Discreet Rifle Cases

Looking for the best discreet rifle carry case?

Your search is over!

Lynx Defense offers discreet rifle cases to make carrying your rifle hassle-free wherever you go. With our bags, you won’t draw the unwanted attention of your normal rifle case.

Why Choose a Discreet Rifle Case?

Low Profile

Discreet is the name and low profile is the game. Creating a case that is discreet and doesn’t draw attention to your firearm from the general public is key when carrying your EDC rifle.

Purpose Built

Using tool bags, tennis racket bags, or other non-tactical looking bags is tempting when you want to carry your rifle discreetly. Those bags aren’t purpose-built. You could do considerable damage to your rifle carrying this way.

Discreet and Secure

Keeping your firearm discreet is important, but so is keeping it secure. Securing your weapon while in transit is crucial if you should need to deploy it.