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All gun owners will eventually come to terms with the fact they have to clean their guns. After all, explosions are messy and require cleanup. Here are some of the best gun cleaning kits on the market today.

The best gun cleaning kits of 2023

Here is our round-up of the best gun cleaning kits for 2023.

Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit

Wheeler Gun Cleaning Kit

The Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact and comprehensive cleaning solution for their rifles.

This kit comes with all the necessary tools for cleaning rifles and some handy extras, such as an ergonomic T-handle for easier cleaning, 8″ and 30″ aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables, three slotted tips, two patch savers, and a CLP bottle.

The Wheeler kit includes six bronze bore brushes for various calibers, 2″ & 3″ cotton patches, and a 34″ aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cable.

The features of the Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit make it the perfect choice for recreational shooters and hunters who need a reliable and cost-effective way to clean their firearms.

It has all the necessary tools for cleaning rifles, shotguns, and pistols and comes with a high-quality carrying case. A warranty also backs the kit, so you can be sure that the quality of the components will be up-to-par.

The benefits of the Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit are numerous. It comes with all the necessary tools and accessories to ensure your firearms are in optimal condition and high-quality solvents, oils, and precision applicators.

The kit is also lightweight and easy to transport and store, making it a great choice for those who need a compact and comprehensive cleaning solution.

I use my Wheeler kit on all my AR-15s from my Aero Precision Rifles to my Noveske N4.

Wheeler Gun Cleaning Kit

Wheeler Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: .22 to .30 caliber rifles

GLORYFIRE Elite Rifle Shotgun Pistol Cleaning Kit

gloyfire elite cleaning kit

The Gloyfire Elite cleaning kit is a one-stop shop for cleaning your guns. The box it comes in makes it easy to keep your cleaning supplies organized and in one place.

If you need compact and small, this probably isn’t your go-to kid but if you need a comprehensive kit for cleaning your guns at home this one is perfect.

This kit will clean everything from rifles chambered in .17 to 28GA shotguns. It includes steel brushes as well as cotton swabs and even patch puller attachments.

gloyfire elite cleaning kit

GLORYFIRE Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: .17 to 28GA Shotguns

Real Avid Box Handgun Cleaning Kit

real avid box handgun cleaning kit

The Real Avid Box Handgun Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice for 2023, as it offers a unique and convenient design that makes cleaning handguns easier and more efficient.

The case folds into a kickstand, securely locking each tool into place and providing a stable base for cleaning.

The kit includes 13 pieces, such as a tap hammer for stubborn pins, fixed and rotating threaded brass receivers, a high-quality brass brush, jags, and nylon slotted tips–all perfectly sized for pistol calibers such as .22LR, 9mm, .38/.357, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

On top of that, the kit is incredibly compact and portable, making it great for range trips or keeping in your vehicle.

Unfortunately, the kit does not include any cleaning chemicals or lubricants; however, Real Avid has recently launched their own chemical line, providing you with options to complete your kit.

All in all, the Real Avid Box Handgun Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-use handgun cleaning kit.

real avid box handgun cleaning kit

Real Avid Box Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: .22, .357, 9MM, .38, .40, .44, and .45 caliber handguns

Allen Ultimate Universal Cleaning Kit

allen ultimate cleaning kit

The Allen Company Ultimate Universal Cleaning Kit features 65 pieces, including eight bore brushes (for .50, .44/.45, .40, .357/9mm, .30, .22, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge), ten cleaning swabs, three brass slotted tips, six brass jags (upgraded from plastic), and brass adapters for 5-40 (.20 Caliber and less), 8-32 (rifle and pistol) and 5/16-27 (shotgun).

It also includes upper and bolt carrier key brushes, .223 and .308 chamber brushes, a tube cleaning brush, three specialty tools for MSR, a hex handle for use with one piece of the brass rod, a clear plastic tube and rope cable, three-piece cleaning rods for shotgun and rifle/handgun, muzzle guards for each cleaning rod (4mm and 6mm), a three-piece brush and pick set, cotton cleaning patches, and 10 cotton cleaning cloths.

The kit has a hard-plastic storage case with pull-out compartments for organized storage.

allen ultimate cleaning kit

Allen Universal Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: .50, .44/.45, .40, .357/9mm, .30, .22, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge

iunio Gun Cleaning Kit

iunio gun cleaning kit

The iunio Gun Cleaning Kit comes with nearly everything you need.

The green case catches your eye immediately, and once you pop it open, you’ll see almost everything you’ll need to clean your firearm.

The included cleaning brushes and empty oil bottle are nice touches.

iunio gun cleaning kit

iunio Gun Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: .22, .223, 5.56mm, 9mm, .45

SPIKA Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit

spika compact shotgun

The SPIKA Compact 12 GA Shotgun Cleaning Kit is the best option for shotguns because it is specialized for cleaning shotguns, includes a quality brass rod and components, has a highly organized and compact plastic case for easy use and storage, and has all the basic components needed for cleaning without being excessive.

The kit also includes mops, brushes, patches for 12, 20, and 28-gauge shotguns, and a two-ended bristle brush for cleaning components.

This is a great solution for anyone looking to keep their shotgun clean and make sure it is ready for use when needed.

The price is also affordable, making it a great value for the money.

spika compact shotgun

SPIKA Compact Shotgun Kit

• Calibers: 12 Gauge

GuardTech Plus Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

guardtech gun cleaning kit

The GuardTech Universal Cleaning Kit is an excellent tool for keeping firearms clean and well-maintained.

This comprehensive kit comes with 60 individual components and 130 total pieces, including brass jags, brushes, cotton mops, patches, and a bore snake.

This kit is great for cleaning both pistols and rifles and is designed to easily get rid of dirt, grime, and gunk that can build up on firearms over time.

This kit is also affordable, making it a great choice for anyone who wants an easy and effective way to maintain their guns.

The features and benefits of the GuardTech Universal Cleaning Kit include:

  • 60 individual components and 130 total pieces
  • Brass jags, brushes, cotton mops, patches, and bore snake for thorough cleaning
  • Comprehensive collection of gun-cleaning tools
  • Designed to get rid of dirt, grime, and gunk easily
  • American-made and highly durable
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Compact and portable for taking to the range
guardtech gun cleaning kit

GuardTech Gun Cleaning Kit

• Calibers: 17, .20, .22, .243, .270, .30, 9mm, .40, 410, .45, .50, .54, 20Ga, 12Ga

What are the benefits of maintaining your gun?

Be sure to get a clean flat surface and if you want to protect your table or other surface grab a gun cleaning mat to put down while you work.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

Maintaining your gun can significantly increase accuracy and efficiency.

Dirt has a tendency to collect moisture, which can cause major issues like internal barrel pitting and failure to fire, feed, or eject.

Therefore, by removing carbon and copper fouling from your barrel, your firearm will generally enjoy an improved accuracy potential, resulting in better groups downrange.

With the right cleaning kit, cleaning your gun at the range or in the field can be easy, and many cost-effective kits are available for recreational shooters and hunters.

Ultimately, a dirt-free weapon will cycle more smoothly and have improved accuracy, making it more efficient and reliable.

Improved Gun Durability

Maintaining your gun by regularly removing gunpowder and residue buildup can significantly improve its durability.

By cleaning and lubricating your firearm, you can help ensure that its tight tolerances are not compromised by dirt, which can lead to issues such as internal barrel pitting, fire, feed, or eject, and rust and corrosion over time.

Additionally, a clean gun can cycle more smoothly and often boasts improved accuracy potential, further increasing its overall performance and longevity.

Improved Safety

Maintaining your gun is essential to ensuring its proper functioning and protecting you, your family, and your community.

Regularly inspecting, cleaning, and storing your firearm can help prevent malfunctions that could lead to unintentional harm or death.

Ultimately, gun maintenance can contribute to a safer environment for everyone and will ensure your firearm works when you need it most.

Reduced Fouling and Copper Deposits

Maintaining your gun helps reduce fouling and copper deposits by regularly cleaning and lubricating it.

Regular cleaning with a solvent specifically designed to target copper fouling, such as Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner or Sweet’s 7.62 Solvent, will help keep copper fouling from building up in the bore.

Additionally, using a non-toxic degreaser, like Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent, will help clean the action and other parts of carbon fouling.

Lastly, lubing and regularly maintaining the gun with an oil that helps protect against corrosion will help reduce fouling and copper deposits.

Regular gun maintenance is key to preventing unwelcome build-up of fouling and copper deposits and will help keep your gun working for many years to come.

Increased Comfort and Handling

Maintaining your gun can significantly increase comfort and handling. Lubricating oil, for instance, is essential for the smooth operation of the various moving parts.

Ensuring that your gun is stored in a Case of better quality can prevent damage and provide a secure fit, which will also increase comfort and handling.

Taking proper care of your gun is the best way to ensure that it will provide you with many years of comfortable and effective use.

Cost Savings on Replacement Parts and Repairs

Maintaining your gun on a regular basis is key to saving costs on replacement parts and repairs in the long run.

Properly cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting your gun regularly will help prolong the life of your firearm and reduce the need for costly repairs.

This simple practice of gun maintenance can help you troubleshoot and identify any potential issues with your gun before they become bigger problems, thus saving you money that would otherwise be spent on repairs.

Enjoyment of a Satisfied Task completion

Task completion can be a satisfying and rewarding experience, and this satisfaction can have a positive impact on gun maintenance.

When gun owners clean their gun, they feel more confident in their abilities and are more likely to take better care of their firearm.

This can result in better maintenance practices, such as more frequent cleaning, proper lubrication, and the use of quality parts and tools.

With proper maintenance, firearms can last longer and perform better, leading to increased safety and enjoyment of the shooting experience.


What is the best gun cleaning kit?

With such a dizzying array of gun cleaning kits available, it can be a daunting task to sift through the options to find the best one for you.

Certain qualities make a gun cleaning kit great, whether you’re a serious shooter, hunter, or just getting started in the sport.

The best gun cleaning kits should be comprehensive, featuring all the necessary components in one convenient package.

This includes cleaning rods, brushes, patches, solvents, oils, lubricants, and a specific cleaning tool for each type of gun.

Ideally, it should also come with a storage case to keep everything organized and transport easily.

The Wheeler Gun cleaning kit is one of the top gun cleaning kits of 2023. It comes with everything you need to clean and maintain your firearms, including a universal gun cleaning rod, bore brushes, patches, lubricants and other tools. It even includes a handy storage case.

No matter what type of gun you own, there is a gun cleaning kit that can help you keep it in top shape.

With the right cleaning kit, you can ensure that your gun will perform at its best and last for many years.

What components are included in a gun cleaning kit?

A gun cleaning kit typically includes cleaning rods, bore brushes, cleaning patches, jags, general-purpose brushes, cleaning solvents, gun oil, a container to store the components, and various optional extras such as a firearm cleaning pick set, Q-tips, a Tray and a Needle Oiler Bottle.

Cloth patches are commonly included in gun cleaning kits and the rod end accessories may use a slotted patch holder to ensure the cloth patch stays in place while you run it through the barrel.

How do I use a gun cleaning kit?

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools and supplies for cleaning your gun. This will typically come from a gun cleaning kit, and ensure that the kit is the correct caliber for your gun. Look for bore cleaning tools, such as bore brushes, nylon brushes, bore mops, slotted tips, rods, and cleaning patches.

Step 2: Ensure your gun is unloaded and disassemble your gun completely, including the barrel. Make sure to clean each piece separately and thoroughly.

Step 3: Start with the barrel. Using a cleaning rod and a patch with a bore cleaning solution, run the rod through the barrel several times to clear out any dirt or debris. Be sure to run the brush and cleaning pads the same direction the bullet travels.

Step 4: Use a bore brush to clean the inside of the barrel. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Use a nylon brush and a bore cleaning solution to scrub the outside of the barrel.

Step 6: Reassemble the gun and repeat the above steps for the other components.

Step 7: If your gun cleaning kit comes with lubricant, apply a thin layer to the moving parts of the gun.

Step 8: After you’re done, carefully wipe down the gun with an oil-free cloth.

Following these steps will help you clean your gun properly and efficiently.

If you have any questions or are having trouble cleaning your firearm, you can always find helpful videos on YouTube or visit hunting and shooting forums for assistance.

What is the difference between a bore brush and a bore solvent?

The difference between a bore brush and a bore solvent is that bore brush is a tool used to scrape off carbon residue and other materials from the inside of the barrel, while a bore solvent is a substance used to clean and lubricate the firearm.

Bore brushes are available in different sizes to accommodate different gun calibers, and they are usually screwed onto long handles to allow them to reach deep into the barrel.

Bore solvents, also known as CLPs (cleaner, lubricant, and protectants) are chemicals used to remove dirt and residue. They are usually applied to the gun’s surface with a cloth or cotton swab or on the end of a cleaning rag.

What is the best gun cleaning solvent?

When it comes to the best gun cleaning solvent, there are a variety of different brands and products to choose from.

One of the most trusted and popular brands is ALG Go Juice. This comprehensive cleaning solvent can effectively loosen up and dissolve any excess carbon or gunpowder.

Breakthrough Solvent is an eco-friendly, general-use, non-toxic solvent that is safe to use around family and pets.

When choosing a gun cleaning solvent, it’s important to stick to trusted and proven brands for quality assurance.

What is the caliber range of a rifle cleaning kit?

A rifle cleaning kit is designed to clean firearms that use a variety of different calibers, ranging from .17 to .50 BMG.

It is important to check the kit to make sure it is compatible with the caliber of your firearm, as some kits are limited in terms of the calibers they can clean.

A typical rifle cleaning kit will include items such as sectional brass rods, a swivel handle rod, bore brushes, cleaning patches, a nylon all-purpose cleaning brush, a brass pierce point jag, and a bottle of lubricant.

What is the difference between pistol and rifle cleaning kits?

The main difference between pistol and rifle cleaning kits is the size.

Due to their short barrels, pistol cleaning kits are typically smaller, with shorter cleaning rods and smaller brushes and swabs.

Conversely, rifle cleaning kits come with longer rods and bigger brushes to accommodate longer barrels.

Pistol cleaning kits are usually designed for 9mm calibers, while rifle cleaning kits can accommodate larger calibers.

Universal cleaning kits are also available and are suitable for all types of guns, as they come with multiple different rods, brushes, and swabs of various sizes.

What type of cloth is best for gun cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning guns, the best type of cloth to use is one that is absorbent, doesn’t produce lint and is tightly woven.

Cotton cloth, such as an old t-shirt, is the perfect material to make your own gun-cleaning patches.

It’s also important to choose cleaning rods made of nylon-coated or softer material than the barrel and brushes that are stiff but not too hard to avoid scratching or damaging the gun barrel.

Finally, any exterior cleaning should be done with a soft cloth, washcloth, or old t-shirt.

What is the best gun lubricating oil?

When it comes to gun lubricating oil, there are a few factors to consider before deciding on the right product for your firearm.

It is important to find an oil with a good consistency that will stay on the gun parts for a long time and stand up to different weather conditions.

A CLP is a great option due to its versatility and ability to protect your gun from rusting and corrosion.

It has a decent viscosity, making it easy to apply and spread even in tight spaces.

Furthermore, it is a top-notch lubricant and will keep your gun functioning smoothly and consistently.

Ultimately, you should decide which product works best for you and your gun and it make take some trial and error on what works best.

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