Discreet Rifle Cases

Shop our fantastic line of discreet rifle cases from PDW’s and SBR’s to full-size rifles we have you covered. Check out our feature-rich cases below!

Extend your Bag with Attachments

With our growing number of Urban Legend Series bag attachments, you can make The Gigabyte The Bronx, Bureau, and Byte your very own.

Custom Built Discreet Rifle Case

All new custom bag builder!

We have taken our extremely popular custom pistol bag builder and expanded it to our discreet line of rifle cases. We can build a custom Byte, Bureau, or Bronx from the ground up to your specifications.

Why Choose a Discreet Rifle Case?

Look no further if you are looking for the perfect covert bag for your SBR or long rifle. If you are in the market for an SBR bag, make sure you read the 4 things your SBR case needs article to ensure the case you buy covers all your needs. Here are some reasons you should choose a bag from our new Urban Legend Series of covert rifle bags.

Low Profile Rifle Case

Discreet is the name, and low profile is the game. Creating a discreet case that doesn’t draw attention to your firearm from the general public is key when carrying your EDC rifle.

Purpose Built Rifle Cases

Using tool bags, tennis racket bags, or other non-tactical-looking bags is tempting when you want to carry your rifle discreetly. Those bags aren’t purpose-built. You could do considerable damage to your rifle carrying this way.

Discreet and Secure Rifle Cases

Keeping your firearm discreet is important, but so is keeping it secure. Securing your weapon while in transit is crucial if you should need to deploy it.

Selecting a Discreet Rifle Case

When rifle owners are moving between home, the range, or other locations, it has become increasingly important to be very discreet about the equipment they’re carrying. You don’t want to be advertising what you’re transporting for obvious reasons. It’s not the sort of thing you want to be throwing into a bag nonchalantly. You want to be very intentional about making sure it’s discreet and covert to not draw any unwanted attention to yourself. You achieve this by purchasing a suitable discreet rifle bag that gets the job done without causing a fuss.

Before we continue, it’s worth making it clear that just because the bag is discreet does not exempt you from any laws regarding the transportation of firearms. So, make sure you check the local laws wherever you happen to be. But assuming you’ve got that covered, let’s look at some of the key factors you should consider when looking to purchase a covert rifle bag.

Repurposing Other Bags

One school of thought says that the most discreet form of transport is one that looks like something else entirely.  For example, some gun-owners will use tennis racket bags, toolboxes, or other pseudonymous storage types for their rifle carrying needs. The logic goes that this won’t attract any extra attention because, from the outside, it looks like a different thing altogether – providing you the utmost covertness. They seem to blend better into everyday life and can often be cheaper than custom-built alternatives.

There are a few downsides to this strategy. The first is that because they aren’t designed for rifles, you lose out on all the optimization in size, padding, compartments, security, etc., that you would get from something purposely built for firearms transport.  Secondly, if your repurposed bag doesn’t fit into the surroundings, it actually draws more attention. So, you’ve got to carefully assess whether your disguise is suitable for wherever you’re going.

Some rifle-owners seem to make this work, but we don’t think it’s the optimal strategy here because it gives up many other purpose-built gear benefits.

Purpose-Built Discreet Rifle Case

As alluded to earlier, when you buy a purpose-built rifle bag from a reputable company, you get all the benefits of being able to select one with the optimal size, material, and configuration for your unique gun needs. These sorts of bags are sure to look after your equipment the best and give you the peace of mind that they won’t be affected by any bumps or knocks along your journey.  Some of them are actually built to resemble the items mentioned above, but the devil is in the details here. The better bags can accomplish both covertness and equipment support simultaneously.

When it comes to discreteness, rifle bags have come a long way.  For a long while, bag manufacturers did not attempt to conceal what was inside.  But in recent times, this has changed significantly. You’ll want to go for bags with neutral shapes where possible. You don’t want a bag that is clearly shaped for a rifle from the outside. The best bags are those that use compartments inside to separate gear and apply the correct padding. From an outside perspective, it looks like the bag is a larger, less-descript shape. The less attention-grabbing, the better it’s also a no-brainer to go for something neutral in color.

Discreet Rifle Case

Assuming you’re happy with how discrete the outside looks, there are several other factors to consider about what goes on inside:

  • Ease of access. Some bags can look very discreet from the outside, but it requires 14 different steps to undo all the outside coverings to get to the rifle itself. You should be asking how easily you can get to the equipment itself. Or do the features that make it discreet make it a mission actually to get inside? This is crucially important in those rare but high-stakes situations where you need to get your rifle out as quickly as possible. It’s not something that you should ignore.
  • Quality of Material. You’ll want to make sure the material is high-quality and robust to use in various conditions. This is an investment, and the better the material, the longer those benefits will compound over time. Go for tried-and-tested where you can, and be sure to pay extra attention to the quality of the zippers as they are often the first pieces to fail.
  • Appropriate Size.  The bag’s size and fit are both significant and should be matched to whatever equipment you’re hoping to use. You’re looking to find the perfect fit here – something that is not too small as to make everything a squeeze, but also not so big that you’ve got lots of unused space. Spend some time looking around and finding the right configuration for your unique needs.
  • Padding.  You want to make sure that your rifle is tight and securely fastened inside the bag, and you achieve this with sufficient padding and retention. You don’t want things to move about inside or be at the whims of knocks and bumps as you move around. Padding should hold everything in place and give you the comfort to know that whatever happens externally, your equipment is well looked after on the inside.
  • Security.  The ability to lock your gear up goes hand in hand with discreteness when you’re trying to ensure that your rifle doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Consider where you’ll be transporting your gear and what type of security your bag should be providing – whether it be a lock, a gun safe attachment, or something else.

All in all, purchasing a discreet rifle bag is a decision that should be undertaken with great care because it is the one piece of equipment that protects everything else. We’re in favor of purpose-built rifle case options because they can give you the best of both worlds – robust support for your gear while also disguising themselves to the outside world in a very non-descript way. Do your research and go for the highest quality option you can – you won’t regret it.