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The Bureau is a discreet carry SBR case for personal defense weapons, short barrel rifles, and AR-15 Pistols, made for the shooter who needs to carry their rifle concealed. The Bureau SBR case will keep you from drawing unwanted attention. We designed this bag to keep you from sticking out like a sore thumb when carrying your SBR.

Handgun Attachment Kit (HAK)


SBR Case Features

SBR Bag Outline

Purpose Built Interior

The Bureau has a streamlined, functional, purpose-built interior. We crafted this bag with the end user in mind. We wanted to ensure there were plenty of storage options and the perfect amount of weapon retention. This case was created for the SBR or pistol AR of your choice and should fit any 10.5″ or shorter barreled rifle.

SBR Case Dimensions

We went to great lengths to make sure we had the perfect measurements for our discreet SBR case. We factored in the most popular SBR barrel lengths as well as overall lengths. The Bureau is 30 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. SBR Bag Measurements

Purpose Built Case

The Bureau rifle case was specifically designed to fit Short Barreled Rifles(SBR), AR Pistols, and Personal Defense Weapons(PDW) with or without a Pistol Stabilizing Brace. The Bureau is ideally designed to securely protect your firearms and necessary shooting accessories, such as magazines and ammo.


The interior dimensions of the Bureau are 30.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 12 inches tall, this discreet rifle case will accommodate rifles with collapsible stocks, folding stocks, and most rifles with barrels under 10.5 inches.

Tough Construction

We chose long-lasting Cordura Fabric for the Bureau. We wanted to make sure it was built to the highest quality standards.

Built-In Toughness

Much like The Bronx, we don’t want your rifle to be at the mercy of the elements so we use 1″ thick hardened foam to make this bag rock solid.

Sling Style Carry

Two External D-Rings allow versatility of strap placement; shoulder carry or quiver carry (sling). With The Bureau’s no-slip strap pad, it will carry great no matter if you shoulder carry or sling carry.

Discreet Everyday Design

Our classic low-profile design for this rifle case is discreet and designed for those looking for something less tactical and in-your-face. But less tactical doesn’t mean less storage. We’ve added a large exterior pocket to store your must-have accessories and keep them within arm’s reach.

Modular Attachment System

We don’t believe in wasted space at Lynx Defense. That’s why we included a full hook & loop back wall of the bag, which acts as a modular attachment system to safely attach extra pockets, medical kits, or whatever else you may need without worrying about damaging your firearm.  

2 x Internal Zipper Pockets

Magazines, ammo, hearing protection, and more can all be stored inside The Bureau with our two separate internal zipper pockets. These pockets provide ample storage for your everyday carry and range needs. The pockets span the full length of the lid panel and are separated in the middle providing two individual pockets.

3 x Configurable Security Straps

Storing your firearm with standard-issue security straps can be frustrating, especially when they’re not in the right place. Our three interior straps are configurable, so you can control how many straps to use and when to use them.

The Covert SBR Case Built for You!

Since releasing The Bureau in March 2020, it has quickly grown to be one of our most popular cases. We are excited to continue to make a world-class range of gear for our customers. If you are still deciding what case to purchase, see why we recommend a discreet rifle case.

Handcrafted in the USA

Every Lynx Defense bag is carefully constructed in Selma, North Carolina.

Made With 1000D Cordura Fabric

This SBR bag is made with 1000D Cordura Brand fabric, which means it will stand the test of time and provide fantastic protection for your short-barrel rifle.

Fully Modular SBR Case

Creating a bag that will fit every firearm is impossible. But creating a bag to fit most firearms is what we strive to do. We have also focused on ensuring that every user of The Bureau rifle case can customize it to their specific needs. We created a full velcro loop back wall to allow you to put anything from our line of attachments to your own attachments, morale patches, and more.

Our Cases are Under Promised. Overbuilt.

Our number one priority in all of our products is durability. We double-stitch our bags to ensure that they will last. We are so confident in our products we back them with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

You’ve done the research and work it takes to acquire a short barrel rifle, so you want to make sure you protect it with the best Short Barrel Rifle case available on the market. Don’t purchase a case for your SBR without first considering these four features.

In true Lynx Defense fashion, The Bureau is handmade in the United States of America.

Tailored Fit For Your SBR

When it comes to securing and carrying your short-barrel rifle or AR pistols, make sure it’s not sliding around in a case or an old duffel bag that wasn’t made to accommodate it.

Cases 30 inches in length and at least 12 inches tall make a great fit for SBRs or any rifle with a collapsible or folding stock. A shorter gun case ensures a proper fit, and secure storage, which takes up less cargo space while you’re carrying.

If you have a rifle with a collapsible stock with a 10.5″ barrel or less, you might consider an even smaller case, such as The Byte, specifically crafted for submachine guns.

Plus, a smaller case makes it easier to store your gun case when it’s not in use.

SBR Case Padding

Protecting your short barrel rifle is extremely important, so the foam, or padding, that your case has is a make-or-break part of your rifle case.

Ensuring your SBR is secure from movement and accidental damage doesn’t happen in transit is key.

SBR Case Retention

Making sure your SBR is strapped and secure in the bag is essential. We include three modular straps that allow you to configure your rifle retention in any way you see fit.

We designed our bag because all SBR configurations needed to fit in The Bureau.

Tactical Case vs Discreet Case

Consider where you will carry your firearm and what kind of attention it might bring. For those carrying to the range or routine training, you probably prefer a more tactical gun case that offers protection from rugged terrain and plenty of storage and customization features for morale patches.

For those carrying to prepare and protect, a discreet SBR case that offers the specific storage needed for safely transporting your weapon with a casual exterior that blends in would best suit your carrying needs.

Practical Storage Solutions

Transporting your firearm is pointless if you can’t carry everything you need to go with it. Ammo, magazines, and hearing protection, to name a few.

You want to choose the SBR bag that can accommodate everything you need while storing it securely. Whether you need ammo pouches, adjustable strap configurations, a hook, and a loop system to tack things into your bag, don’t overlook how important it is to have the equipment you need when using your SBR available at a moment’s notice.

The top 3 things we make sure we have in our case are:

  • Magazines
  • Ammo
  • Required/Emergency Tools (To include oil/barrel snake/etc.)

These three things are the most important items to carry in any firearms case.

Case Durability

There’s a reason shooters outgrow their old gym bags when carrying high-powered guns. Those bags weren’t made to last, and they weren’t made to haul firearms and ammo.

When researching SBR cases, we recommend looking for high-quality bags and cases, like 1000D Cordura. Make sure the bag is double stitched for the most reliable carrying.

We also believe in purchasing products with lifetime manufacturer warranties to protect your investment best.

Don’t have an SBR?

You could always make one! You can turn your AR Pistol into a full-fledge SBR head over to our Ultimate Short Barrel Rifle Guide to see how it’s done.

If you don’t have plans to make an SBR, we still have a guide on gun bags for you to check out!


Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 12 in

Ideal Brand


1000D Cordura

Product Origin



Black/Gray, Brown, Coyote Tan, Ruby, Blue, Ranger Green, Multicam Black, Vietnam Tiger Stripe, Navy

14 reviews for Bureau

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    My biggest concern when buying any gear is both quality and origin. The firearm industry is jam packed with low quality dropshipped, white label gear that focuses on clever marketing. Some of which I’m guilty of falling for. I bought the Bureau bag at the same time that I bought another very well known companies bag for the exact same price.
    The quality of this bag is unmatched. To say it is well built is an understatement. Leaps and bounds ahead of anything else. Also Lynx’s commitment to sourcing US made material down to the zippers is absolutely amazing and says quite a lot. I also love the fact that the bag is very low profile and doesn’t scream “tactical”. The bag has everything I need.

  2. Harrison (verified owner)

    I just got my 3rd! Favorite overall rifle/braced pistol bag. The structure and quality of the latest two are incredible. They’ve definitely made some product improvements.

    I’ve got 1 bag I run with no accessories for multi-use and the other 2 dedicated for 9mm subguns and AR15s with the ability to pre-stage magazines in the bags.

    With a law folder this bag easily fits a 10.5 AR with a can on it. My Honey Badger SD is also a perfect fit with the stock collapsed. The size makes it less awkward to carry than the large Bronx and I don’t have to worry about taking my can off like I do with some guns when using the Byte.

    Also fits my AK74 with a folder fantastic. If you’re careful you can fit two sub guns in this bag.

    The front pocket also works great for things like boxes of ammo or an extra magazine or two. I can’t recommend enough if you’ve got folders on your guns.

  3. FloydDokter (verified owner)

    Extremely good quality, you get what you pay for. Good design and well thought out.
    Customer communication is excellent.
    Ordering another soon.

  4. Tommy (verified owner)

    This is my first case from Lynx Defense but not my last! Great quality and plenty of room for my 12″ 8.6 blackout.

  5. Dennis Figiel (verified owner)

    This is my second rifle case purchase. Bought “The Byte” the first time. Your products are superior in quality and layout. I wouldn’t purchase any other case but your yours’.

  6. Bryce Bewley (verified owner)

    Just received my “Bureau” and like it. Got two extra pistol attachments and two 9 mil magazine attachments. The Bureau holds it all … a folded stock, 11″ SBR, two 9 pistols (Sig 229 and P365) with enough room for two 9 mil clip attachments (total 8 clips) and two 556 – 30 round clip attachments. I’m impressed with the quality. I think it’s a great looking case too.

  7. TJ

    Lynx Defense does it right. I keep an AR pistol in the truck with me at all times. I don’t even think about anyone looking in the truck and seeing a typical range bag. The Bureau is totally inconspicuous while keeping your SBR/AR pistol warm. You can configure the inside to your liking and there is enough storage for mags. Quality all around.

  8. Frank (verified owner)

    I have many rifle/pistol cases. I bought the Bureau for a recent SBR purchase. The quality is evident as soon as you open the bag and the functionality of the bag fits the purpose perfectly. I intend to replace all of my range bags with Lynx Defense products! As expected, American made is just made better!

  9. Will

    This is really the perfect case for me. My favorite AR is my SBR 10.5 with a folding stock. I wanted something that was economical in terms of available space and this has the exact perfect dimensions. I also have exactly enough room for my CZP01 and 3 mags once I installed the handgun add-on. This is the perfect range bag and also a perfect go bag in case I need to leave in a hurry. I can’t say enough good things about it. I feel like it is definitely worth the price.

  10. David (verified owner)

    I got my case in a timely fashion. I was pleased with the quality of construction, and like the fact that it does not scream “tactical”. Already don’t get the looks from folks when checking into the hotel as I did with my other cases. Quite pleased with this case. USA built.

  11. James Gober

    Have to admit I was very skeptical that this case (The Bureau) would live up to my expectations given the rather hefty price tag, but decided to take a chance. Boy am I glad I did! I have owned many different weapon cases of all shapes and sizes and tend to be very tough on my equipment. Just about every one I’ve owned have failed me in some regard…stitching coming apart, zipper breaking, torn fabric, or poor padding placement. As soon as I opened the box I immediately knew this case would be different. The first thing that stood out was that it is padded on ALL sides yet is not bulky in the least. Then I noticed how perfect and rugged all the stitching is and how rugged the zippers appear to be. Lastly, this is just a darn good looking case and perfect for discreetly transporting your weapon. With the zippered storage compartment on the front and two inside, plenty of room for storing magazines and other accessories, and robust Velcro straps for securing the weapon inside the case. I am 100% confident this case will far exceed my expectations and is by far the best case I’ve ever owned and worth every penny and then some. I will be buying more without a doubt!

  12. Brian Hill

    Great product! Does the job perfectly. I really like supporting companies that make their product in the USA. Thanks again.

  13. Rob

    This case goes with me any time I travel. I keep my 10.5 inch DD MK18 pistol in with a Patagonia Atom Sling bag staged with 3 magazines and medical gear. It fits in the case nicely. I can quickly open the case and get the sling bag on and MK18 out quickly. I also have the 5.11 Covert Case which blends in well but makes a crappy backpack and an off looking case that doesn’t carry as well for me. I usually have a backpack and my Osprey rolling luggage when as well at the Bureau when I enter a hotel and I never get odd looks. The Bureau blends in great and looks like I’m carrying anything but a gun. I can’t recommend it enough!

  14. MJ

    I was looking for a smaller SBR/AR Pistol type Bag & along came the “Bureau!”
    Since I already have the Bronx & love it, I decided to give it a go!
    When I received the Bureau I gave it a good look over & everything was so well made, Just as I would expect from Lynx Defense. After setting it up with my 10.5 AR pistol & many mags & even my soft carrier..I was hooked!
    It is also very discreet & non flashy so no one knows what’s inside & I really like that aspect of it!
    If you are on the fence about getting the “Bureau” I highly recommend getting it, you won’t be disappointed!
    I also really appreciate The fact That it’s made with high quality materials & right here in America!

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