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Canik TP9SFx

Canik TP9SFx

  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
3.8/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Weight: 1.83 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 5.2"
  • Overall Length: 8.27"
  • Ergonomics
  • Recoil
  • Magazine Capacity
  • Smaller Slide Stop/Release

One of the great things about shooting is the variety of different guns that are available and the different purposes they serve. The Canik TP9SFx is a competition-level gun which means it focuses more on smooth shooting and accuracy than on size and concealment.

The Canik TP series recently surprised me when I reviewed the Canik TP9SF Elite and I’m excited to dive into their competition-level pistol.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Canik TP9SFx Features

Canik put some solid features on the TP9SFx that made it smoother to shoot and easier to control. Let’s dive into those features!

Grip and Ergonomics

The grip on the TP9SFx has adjustable backstraps and has ideal stippling and texture as the TP9SF Elite.

Probably safe to say the TP series of pistols from Canik features the same grip texture across the line. The grip itself is slightly longer to accommodate the larger magazine.

The grip on the SFx feels a bit better to me probably due to the weight distribution of the gun. The longer barrel and longer slide more evenly distribute the weight of the gun making it feel more comfortable in the hand.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Slide Porting

Often times slide porting can be just for aesthetic reasons whereas barrel porting can reduce muzzle rise.

Canik TP9SFx Slide Porting

In the case of the TP9SFx’s slide porting its somewhat performance-enhancing in that it reduces the overall weight of the slide.

The bottle slide porting also appears to just be for weight reduction purposes and while it doesn’t directly impact the reduction of muzzle rise it does have an impact on the grip and ergonomics of the pistol.

Those things directly change how this gun feels and handles which makes this slide porting extremely important.

Hammer Indicator

Like the TP9SF Elite, the SFx has a hammer indicator but not a chamber indicator.

Canik TP9SFx Hammer Indicator

The hammer-cocked indicator is located on the back of the pistol and falls and disappears when the hammer is not cocked.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Sights (Optics Ready)

The sights on this gun are identical to the TP9SF Elite model including the rear sights.

tp9sfx opticsready

The front sight is a single orange fiber optic rod with no night sight capabilities or white outline of the rod.

Its rear sight is completely blank with a simple U cut in the sight.

However, the major difference is the SFx is optics-ready, so it has a precut optics platform. It also comes with aluminum plates so you don’t have to purchase those separately.

tp9sfx plates

This allows you to put nearly any red dot sight on your pistol that you want.


Canik’s TP series of pistols use Mec-Gar magazines that are all metal and are extremely reliable.

canik tp9sfx magazine

The TP9SFx features a 20-round magazine and it’s done with 18 rounds in the magazine and a 2-round extender.

The extender is some type of polymer attachment at the bottom of the magazine that matches the color of the slide of the gun.

Canik TP9SFx Controls

Controls of any pistol are key to its successful operation and the TP9SFx is no exception.

Going to dive into the lower half of the pistol where all the controls live.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Magazine Release

Magazine releases are often ignored or downplayed but with a competition pistol where reloads need to happen smoothly and seamlessly you don’t want to make sure your magazine release works and works well.

tp9sfx magazine release

The mag release on this gun is extremely raised and I like what Canik did because it makes it much easy to hit the magazine release without moving your hand around the pistol.

If you have smaller hands you are definitely going to appreciate this magazine’s release size and ease of use. When it comes to how well it works, it’s right on point.

It shoots out empty mags like butter and overall has fantastic use and function.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Slide Stop

Canik went a bit different on the TP9SFx and while I like the TP9SF Elite’s slide stop/release better I’m glad Canikl didn’t drop the ball on the SFx’s release.

tp9sfx slidestop

The slide stop is oversides compared to others on the market and it also has a unique design that makes it stick out and easy to push up or pull down to lock into place.


Canik has really embraced the feeling of a two-stage trigger which is somewhat uncommon on pistols, at least modern polymer-framed Stricker-fired pistols.

tp9sfx trigger

The trigger has clean and smooth take up and what I call a semi-first wall and then a true wall. Once you get to that wall the break is clean and crisp and will surprise you completely.

It’s a very light pull on this gun and it breaks really easily and well the reset is just to the wall.

Overall, a very good trigger to be a factory trigger with no work and no adjustments.


What most people are drawn to with the TP9SFx is the aesthetics but don’t let the good looks trick you!

If you aren’t looking for an OWB or competition pistol the SFx probably isn’t your go-to, much like I wouldn’t recommend the Sig P320 X-Five Legion to someone who wants to conceal.

However, the looks of this gun are great the serrations, slide porting, and coating all make this gun look like a million bucks while still being incredibly affordable.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Range Bag

If you need a solid bag to hold all your gear for a match or a long day at the range you’ll want to pick up a Concord range bag!

They have a significant amount of space for all your gear and hold a number of different guns. Its size allows you to store your gear securely and organize your gear in a way to maximize your range time.

Canik TP9SFx Holsters

Like other Caniks, the TP9SFx comes with a holster in the box. However, I’m not a fan of any of the factory Canik holsters and would immediately buy a different OWB holster for the TP9SFx given its size and purpose.

I’m a big fan of Harry’s Holsters Contender holster for the Canik TP9SFx. Its features are great for my needs and the versatile mounting system lets me use any clip or attachment I want.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″

Shooting the Canik TP9SFx

Shooting the CanikTP9SFx is very smooth and the 20-round magazine makes this gun extremely fun to shoot.

The magazine capacity allows you to spend less time loading and more time shooting.

This gun shoots a bit smoother than the TP9SF Elite and is extremely easy to keep on target and deliver shot-on-shot placement.

Canik TP9SFx Ammo

I shoot mostly 115 GR 9mm ammo through the TP9SFx and they all shoot flawlessly without issue.

Here are some other solid options for 9mm ammo.

Great Range Ammo
Blazer 9mm
Go-To Defense Ammo
hornady critical defense 9mm
Unique Defense Ammo
winchester hex vent

Canik TP9SFx Final Thoughts

Canik did a really good job with the TP9SFx overall. I think this gun serves its intended purpose extremely well.

Its purpose is to be an affordable competition-level pistol and deliver similar features ad pistols like the CZ Shadow 2 and the P320 X-Five Legion but at nearly half the price.

There’s not much I can think of that would improve this pistol as it is an extremely fun and reliable gun.

However, in my opinion, the included holster is trash and you should upgrade that immediately.

Canik TP9SFx Stock Photo

Canik TP9SFx

Weight: 1.83 lbs
Capacity: 20+1
Length: 8.27″


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Canik TP9SFx pistol and our responses.

Does the Canik TP9SFx have a safety?

No, the Canik TP9SFx does not have a manul thumb safety.

Can you conceal carry a Canik TP9SFx?

You can, however, it was not created to be concealed and is heavy and not ideal to be concealed carried.

What red dots fit Canik TP9SFx?

With the included plates you can use nearly any pistol red dot sight you’d like.

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