Springfield Prodigy

Springfield Prodigy

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  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
3.7/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Weight: 32.5 oz
  • Length: 7.8"
  • Barrel Length: 4.25"
  • Recoil Impulse
  • Features
  • Build Quaility
  • Price
  • Slide stop hard to reach

It seems like the 1911s are making a comeback in a big way, with companies making new and improved 1911 pistols and developing new 2011 pistols. The market is as hot as ever for these classic pistols.

Springfield Armory isn’t going to miss out on the action of industry trends, and in late 2023, they released the Prodigy, their hot take on a 1911 that is a hybrid of 1911 and 2011.

springfield armory prodigy 1911

Springfield Armory Prodigy

• Capacity: 7+1 Round
Caliber: .45 ACP / 9mm
• Weight: 39 oz.
Price Check: PSA | Brownells | Grab-A-Gun

What is the Springfield Prodigy

The Prodigy by Springfield Armory elevates the time-tested 1911 platform by integrating double-stack capacity and a performance-oriented feature package.

Revamped with a double-stack magazine, the Prodigy boasts a polymer grip module affixed to its forged steel frame, providing 17+1 and 20+1 rounds.

Featuring optics readiness, an ambidextrous safety, and a picatinny rail, the Prodigy seamlessly merges the cherished traits of the 1911 with contemporary capacity, ensuring unmatched performance.

But if we are being honest, The Prodigy is almost a textbook 2011.


The advancements that the Prodigy brings regarding features are on par with what other companies are releasing these days.

While it doesn’t reach the luxury price tag of the Staccato Pistol series, it gives your buck a good bang.

Magazine Capacity

The double-stack 17-round magazines with the Prodigy are a major selling point because the single-stack 1911s are typically 9-round magazines.

springfield prodigy magazine

This means you spend more time loading magazines rather than shooting. Plus, if you carry this for concealed carry, you don’t want a substandard magazine capacity.

Grip and Ergonomics

One of the gun’s major features is also why I want to call it a 2011 and not a “1911 double-stack,” as Springfield Armory calls it.

The polymer grip frame is another piece of the gun, one of the fundamental differences between the 1911 and the 2011. The grip frame of 1911 is one solid piece, and 2011 is multi-piece.

springfield prodigy grip ergo

Ergonomically, the gun feels great and is probably one of the best-feeling 2011 pistols on the market today.

The price point is shocking once you learn the gun without an optic is well under $1,500.

Sights and Optics Mount

Pistol red dots are taking over the market and Springfield was smart enough to include an optics mounting solution into every Prodigy.

springfield prodigy sights

Springfield uses what they call the “Agency Optic System,” which is a collab between Agency Arms and Springfield to bring a plate system to the Prodigy.

You can purchase the prodigy with a red dot sight, namely the Hex Dragonfly. I don’t have much time behind one, so I can’t speak to its function, but other mounting plates are available for other optics models.


The included 1913 rail is perfect for a pistol flashlight or flashlight/laser combo.

While the one cross bar position point might feel limiting, it makes holster manufacturing much easier and allows for an across-the-board fit of attachments.

You can slide pistols further behind the one slot, but you must ensure they are compatible. For example, the X300 Ultra will need the 1913 bar removed if you want to move back toward the trigger guard.

springfield armory prodigy 1911

Springfield Armory Prodigy

• Capacity: 7+1 Round
Caliber: .45 ACP / 9mm
• Weight: 39 oz.
Price Check: PSA | Brownells | Grab-A-Gun


Springfield did a great job on the execution and delivery of the pistol controls. Because the controls are critical to ease of use, their design and function can make or break firearm designs.

These controls are in no particular order, and one may be more important to an end user than the other but will largely depend on the user.

Magazine Release

With an extremely pronounced magazine release it is easy to get to and depress to do magazine changes.

springfield prodigy magazine release

The magazine release sits just behind and above the trigger guard and us very easy to press with your thumb.

The vertical cuts in the magazine release give a nice texture and the height of the release makes it easy to locate and press.

Slide Stop

If I am critical of one control on the gun, it’s the slide stop. The slide stop sits into the frame of the gun and below the grip module.

springfield prodigy slide stop

It’s hard to get to, and to use it with your right thumb, you have to move your hand around the gun.

I cannot reach in with my master grip established to release the slide, so if this is how you normally release your slide, then you may have a difficult time with the slide release.


Triggers on 1911s typically go one of two ways: trash or total win.

springfield prodigy trigger

Springfield put their own spin on this trigger pull with a small amount of take-up and a clear, crisp break.

The reset takes the trigger back out to a bit of take-up to get back to the wall. All in all, this is a fantastic feeling trigger and one of my favorite 2011 triggers.


While you don’t really have to interact with the hammer on the Prodigy, it’s worth discussing in this review. Since we have our hands on it, we might as well tell you everything we can about every detail.

springfield prodigy hammer

The hammer is skeletonized and is easy to manually cock. It has two positions, but I can’t figure out the first one. I’m sure there’s a mechanical reason, and if you know what it’s for, sound off in the comments below.

I do know that you cannot use the safety on the first click you can only engage it with the hammer cocked all the way to the rear.


Safeties on sticker fire guns don’t make sense to me, but I like them and respect them on hammer-fired pistols.

springfield prodigy safety

The ambidextrous design of the Prodigy safety has a very tactile click when you engage and disengage safe.

I like the safety design, with a nicely defined ledge you can easily use with your hand established with a master grip.

springfield armory prodigy 1911

Springfield Armory Prodigy

• Capacity: 7+1 Round
Caliber: .45 ACP / 9mm
• Weight: 39 oz.
Price Check: PSA | Brownells | Grab-A-Gun


One almost undeniable thing is this pistol’s clean lines and design aesthetics. The way the slide cut serrations are done and the way the slide meets the frame is fantastic.

springfield prodigy hand

With the right amount of roundness and blockiness, it’s a great-looking pistol with a timeless design.

Ammo for the Springfield Prodigy

The Prodigy has shot everything I’ve thrown at it, from FMJ to hollowpoint it seems to have the ability to shoot anything.

Shooting the Springfield Prodigy

Shooting the Prodigy is what sells people on this gun. It shoots consistently and flat and has a fantastic and muted recoil impulse.

You can put follow-up shot after follow-up shot on target consistently with the Prodigy.

Magazine changes are easy and straightforward with the flared magazine well and all metal magazines.

I haven’t played with the hammer very much, but the double-action trigger pull is fantastic, smooth, and crisp.

Final Thoughts

I like this gun. I’m not a huge 1911/2011 or Springfield guy but the Prodigy just has a polish and feel to it that a lot of guns shoot for but miss.

Is it perfect? No, but it has many quality features that make it worth consideration.

springfield armory prodigy 1911

Springfield Armory Prodigy

• Capacity: 7+1 Round
Caliber: .45 ACP / 9mm
• Weight: 39 oz.
Price Check: PSA | Brownells | Grab-A-Gun


Since the Prodigy is such a new offering from Springfield Armory, there are many questions potential buyers and possibly even you have about it.

Here are some of the most common questions about the prodigy.

Is the Springfield Prodigy a good gun?

Yes, the Prodigy has a solid reputation in the firearms community as a good 1911/2011 pistol with very few issues.

How much does a Springfield Prodigy cost?

Depending on the dealer the Prodigy can be found found around $1,300.

Is the Prodigy optic ready?

Yes, the prodigy comes optic-ready.

What caliber does the Springfield Prodigy come in?

The Prodigy is currently only chambered in 9mm.

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