Cloud Defensive LCS

Cloud Defensive LCS

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  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Install
  • Function
4.8/5Overall Score
  • Materials: 6061-T6 billet aluminum or Polymer
  • Country of Origin: Made in the USA
  • Weight: 1.9 oz
  • Width: 1.32″
  • Effective
  • Bomb Proof
  • Metal LCS is Pricey

Cloud Defensive is one of my favorite light companies and they are constantly innovating and trying to create new light products for their customers. The Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) is one of the first products I ever had the chance to use by Cloud Defensive.

So what is the light control system anyway?

It’s actually a crazy simple product but it’s a massive game-changer. The LCS is simply a flashlight activation switch holder or a tape switch to some.

The Cloud Defensive LCS holds the switch in place and also acts as a protective housing.

lcs stock

Cloud Defensive LCS

Polymer & Aluminum
Made in the USA

You might look at this product and say, man, that’s crazy stupid simple how can it be such a “game-changer”.

Well, most game changers are simple because a lot of our problems are simple and require simple solutions.

Now let us dive into the product itself.

Streamlight LCS and Surefire LCS

Cloud Defensive offers its light control system for two different brands of flashlights.

Surefire and Streamlight.

These two brands are probably the two leading brands in flashlights at the moment.

Quick side note: Cloud Defensive now makes their own flashlights the OWL and the REIN both are great from what I hear but the two top-selling weapon light brands are likely Streamlight and Surefire.

The LCS is a great activation switch holder and works with both of these flashlight brands’ activation switches.

The light control system has two methods of attachment to your firearm.

  • Picatinny
  • M-Lok

Light Control System Design

Some of the features of the LCS is really fantastic upgrades from the included mounting systems of the Surefire and Streamlight activation switches.

Cloud Defensive has included an “early exit” feature that allows you to route the activation switch cable through the mount and exit the cable out early if you need more slack.

This allows you to not only increase the number of mounting possibilities but ensure you have the absolute best setup for your specific needs.

The three-piece clamp style design really makes for a perfect fit when attaching it to a Picatinny rail.

Cloud Defensive also designed this mount so there would be no movement once it’s mounted and tightened down.

This is a vast difference from the included mount in both the surefire and the Streamlight activation switch mounts.

Polymer vs Metal Light Control System

The light control system for the Streamlight comes in both polymer and metal options.

The biggest difference between polymer and metal is the cost and durability. The design of the LCS is the exact same for both.

Polymer LCS Cost39.99
Metal LCS Cost69.99

Many would think the weight of the two would be a substantial difference but as you can see in the table below they aren’t that different.

Polymer LCS Weight1.08 oz
Metal LCS Weight1.9 oz

Surefire LCS only comes in the 6061-T6 aluminum option.

Cloud Defensive LCS Colors

The Cloud Defensive metal versions come in three different colors:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Green

The color options are their to meet your color needs. The tan is your standard FDE style tan and the green is an OD Green.

lcs stock

Cloud Defensive LCS

Polymer & Aluminum
Made in the USA

The polymer models only come in a single color which is black.

Light Cord Management

Cloud Defensive uses what they have dubbed “ICC” on the LCS. It stands for integrated cable channels and they are on both sides of the LCS. That gives the user the ability to control the excess cable that runs from their weapon light to their pressure switch.

Cloud Defensive LCS Cable Management Channels (ICC)
CZ Scorpion with Cloud Defense LCS

The channels can be used for any type of cable management and not just weapon light pressure switch cables.

This is probably one of the biggest features of the Cloud Defense LCS, aside from housing the pressure switch.

Cloud Defensive LCS Overall

I will break down the LCS now and go over the fit and finish, installation, and use of the LCS.

Fit & Finish

I have used both the polymer version and the aluminum version of the LCS. Both fit and finishes are fantastic.


While the polymer doesn’t really have a “finish” as in a coating it does have a feel to the polymer itself.

The polymer is extremely sturdy and if you try to bend it does not give way.

The texture of the polymer is similar to a Glock 19 frame.

If you’re looking to save some coin on the LCS then pick up the polymer version, it’s half the price and 100% the same function.

I picked up the polymer version for two reasons. It was going on a 100% polymer gun, the CZ Scorpion, and it was cheaper.


Now if you are putting this on something like a Noveske rifle or a Sig MPX go ahead and spend the extra money on the all metal version.

If you have that much money tied up in your gun the $30 isn’t gonna kill you.

But money aside the aluminum version is nicer than the polymer, there is no doubt about that.

The finish is just better and overall outstanding. Plus the overall look of the metal LCS is more polished and would compliment your gun better.

The function, however, is the exact same as the polymer LCS.


Attaching the Cloud Defensive LCS is a breeze. You can find a ton of videos on YouTube about the LCS and installing it but you really don’t need them.

It’s as simple as sliding your switch into the 3-piece clamp design and then attaching it to your Picatinny rail wherever you want it.

Before you tighten down your LCS you’ll want to run the extra wire you want to manage through the integrated cable channel.


Now it’s time to use your Cloud Defensive LCS! Once you’ve installed it, it’s ready to rock and roll. You’ll probably figure out quickly you’ll be making some adjustments, as I did.

I changed the direction and positioning several times before I had my just like I liked it.

Cloud Defensive LCS Conclusion

If you are looking for a high-quality mounting option for your light activation switch this is your best option.

lcs stock

Cloud Defensive LCS

Polymer & Aluminum
Made in the USA

There may be a few other options on the market but the Cloud Defensive LCS is the absolute best option on the market currently.

If you are looking for good wire management as well as a rock-solid option to mount your activation switch don’t look any further than the LCS.

Cloud Defensive LCS Review | The best light control system available
cloud defensive lcs

The Cloud Defensive LCS is a fantastic light activation switch holder perfect for any Surefire and Streamlight activation switch.

Product Brand: Cloud Defensive

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 69.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

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