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  • Building a Shooting Range - Part 1 Building a Shooting Range – Part 1

    We started building a home shooting range and decided to document the process. We hope you enjoy watching it come together, and if you have suggestions for our first home shooting range, comment and let us know! I’m in no way an expert range builder, so take any advice and try any techniques at your […]

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  • American Made Gun Bags Pistol Range Bags for Glocks

    So you just purchased a Glock? Kudos on picking out a great gun. Now, all you need is a holster, ammo, and a range bag to complete your kit and start putting rounds through it on the range. Since we specialize in American-made pistol range bags, we’ve rounded up the most popular Glock models on […]

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  • What are Range Bag Essentials?

    If you've ever gotten to the range only to realize you left your ear protection at home, you know how having the right gear on you can make or break a day at the range. But what classifies as must-have range gear? We've got you covered. Determine What's "Essential" Essential is a buzzword these days, [...] Continue Reading
  • The Best Range Bag for Pistols

    Simply put: Lynx Defense makes the best range bag for pistols on the market today. If you want to stop reading the article there, feel free. That’s the gist. But we’re going to prove why you don’t need a list ranking range bags to tell you what is the best one on the market. Best […]

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  • PDW Bag Why We Recommend a Discreet SBR Case

    We often get asked, “What bag to do you recommend for my short barrel rifle (SBR)?” The answer is, of course, it depends. There are a few things to consider when selecting your SBR case, and here’s why we think discreet is the best option for your SBR. Appearance For some, if the case looks […]

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  • 4 Things Your SBR Case Needs to Offer

    You’ve done the research and work it takes to acquire a short barrel rifle, so you want to make sure you protect it with the best SBR case available on the market. Don’t purchase a case for your SBR without first considering these four features. Tailored Fit For Your Firearm When it comes to securing […]

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