.17 Winchester Super Magnum

The Winchester Super Magnum is one of the few popular rimfire cartridges that continue to have a place in today’s ammunition market. The .17 WSM takes the .17 HMR to a new level. History of the .17 WSM The .17…

.40 Caliber

40 Caliber

The .40 S&W is a caliber that has seemed to lose its steam in the last few years due to the majority of Law Enforcement and 3-letter Federal agencies switching back over to 9mm caliber pistols. But .40 S&W is…

350 Legend

350 Legend

The .350 Legend is an interesting cartridge for a number of reasons and I’ll cover all those shortly so keep reading to learn all you need to know about the .350 Legend round. Overview of 350 Legend The 350 Legend…


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