Viridian C5L

Viridian C5L

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  • Flashlight
  • Laser
  • Construction
  • Overall
4/5Overall Score
  • Weight: 3.04 oz
  • Run Time: Up to 60min
  • Light Info: 650 Lumens, 55,000 Candela (High)
  • Laser Info: Green, <5mW, 515-532nm
  • 90 Minute to Full Charge
  • Safe Charge Magnetic Charger
  • Holster Compatibility
  • Short Runtime

Viridian makes some very interesting firearms products such as lasers, lights, and optics. The Viridian C5L is a unique product that incorporates a green laser and flashlight into a small package.

These are universal for any pistol with a 1913 picitanny mounting rail under the barrel.

While Viridian is a well known brand, the products that they are releasing make me think they will soon be breaking into the market quickly.

c5l laser stock

Viridian C5L

Light: 650 Lumens, 55,000 Candela
Run Time: Up to 60min
Construction: 6061 Aluminum


The C5L is generally designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring it doesn’t add excessive bulk or weight to the firearm. It’s often constructed from durable materials to withstand the rigors of firearm use.

The overall feel of the C5L is solid and the switches work well. I like the size and the all aluminum construction makes it feel durable and high-end.

Proof will be in the operation of both the light and laser on the Viridian C5L.


Using the C5L is fairly easy to use and without reading the instructions you can probably figure out how to use it.

But I’ll give you the quick and easy version of how to use the C5L.


C5L’s have “instant activation” which turns on when you draw it from a holster but you’ll need to purchase the instant on holsters from Virdiran.

There is also the option for the push button activation which is what most people will use. This is extremely easy and the button is tactile and easy to use.

Changing Modes

The are three different brightness levels on the C5L and they can be cycled through by clicking both the left and right activation buttons at the same time.

Viridian C5L light

This will cycle you through the different light modes until you hit the laser modes.

The laser modes allow you to run the light and laser at the same time. This is convenient if you are using the C5L on your home or personal defense gun.

The laser and light combo allow you to see your target and quickly get on target, make it an effective combination.

You can cycle through all three brightness levels with the laser activated and even an included strobe setting.

There is also a laser only mode that allows you to just use the laser and no flashlight.

c5l laser stock

Viridian C5L

Light: 650 Lumens, 55,000 Candela
Run Time: Up to 60min
Construction: 6061 Aluminum


At the time of this writing the C5L only comes with a green laser.

Viridian C5L Laser

Red and green lasers are both types of lasers that emit light at specific wavelengths within the visible spectrum. They have different properties and applications based on their characteristics.

Personally, I prefer green, even in my “red” dot sights. I think green dot sights make the easiest to see and effective optics.

Green lasers are generally more visible to the human eye compared to red lasers.

This is because the human eye’s peak sensitivity is in the green region of the spectrum, making green light appear brighter at the same power level.

But with that also comes the safety aspect. Green lasers potentially pose a greater risk to the eyes compared to red lasers, especially at higher power levels.

This is because the human eye is more sensitive to green light, so the same power level that might be safe for a red laser could potentially cause eye damage with a green laser.


The Viridian C5L has a proprietary charging port on the bottom of the light. The C5L comes with a charging pack and the charging connector for the light.

Charging Port for Viridian C5L

Some will like this feature others will hate that there is one more cable to keep up with.

Personally, I see more lights going this direction I just hope a standard magnetic charging adaptor is created so it’s not such a hassle to find a charger if you lose your cable.

Real World Use

This is gonna be great for nearly any carry the only drawback may be holster compatibility.

Depending on your gun you may have a hard time finding a holster that will fit the C5L. The longer the laser/light combo are on the market the better the chance an holster maker will accommodate the laser/light with your specific gun.

c5l laser stock

Viridian C5L

Light: 650 Lumens, 55,000 Candela
Run Time: Up to 60min
Construction: 6061 Aluminum

Viridian C5L Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the C5L is a formidable laser/light combo. I don’t use lasers often but think this is a perfect compromise without adding extra weight/attachments and the function is fantastic.

For $229 it’s going to be hard to not jump on this combo if you are looking for a laser/light setup.

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