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If you are looking for a rock solid tactical belt either for EDC or a battle belt for the range look no further than some of these fantastic options.

We have put together a list of the best tactical belts for EDC, training, and beyond. We love using these belts on the range.

Best Tactical Belts

Condor Belt

condor belt

The Condor Tactical Belt is an ideal choice for EDC, training, and more because of its versatility and rugged construction.

The adjustable waistline up to 44 inches make it a great solution for any tactical situation.

It also is easy to attach extra gear such as holsters, flashlight, alice clip, med pack, and more.

The heavy-duty construction of belt clips and nylon fabric also provides extra stability and security when loading heavy gear.

Lastly, the Condor Tactical Belt is lightweight and comfortable, so it can be worn all day without any discomfort.

JUKMO Tactical Belt

jukmo tactical belt

The JUKMO Tactical Belt is an excellent choice for EDC, training, and other tactical activities because of its quick-release buckle, durable nylon material, and adjustable features.

The aluminum alloy buckle is easy to adjust to the desired length within seconds, eliminating the need to tug or fight with the belt.

The nylon material has a slight stretch to provide comfort when wearing a concealed carry holster or other tactical equipment, as well as make sliding of tactical gear through the belt a breeze.

The belt is thin and wide like a regular leather belt, perfect for hiking.

Additionally, JUKMO offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure top quality. All of these features make this belt the perfect choice for EDC, training, and other tactical activities.

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

grey ghost gear ugf battle belt

The Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt is a great tactical belt for its minimalist setup, which uses two belts and comes with both.

The inner belt is 1.5-inches wide, slides through your belt loops, and is equipped with loop material.

The outer belt is 2-inches wide and has a hook portion that tightly wraps around the inner belt for stability.

The two ladders provide plenty of room to mount all your gear, using MOLLE slots that are cut to utilize Malice-style clips.

The belt also provides great support while remaining relatively minimalist, and is also comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

The UGF Battle Belt is a great option for those who want a lightweight belt that can still carry a full load.

Tacticon Battle Belt

tacticon battle belt

The Tacticon Battle Belt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable tactical belt. It is made of 1000D PVC Nylon webbing and is fused with a quick-release metal buckle, allowing it to support over 100 pounds of loadout.

The metal cobra buckle is incredibly sturdy, making it hard to break, and the padded interior prevents the belt from slipping while in motion.

Furthermore, the laser-cut MOLLE loops ensure that items remain securely attached to the belt.

The Tacticon Battle Belt is surprisingly affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty, providing exceptional value and peace of mind.

Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt

Fairwin Tactical Belt

The Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt is an excellent choice for everyday carry, training, and more due to its heavy-duty construction and versatile design.

The belt is made of rugged 1000D nylon which is tightly woven for a comfortable fit.

The belt is 1.5 inches wide and about 0.1 inches thick, making it suitable for most work pants and other clothing.

Additionally, the belt features a quick-release buckle and a V-ring, making it easy to attach a variety of gear.

The belt is also incredibly versatile, as it is suitable for tactical use by law enforcement, as well as for daily casual wear.

It is even durable enough to withstand heavier items such as guns and knives without the belt sinking.

Additionally, the company offers a two-year warranty and a 60-day free return policy should any issues arise.

Overall, the Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile belt for everyday carry, training, and more.

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet

Mission Belt Ratchet Belt

The Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet is a great tactical belt for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it features a titanium buckle with a spring-loaded ratchet that utilizes a track instead of holes, preventing warping and damage.

This also provides more than 40 sizing points for a perfect fit.

Secondly, the buckle is removable, making it great for times when you need to take it off quickly, such as going through metal detectors or at concerts.

Finally, this belt is sold by a company with a mission to fight world hunger and poverty, making it a great purchase in terms of making a difference.

Condor Cobra Tactical Belts

condor cobra gun belt

The Condor Cobra Tactical Belt is an excellent choice for a variety of activities such as EDC, training, and more.

This belt is composed of high-quality nylon and features a quick-release buckle for convenient and quick removal in emergency situations.

Additionally, it boasts two removable magazine pouches with quick-release buckles for extra storage.

Furthermore, this belt boasts rivets suited to store holsters, as well as additional retainer loops to hold a med pack or a water bottle.

The belt is sturdy yet lightweight, adjustable to up to 44 inches, and features five-row stitching with resin-treated ends to prevent fraying.

Finally, the belt includes a famous Cobra buckle for enhanced strength and durability, as well as a 1.75-inch wide double-layered webbing for even more toughness.

The Condor Cobra Tactical Belt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, durable belt for a variety of applications.

Tru-Spec Security-Friendly Tactical Belt

Best Tactical Belt

The Tru-Spec Security-Friendly Tactical Belt is an excellent choice for EDC, training, and more due to its robust construction and security-friendly design.

This belt is made with 100% polyester plastic and features a low-profile, durable construction that can easily carry a moderate amount of load without sagging.

The belt also has a plastic buckle that is designed to get through security checkpoints without any hassle.

Additionally, the belt is equipped with hidden pockets for multiple accessories and a sliding keeper to secure the extra length for a more comfortable fit.

Overall, the Tru-Spec Security-Friendly Tactical Belt is designed to be lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, while also providing maximum security and carrying capacity.

I really like these because of a nickel allergy I have it stops my skin from rubbing the metal and breaking out.

BFG Belt

chlk belt

The Blue Force Gear Belt is a great tactical belt because it provides a great degree of support without compromising on its minimalist design.

The two belt system includes a 1.5-inch inner belt that glides through your belt loops and is equipped with loop material and a 2-inch padded outer belt equipped with the hook portion that wraps around the setup for maximum stability.

The ladders provide plenty of room to mount all your tactical gear, and the MOLLE slots are cut to utilize Malice-style clips.

The belt is lightweight yet durable enough to handle the added weight of carrying various tactical gear.

Additionally, the belt is designed to be adjustable, which means you don’t need to adjust it every time you put it on.

With its superior materials, innovative design, and rock-solid quality control, the BFG Belt makes an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable tactical belt.

Viking Tactics Raze Belt

vtac raze belt 1

The Viking Tactics Raze Belt is an ideal choice for EDC, training, and more due to its simple and durable design.

With a secure steel buckle and stiffening for extra sturdiness, the belt won’t get in the way and will stay in place during intense training sessions.

The belt also features generous MOLLE panels for attaching any gear with ease, and an offhand side with a section clear for mounting a handgun holster.

The belt is lightweight and perfect for everyday use, and its Cobra buckle ensures that the belt stays securely in place.

Finally, the belt also features an integrated retention loop for safety lanyards, making it a great option for our airborne folks.

Raptor Tactical Odin Belt Mark VI

raptor tactical odin

The Raptor Tactical Odin Belt Mark VI is an excellent choice for tactical belt carry due to its versatility and convenience.

The belt combines a MOLLE sleeve, a duty belt, and an internal belt for stability, which makes it easy to add holsters, knives, or any other MOLLE-compatible pieces of gear necessary for a tactical situation.

Additionally, the vertical slits allow for the outer belt to be run through, allowing for MOLLE-compatible gear to be placed nearly anywhere on the belt.

The color choices also let you customize your belt for whatever environment you are in. All in all, the Odin Belt Mark VI is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and versatile tactical belt.

Tips for choosing the right belt for you

Consider the type of belt you need

When selecting a belt type for yourself, it is important to consider the type of gear you will be carrying, the activities you will be doing, and the look you are going for.

For example, duty belts are the largest and most suitable for wearing outside of clothing, while rigger’s belts are a good option for those looking for a middle ground between a duty belt and a regular belt.

They are 1.75 inches wide, can be worn with most pant belt loops, and include a D- or V-ring to hang a carabiner.

EDC belts are the smallest at 1.5 inches and are great for minimalist gear and everyday carry. The material of the belt should also be taken into consideration, as nylon is usually cheaper and more durable but leather is more stylish.

Ultimately, the best belt should be strong, durable and comfortable.

Check the size and width of the belt

Step 1: Measure your waist size to determine what size belt you need. For small waists, you will need a belt size 28″ – 32″. For medium waists, you will need a belt size 33″ – 36″. For large waists, you will need a belt size 37″ – 40″. For X-Large waists, you will need a belt size 41″ – 50″. For XX-Large waists, you will need a belt size 51″ – 60″.

Step 2: Check the width of the belt. Tactical belts usually have a width of 1.5 inches, while rigger’s belts can go around 1.75 inches wide, and duty belts are at least 2 inches wide.

Step 3: Check the buckle. Inspect the buckle for durability and quality. It should be easy to operate so that you can quickly loosen or remove the belt when needed, but also be clasp tightly so it won’t come undone when you don’t want it to.

Step 4: Check the materials. The belt should be made of high quality webbing that is stiff and won’t buckle or fold under the weight of your equipment. It should also be textured so it won’t easily slip through the buckle or your gear.

Consider the Materials

When choosing a tactical belt, it’s important to consider the different materials available. The two most common options are leather and nylon.

Leather is more stylish and can be worn with formal attire, however it is more expensive and may not be as durable.

Nylon on the other hand is cheaper and better able to withstand tension, and is also easy to adjust.

Additionally, it has the benefit of not bending, making it suitable for heavy-duty use.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to check the specifications of the belt and the materials used, so that it meets your individual needs and preferences.

Additional Features

When choosing a tactical belt, there are a variety of features to consider to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Look for a belt that is made of high quality webbing that is stiff and won’t buckle or fold under the weight of your gear.

Ensure the buckle has the appropriate width to fit through the belt loops and is highly durable and able to clasp tightly.

Opt for a metal buckle from brands such as Cobra, JUKMO, Tacticon, and Fairwin.

For additional support and stability, look for a belt that is reinforced with liners to make it stronger. If you’re looking for a belt for concealed carry, choose a two-ply tactical belt from Klik Belts or a leather gun belt for extra durability.

Lastly, opt for a buckle with high hardness and durability to ensure the belt stays in place with all the supplies and weight it bears.

Check for a comfortable fit

When choosing a belt, it is important to make sure it fits comfortably. Here are some steps to ensure you get the perfect fit:

  1. Measure your waist and hips before you shop for a belt. This will help you find the right size and ensure your pants and equipment don’t slide down when you wear the belt.
  2. Look for a belt with an adjustable buckle so you can loosen or tighten it to your desired level of comfort. Many tactical belts come with a Cobra® buckle for easy adjustability.
  3. Check the width of the belt and buckle. A belt should be wide enough to fit your gear and strong enough to hold it in place, but not too wide that it’s uncomfortable to wear.
  4. Make sure the webbing is textured so that it won’t easily slip through the buckle.
  5. Try different styles to find what works best for you. Comfort is subjective and varies from person to person, so experiment to find what suits you best.

By following these steps, you can make sure your tactical belt is comfortable and secure before you head out into the field.

7. Look for a belt with a reliable buckle

When choosing a belt buckle for yourself, you should consider the durability, quality, and function of the buckle.

Many tactical belts come with aluminum Austrialpin Cobra buckles, which offer strength and durability, while others come with plastic buckles, which are a lighter and more economical option.

The buckle should be able to easily open and close, but should also stay securely fastened without coming undone during movement or when carrying equipment.

Additionally, the belt should be made from high quality webbing that is stiff, textured, and won’t buckle or fold under the weight of your equipment.

The Klik Belt features an AustriAlpin Cobra® buckle for added strength and a quick-release feature for emergency situations.

This buckle is able to withstand up to 11,000 pounds of load-bearing weight, and the belt itself is made from two-ply nylon webbing, which is triple-stitched for extra strength and stability.

The Helikon-Tex belt, on the other hand, is designed with a no-hole design and a buckle closure, offering an easier and more convenient way to take the belt on and off.

Consider Price Range

When it comes to choosing a belt, price should be considered for both budgeting and quality.

For lower-cost belts, typically below $100, you’re likely to get nylon belts with few features. Above this price range, belts start to feature higher-quality materials and may come with various attachment and holstering features.

Between $100 and $200 is the typical price range for gunfighter belts, which have consistent stitching, excellent quality materials, and battle-proven pedigrees.

However, the higher you go in price, the more you may be paying for aesthetic features such as exotic materials and fancy colors rather than actual quality.

Therefore, it is wise to consider what features you need in a belt and how much you’re willing to spend to get them.

Long Lasting

When choosing a belt that will withstand the test of time, there are a few important factors to consider.

For example, the material the belt is made of should be taken into account.

Nylon belts are usually more affordable and are great for withstanding tension, but leather is often more stylish and can be worn for formal occasions.

The buckle should also be inspected for durability and quality, and it should be able to clasp tightly without coming undone even when under stress or weight.

Additionally, the belt should be stiffened to prevent sagging or twisting, and have smooth edges that don’t dig into the sides.

Furthermore, some tactical belts come with additional features such as D-rings or reinforced fabric loops for a lanyard.

Finally, the price of the belt should be taken into account, as cheaper belts often have minimal features while more expensive belts can provide more value due to better materials and more features.

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