally well built.

If you want a rock-solid mount that doesn’t add much weight to your rifle, grab the Geissele Supre Precision mount.

Geissele Super Precision Mount Stock Photo

Geissele Super Precision

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 7.1 oz
Sizes: 30mm & 34mm

Scalarworks LEAP Mount

Scalarworks LEAP Mounts is one of my favorite mounts of all time. The features, look, and functionality the LEAP mounts have are fantastic.

Like the Geisselle mounts, the Scalarworks mounts aren’t for the faint of heart when it comes to the price.

The LEAP mounts bring three unique features to the LPVO mount market.

First, the way the scope rings attach is unique because the close on the side differs from the standard top-down securement method.

Second, the mount is a quick disconnect known as QD and can easily be attached and taken off. This is usually not recommended for precision optics. However, the LEAP has shown to hold its zero even after being removed and reattached.

Third, the LEAP mount is designed to make it easy for you to install a pistol red dot optic using their KICK adaptor. This allows you to mount a cantilever pistol red dot sight.

Scalarworks Mount

LEAP Mount Highest Quality

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.4 oz
Sizes: 30mm & 34mm

ZRO Delta FRZ Cantilevered QD Mount

ZRO Delta LPVO Mount

These mounts are listed in no particular order, but the ZRO Delta is listed first because they are a solid company in our home state of North Carolina.

The FRZ features ZRO Delta’s StealthCuts, which reduce the mount’s weight and provides a streamlined aesthetic.

The mount is a QD mount which will make it easy to take on and off. However, I’m not sure why you would want to because once you remove it, you should re-zero it.

zeo delta

ZRO Delta FRZ Mount

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 7.2 oz
Sizes: 30mm & 34mm

Primary Arms Deluxe AR-15 Scope Mount

Primary Arms LPVO Mount

Primary Arms is well known for its excellent optics, fantastic prices on optic accessories, and reasonable prices.

The Primary Arms Deluxe scope mount is very reasonably priced at $49.99.

This mount is available in both 1″ and 30m, so this mount is available for nearly any optic.

Primary Arms LPVO Mount

Primary Arms Mount

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 8.2 Oz
Sizes: 30mm & 1″

Vortex Sport Cantilever Mount

vortex lpvo mount

Vortex is well known for its optics but keep in mind their scopes don’t come with mounts. So you will need to grab a mount for your Vortex scope.

The Vortex mount I have had for years has always worked great for me! I like how simple the Vortex mount is plus the price is hard to beat.

One of the biggest differences you will notice with this mount is it requires Allen keys to tighten the mount to your gun.

Some see that as wildly inconvenient but your LPVO shouldn’t be coming on and off your rifle often.

The Vortex mount doesn’t pack many features, but it’s effective, well-built, and does the job.

Vortex Sport LPVO Mount

Vortex Sport Mount

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 6.7 Oz
Sizes: 30mm & 1″
Price Check: Amazon | Brownells | PSA | Optics Planet

Best Value LPVO Mount

Not all LPVO mounts are created equal but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to mount your LPVO on your rifle.

When it comes to getting the best value you want the best bang for your buck. You want a reasonable price but good quality.

For the best value mount, I have to go with the Primary Arms mount.

Primary Arms LPVO Mount

Primary Arms Mount

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 8.2 Oz
Sizes: 30mm & 1″

This mount comes in under $70 and is a quality mount for the money. It isn’t feature rich but it does what you need it to do: hold your optic.

Highest Quality LPVO Mount

The highest quality mounts typically come with the highest prices and my recommendation will uphold that method.

Scalarworks Mount

LEAP Mount Highest Quality

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.4 oz
Sizes: 30mm & 34mm

I personally owned every mount on this list and the Scalarworks LEAP mount is by far my favorite. It is also the most expensive but the weight, design, and ability to add the kickstand make it stand out above the rest.

The Geiselle Super Precision is a close second it just lacks some of the fantastic features of the Scalarworks.

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