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Made for the shooter who prefers concealment, The Bronx is a discreet carry rifle case with a sleek look designed to help you transport your gear without drawing unwanted attention. Plus, we ditched the tactical look to keep you from sticking out like a sore thumb when carrying.

Backorder now available production to begin July 19th.

Product update below.

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Product Update: The Urban Legend Series will feature Cordura fabric exclusively. Until now, these bags were constructed with a 600D Magnatuff fabric, which served the line well. However, Cordura fabrics are time-tested, durable, and most importantly, American-made fabric. The overall design of this bag will not change.

The remaining stock of Magnatuff bags is for sale until we run out. Plus, we will do one last backorder with the remaining fabric left in our warehouse.

Discreet Rifle Case Features


Measuring at 36 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 12 inches tall, this discreet rifle case will accommodate most 16-inch rifles with a collapsible buttstock.

Tough Construction

Only 600D Polyester Magnatuff™ Fabric met our standards when we developed this bag. We chose it for its long-lasting durability and water repellant finish, so you know your gear is protected.

Built-In Toughness

We don’t want your rifle to be at the mercy of the elements. So we put Polypropylene Fluted corrugated plastic wrapped in closed-cell foam in the front and back of The Bronx to ensure it will hold true to form and protect your firearm and gear.

Discreet Everyday Design

Our classic low-profile design for this rifle case is discreet and designed for those looking for something less tactical and in-your-face. But less tactical doesn’t mean less storage. We’ve added a large exterior pocket to store your must-have accessories and keep them within arm’s reach.

Modular Attachment System

We don’t believe in wasted space at Lynx Defense. That’s why we included a hook & loop modular attachment system to safely attach extra pockets, medical kits, or whatever else you may need without worrying about damaging your firearm.

3 x Configurable Security Straps

Storing your firearm with standard-issue security straps can be frustrating, especially when they’re not in the right place. Our three interior straps are completely configurable, so you have complete control over how many straps to use and when to use them.

Handcrafted in the USA

Every Lynx Defense bag is carefully constructed in Selma, North Carolina.

Made With 600D Polyester Magnatuff Fabric

This bag is made with 600D Polyester Magnatuff™ Fabric, which means it will protect your gear from the elements and withstand everyday wear and tear.

Modular Attachments

It’s impossible to please everyone, so we created a bag that you can transform over and over again to fit your needs. The interior of our bag features a loop area where you can attach anything you need from morale patches to IFAK kits.

In true Lynx Defense fashion, The Bronx is handmade in the United States of America.

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600D Polyester Magnatuff, Cordura

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4 reviews for The Bronx

  1. Brian Casey

    Great people great product
    Made in America
    Nuff said

  2. Darrin Edler

    Awesome case that doesn’t stand out, i really like the internal velcro backing. I would highly recommend.

  3. Walter P.

    I like the bronx the quality is excellent . The workmanship is made by people who take pride in their work. I have a pistol bag on back order I am looking forward to it. I recommend this product.

  4. Andy

    I’m really glad I found this discreet rifle case. I live in an apartment complex and I don’t like the idea of my neighbors knowing that I have guns. So having the ability to carry my LWRC to and from my car without raising eyebrows is very important. I looked all over the internet and I found a lot of bags from companies like VISM, Bulldog, and Voodoo that called their bags discreet but they screamed Tactical! The Bronx is attractive with the gray pocket for contrast but doesn’t scream that it’s built for a specific purpose. That front pocket allows me to keep 3 AR mags plus a couple of magazines for my HK VP9. I keep ammo in the storage pouch inside the gun bag. This mag gives me everything I need for my range trips without giving my extra space for a bunch of crap I never use and it blends in well.

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