Classic Rifle Case

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Updated for 2024

The Classic Rifle Case brings the molle look with our latest innovations and production methods to include reinforced HDPE foam throughout the bag, making it a thicker, more protective rifle case.

This is the most overbuilt case in our lineup and will stand the test of time.

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Tactical Rifle Case Features

  • 100% Made in the USA double gun case
  • 42 inch Model Dimensions: Length: 42 inch Width: 7 inch Height: 12inch
  • Three expandable pockets for magazines and ammo
  • Adjustable backpack style straps that contour to create a more natural AR-15 carrying case
  • Two small arms storage areas with hook and loop closure
  • Two large zipper compartments for cleaning kits and accessories
  • AR 15 carrying case will fit most 16in-20in AR rifles with a collapsible buttstock
  • Built-in gun divider detaches and can serve as a gun mat
  • Durable 1000D Cordura fabric

Our rifle cases are 100% American made and we are extremely proud to say our bags are manufactured in North Carolina.


Our tactical rifle cases are made with Cordura fabric, a rugged and durable performance fabric for various end uses. Cordura offers enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability.

Weapon Retention and Criss-Cross Buttstock & Barrel Security

Both sides of the rifle case come with four completely removable Velcro straps. We have solved the age-old problem of your bag interior straps not being in the right place to secure your firearm. With our four interior straps, not only can you ensure a secure firearm, but you can pick and choose how many or few you’d like to use.

This allows you to configure your rifles in a way you feel fits best. With our dual triangle barrel end and buttstock retention, your rifle will not bounce around or move inside your rifle case no matter what the conditions are.

Like hard cases, you don’t want your rifle to bounce around in your soft case. We have gone the extra mile and created Criss-Cross security for your barrel and buttstock. So you get to pick how secure you want your rifle while carrying.

Removable Shooting Mat

When going to the range oftentimes you’ll find yourself needing to shoot prone. Our rifle case features a built-in range mat that you will remove and use to lay on to shoot your gun prone.

When not being used as a shooting mat, it is attached by velcro in the center of the bag and keeps your guns from banging into each other.

Our tactical rifle case features a built-in range mat that also serves as the divider for your case. The range mat is great for safely placing your firearms while at the range. The mat is also great for cleaning your firearms. With an easy-to-clean fabric, it makes clean-up of your gun cleaning a breeze.

About our Rifle Case Manufacturing Process

Our bags are handmade in North Carolina, where we cut, sew, and quality checks the bags before shipment. Our process allows for total control of the manufacturing process.

We are a cut-and-sew company, which means that we build the bags from the ground up, starting with the fabric on the roll down to the last zipper.

Quality Check

At Lynx Defense, we believe our name represents quality so we conduct two extremely thorough checks of every product before we ship them.

We conduct one complete check as the product comes off the production line the order packer conducts a second check before shipment.

By having this two-step QC process, we have fewer returns and more happy customers. We take great pride in having the best firearm cases on the market.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 12 × 7 in



Black, Tan (FDE), Wolf Gray, Ranger Green

28 reviews for Classic Rifle Case

  1. Ronald Johnson (verified owner)

    Very nice bag. Meet my expectations.

  2. Damian Hollis

    Excellent bag with the exception of the shoulder strap length. The shoulder straps are way too short.

  3. Jonathan Earley (verified owner)

    The only reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating is coming from the Infantry, I am used to having longer straps. The straps for the 2 outermost pockets expand to perfectly fit 3 magazines, but the strap won’t buckle. I then put 2 magazines in the pouches, and mine barely buckled. Not sure of the review that said plenty of room for magazines, but mine will barely hold 2 in each pocket. This doesn’t seem right to me.
    I also agree with the review about the shoulder straps being to short as well. I’m 6’4”, 180 lbs and the straps are a bit tight for me. Same goes for the outside middle pouch. Please consider adding some length to all the bottom part of the buckles to allow closure, utilizing full pocket expansion for future Tactical Rifle Cases.
    Other than that, the bag is solid and I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m so glad I found a Rifle Case made in my home State, and will recommend your company products to others

  4. Bruce Hoyer (verified owner)

    I’ve had the 42″ 2 gun case for a few months now and overall it is an EXCELLENT case! The zippers, material and workmanship are top-notch.
    The shoulder strap “padding” and placement just seemed like an afterthought. Very poor design and execution to be honest. I have an AR and a shotgun that I wanted to lug around in some degree of “comfort”. Not happening with this configuration. Pretty disappointing for the price. I’d say stop offering them until you bring the strap configuration and padding up to your high quality standards.

  5. Mike S

    Quality of materials and construction are above average.
    Made in USA is a positive feature.
    Very satisfied with purchase.

  6. Robert Schak (verified owner)

    Well built product!
    I ordered a pistol bag after received the riffle bag.

  7. Frank H (verified owner)

    The fact that it’s made in AMERICA is the reason I purchased this Rifle Case and it’s absolutely worth every penny! The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. I highly recommend their products. Great job Lynx Defense!

  8. Sheryl Jones (verified owner)

    Worth the price. Excellent materials and exquisite workmanship. I love that this is made in the USA and encourage everyone to spend a little extra and buy the best. A hardy well done to all the folks at Lynx for your fine work.

  9. Steven Griesmaier

    Lynx bag (FDE) fits my Radian 223 Wylde with Night Force scope perfectly. American made. Range bag was perfect upon receipt. I am very pleased.

  10. Harry Bargelski

    There are so many cases out there but this one stands above the rest. I bought the 36 inch but my USA POF .308 was just a little tight in the case but I was so impressed with the quality of the case, I gave it to my son. I immediately ordered the 42 inch . If you’re worried about the price, don’t. This case is well worth the money. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Tyler newey

    Was a bit skeptical about this case due to the price but after readying the reviews. I decided to pull the trigger and I can say without a doubt the best case I’ve ever owned. I have absolutely no regrets about buying this case

  12. kennethz2

    Comparing to my other rifle case bought from another vendor similar design some differences. Lynx has more internal straps to secure rifle. Outer material is more heavy duty. There are a few more pockets on my existing case but they are smaller. The inner insulation to separate rifles on the existing case can be removed and used for a shooting mat. Overall very pleased with the Lynx case is excellent and made in the USA. Which is very important to me.

  13. Ed

    Excellent build quality. All the details are thought through and well executed. Will serve your needs. I will only buy products made in the USA. You need to do the same! And, we need to start pushing every American manufacturer to use only US-sourced materials as well. We need to rebuild our country. We must stop supporting China no matter what. The Marxists must be stopped from advancing any further and must be pushed backwards. Do your part and buy this case!

  14. jaysen smith

    Look over the bag upon receiving it today . The bag is constructed very well. I thought it was 1000D but it’s only 500D but still very well made . I liked how it’s laid out and the factional aspect of it is well thought out. I like the pockets on the outside you can cinch up and latched . Inside the bag the crossed webbing in the corners is a great feature to put my M4 shotgun and scar 17 boom 💥 it all fit and strapped in perfect. Now I’m an honest patriot and consumer this bag is expensive buy far but you can’t put a price on American jobs and American companies that employ real Americans especially in these times. Overall I will buy more products from Lynx defense and the bag is a home run .

  15. Robert Ronning

    This is the best rifle case I have ever come across. The quality of the materials, the workmanship and the design are astounding. It is obvious that great care and a tremendous amount of pride went into constructing this product. And all made in the USA (one of my main requirements for my AR 10 build)! If someone is looking for the least expensive case, they will be buying one every 2 years forever. This product is worth every dollar it cost and will most likely be able to passed down to the next generation. Thank you.

  16. Greg Davis

    Everything about this bag is first-rate. The design, attention to detail and workmanship leave nothing to be desired. Plenty of spaces for all my gear. Sure, I could have bought a cheaper, foreign-made bag, but I wanted one that I could be proud of that would last me the rest of my life – and this bag checks those boxes. Glad I chose to go with a quality product from an American company.

  17. kdwatson58

    First & foremost, it’s made in the USA! The attention to detail and finish of this product are outstanding. The design and myriad options to stow rifle(s) and gear, again, are outstanding. I highly recommend this bag. Well done!

  18. Ryan B

    Bag is quality except for the shoulder straps. The straps could use more padding and more length on the straps. When it’s loaded with two AR’s the straps are really tight to get on. So tight where it’s to the point that it’s pulling on the stitch at the shoulder side way too much. The reason I purchased this bag was for two reasons made in USA and the shoulder carrying capability. So far I’ve been able to carry it only using one strap. I’m average build 5’10” 215 pounds so it’s not like I’m a giant, otherwise it performs great.

  19. Todd

    If you are looking for a high quality case for your M4 or AR15 look no further. This case is quality made, inspect and reviewed the old way… By professionals.

  20. Jason

    I’m very happy with the quality and size of the bag. It’s well worth the money.

  21. Big J

    I just received my Lynx 42” Ranger Green Rifle Case..All I can say is WOW, it’s Awesome! This is my 4th Lynx Rifle case & I also have 2 Lynx Pistol Bags, I love them all.
    I love to support Small Business & Buy American Made Products, Lynx Defense Quality never lets me down. If you need a great rifle case or Pistol range bag , I can highly recommend Lynx Defense products!

  22. Mark V

    I recently ordered a 42″ tactical rifle case. I received it on May 24. I check the different features of the bag. I like that you get a rifle cleaning/ prone pad included. There is plenty of storage for magazines and tools and ammunition. The construction of the bag is first rate. Also like the fact its all American made.

  23. Brad

    Made in NC with US sourced materials. This sold me. Too many bags out there are imported and cheaply made. This bag is rugged, tough, plenty of storage and will last for years to come. My AR fits perfectly and I use the other storage for my 12 gauge. Plenty of room for magazines, a handgun and everyday carry items. I’m really impressed by the quality! Everything stores tight and secure, no shifting. Well worth the wait and the money!

  24. Daniel K Rutherford

    Buy once. By right. I researched this type of product and many hours of doing so brought me to Lynx. Least expensive, no. Best product… absolutely. This is a very well thought out case. The exterior is well designed. Great back pack and sternum strap arrangement. Outside are three small compartments with Velcro closures and bungie cord to keep the pocket tight. Great for magazines. Zip open the outer pocket and there are four compartments. Two side slide in pockets which for me hold a 9MM and 45 comfortably. On the outer face there are yet again, two more zip close compartments. All in all, there is enough space for weekend travel, let alone weaponry. Open the zippered main compartment to find a removable shooting/cleaning pad and Velcro strapped storage for two AR’s (or your choice), one on each side. Great butt and muzzle capture via two diagonally opposed pockets. Now on to quality. Top notch is all I can say. From choice of materials to stitching to design layout, everything is perfect. It is a pleasure to support an American manufacturing company building a uniquely American product using American made materials. Adding outstanding customer service on top of that and you have a winner. I’ll be ordering my range bag soon! Thank you to all of the dedicated team at Lynx Defense.

  25. Robert Harris

    After receiving and opening the box with the new bag I was so overwhelmed with the quality and the color I chose I am going to order another bag very soon.

  26. Thomas B Redens, MD

    Very well made (in the USA!), excellent customer service. Completely happy with the product and the company.

  27. Chuck Childres

    Outstanding craftsmanship and great features. Plus, it’s American made!!

  28. Michael A. Beauchamp

    I was going to buy another bag, but my wife told me it was made in China so that led us on a gun bag, made in America, search. This bag had all the features I was looking for, so we bought it. Came quicker than anticipated, and when I opened the package I was very much impressed. It weighed 6 pounds empty and when I filled it up it came in at just under 50 pounds. The backpack straps were comfortable, but the boxiness of the package let me know that it was ok from car to range, but not for all day carry in the two gun configuration. I am going to take this to Front Sight for a future class and I am looking forward to this being the only bag I have to carry around. It is very well made and the features are great. Time will tell if it will last, but I have cheaper bags that do just fine, so I see no issues. I only wish that I had bought this sooner as it would have saved me money and space. If you are looking for quality and a great American made bag buy this, you will not be disappointed.

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