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Sig Romeo Zero Red Dot SIght

Sig Romeo Zero

  • Reticle
  • Battery Life
  • Brightness Settings
  • Build Quality
  • Price/Value
3.8/5Overall Score
  • Weight: .4 Oz
  • Activaton: Motion Activated Illumination System
  • Battery Life: 20000 hrs
  • Brightness Modes: 8
  • Price
  • Direct mounts P365 MOS Models
  • Motion Activated Illumination System
  • 10-year battery life
  • Build Materials

The Sig Romeo Zero is an extremely attractive choice for a pistol red dot sight due to it’s sub-$200 price point. It is one of two on the market that I know of that is sub-$200 the other being the Primary Arms Classic Micro Reflex.

Time to see how the Sig Romeo Zero stacks up and what it’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Sig Romeo Zero

Sig Romeo Zero

• Material: Polymer
Reticle: 6 or 3 MOA
Battery Type: CR1632 
• Runtime: 20,000 hrs

About the Sig Romeo Zero

The Romeo Zero is a popular choice for sub compact handguns, especially for concealed carry and self-defense applications.

The Romeo Zero features a robust and lightweight design, making it suitable for mounting on small handguns without adding significant weight or bulk.

The red dot sight provides a single red dot reticle, which offers a parallax-free aiming point for quick and precise target acquisition.

The reticle can be adjusted for brightness levels to accommodate different lighting conditions, making it usable in various environments.

The sight is engineered with a motion-activated power system, which means it turns on when it senses movement and powers down when inactive.

This feature helps conserve battery life, extending the operational time of the sight.

SIG Sauer typically offers various mounting options for the Romeo Zero, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of handguns, making it a versatile choice for firearm owners.

First Impression

I’ll admit I have plenty of Sig optics and I think for the most part they are an extremely good value.

I was skeptical because I paid just a little over $120 for it and even though it’s a Sig optic I just wasn’t sure.

The packaging is a little under whelming but I can only assume that helps keep the pricing lower, which is A-Okay with me.

After taking it out of the packing I was extremely skeptical because of the all polymer design and the metal hood I was unsure about this particular red dot.

One of the best features of this dot is if you have a Sig P365 this dot will mount directly to the gun without any plates or comparability issues.

Sig Romeo Zero

Sig Romeo Zero

• Material: Polymer
Reticle: 6 or 3 MOA
Battery Type: CR1632 
• Runtime: 20,000 hrs


The body of the Romeo Zero is polymer and Sig calls it “WeaponsGrade™ Ultralite Polymer housing”. While I feel like that’s mostly just marketing fluff it does feel durable.

The aluminum hood feels like the backbone this red dot needs to have the same durability of the other all aluminum pistol red dot sights on the market.

Sig Romeo Zero with Aluminum Hood


Pistol dots aren’t notoriously heavy but they do vary from dot to dot. The Sig Romeo Zero clocks in at a remarkable .05 Ounces.

This red dot weight doesn’t even register when you mount it to the slide. When it comes to weight this pistol red dot wins big.


With two options for reticle sizes, 3 MOA and 6 MOA, you can find something that will work for you.

Sig Romeo Zero Reticle

Personally I went with the larger 6 MOA because I was putting it on on the Sig P365XL which is a concealed carry pistol and a larger dot makes a bit more sense for a concealed pistol.

Dot Adjustment

Adjusting the red dot is extremely easy to do with a hex key adjustment screw. They are located on the top and right of the red dot and make it easy to control the windage and elevation of your dot.

romeozero adjustment

The hex screws are recessed to keep them for being inadvertently turned or adjusted when you don’t want them to be.

Power Source

Romeo Zero runs on a single CR1632 located under the optic and has one included with the red dot.

One of the few drawbacks of this design is the battery placement. This isn’t a unique design but many manufacturers are trying to develop dots that don’t require red dot sight removal to change the battery.


Being of a polymer construction the durability is the only thing I call into questions with the Romeo Zero.

The fit and function of the Romeo Zero are great but the long term durability may be an issue.

The sight does come with an aluminum cover that could make up for the polymer exterior.

Sig Romeo Zero

Sig Romeo Zero

• Material: Polymer
Reticle: 6 or 3 MOA
Battery Type: CR1632 
• Runtime: 20,000 hrs

Sight Picture

The sight picture on this optic is fantastic, I can’t find any issue with it whatever and the aluminum cover for the optic is not distracting but not totally seamless either.

Operation of the Sig Romeo Zero

I have two major criticisms of the Romero Zero, the first being the possible long term durability, and two is the operation.

The only button on the whole optic is located just behind the glass of the optics. The button is not very tactile and doesn’t give you a lot of feedback when you press it.

sig romeo button

It may be hard to get to if you have large fingers but shouldn’t be a major issue for most.

If you like to adjust your brightness or manually turn your optic on and off this may be frustrating to use.

But with the ridiculously good price tag it’s hard to criticize the button too much.

Mounts and Mounting Options

The nice selling point of the Romeo Zero is the fact it will mount directly to a Sih P365 and P365 XL.

The RomeoZero is also compatible with:

  • Direct mount to ROMEOZero
  • Shield RMS-c footprint
  • J-Point footprint

So if your pistol has any of the footprints it will work with the Romeo Zero. The Springfield Hellcat Pro features the Shield RMS-C footprint and would work with the RZ.

Sig Romeo Zero Final Thoughts

For the price, the Sig Romeo Zero is a hard value to beat. Pistol red dot sights can be hundreds of dollars and often more than the gun itself.


So when Sig presents a viable option that works well but has a few drawbacks for 1/5th of the price, it’s worth taking for a spin.

My initial thought on this optic remains the same. I like the optic for a range gun or an occasional carry gun but for an EDC gun I would want something a bit more sturdy and made of aluminum.

Don’t get me wrong carrying this on an EDC likely won’t be a problem and for 99% of people they will never experience and problem with it.

Sig Romeo Zero

Sig Romeo Zero

• Material: Polymer
Reticle: 6 or 3 MOA
Battery Type: CR1632 
• Runtime: 20,000 hrs

Romeo Zero FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Romeo Zero red dot sight.

Is the SIG Romeo Zero any good?

Yes, the Sig Romeo Zero is very good from it’s price point, to weight, to function it works very well.

Does Romeo Zero always stay on?

No, the Romeo Zero has MOTAC which is a motion activated turn on feature.

According to Sig’s own website “MOTAC powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not”

Will Sig Romeo Zero fit Hellcat Pro?

Yes, the Hellcat Pro using the Shield RMS-C Footprint and will work with the Romeo Zero.

Is the SIG Romeo Zero Shake Awake?

Yes and No, Shake Awake is a technology of Holosun options but Sig features another very similar functionality called MOTAC. It’s essentially the same thing but Sig’s version.

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