Best AR-15 Drum Magazine

Are you shopping for the best possible drum magazine for your AR-15? We have compiled a list of the best AR-15 drum magazines on the market. Drum magazines can come in handy for gun range trips and SHTF situations.

You never know when extra ammo will come in handy. That’s why companies continue to try to increase the number of rounds you can fit in a magazine.

First drum magazines started in the 50 round range and have gotten to as large as 100 round drum magazines.

Let us dive into the four most popular AR-15 drum magazines on the market, starting with the KCI.

KCI AR-15 Drum Magazine

The KCI AR-15 drum magazine is probably one of the most recognizable drum mags on the marketing today.

The KCI is made in Korea and features two round drums vs the normal one drum magazines.

The nice thing about the KCI AR-15 drums is they have steel lips which make them more durable than polymer magazines. The feed system has an alternating system that pulls around from alternating drums while shooting.

The price is reasonable, coming in around $134.99.

It’s possible to find the KCI on sale, but the going price is around the $150.

KCI Drum Magazine

The drum includes the magazine, magazine loader, carrying case, and graphite lube.

Magpul D60 Drum Magazine

Magpul is a highly well-known magazine brand. Their most popular magazine, the PMAG, is the go-to polymer mag of choice for nearly everyone shooting an AR-15.

The Magpul D60 is an extension of the PMAG series and the official name of the magazine is the Magpul PMAG D60.

AR-15 Drum Magazine

The Magpul D60 holds 60 rounds, hence the name D60, and has a number of really interesting features.

The rear of the D60 has a clear see-through panel that allows you to see the number of rounds in the drum.

Ratching Lever

One of the nicest features of the D60 is the ratchet lever that allows you to easily load the drum mag.

Last Round Hold Open

The Magpul D60 has a last-round bolt hold-open feature like most mags. The reason this is worth noting is that many high-capacity drum magazines don’t have a last-round bolt hold open.

X-Products X-15 Drum Magazine

The X-Products X-15 is probably most well known for their can cannon, but they also make a number of drum magazines for the AR-15 patterned guns.

The X-15 is a 50 round drum mag that comes in both standard and skeletonized. The only real benefit of the skeletonized drum magazine is weight reduction.

The X-15 is made in the USA which is a big plus for us at Lynx Defense considering we are a 100% made in the USA brand.

The X-15, similar to the Magpul D-60, has a tensioning wheel. The lever design of the D-60 may be easier to use than the X-15 but they both function in the same way.

They remove tension from the spring so you can easily load the magazine to its full capacity.

Promag AR-15 Drum Magazine

The nice thing about the Promag AR-15 drum magazines is ProMag offers so many different options and models.

Not just for AR-15’s but also for many other guns including guns like the Glock 19 and the CZ Scorpion.

The AR-15 pattern Promag is more of a square than the other previously mentioned drum magazines.

While its fit and finish aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye the function is nearly the same as the other drum mags.

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