Sig P320 X5 Legion

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  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
4.7/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 5 in
  • Weight: 43.5 oz
  • Trigger Action: Striker
  • Balanced Pistol
  • Smooth Shooting
  • Aesthetics
  • Price
  • Weight

I feel like I need to preface this review by saying, I am a Glock fanboy, if you haven’t read my other handgun reviews, I make no qualms about it. I like Glock’s. My personal everyday carry gun is a Glock 19. So for me to branch out into the Sig P320 X5 Legion world is interesting, to say the least.

I own a Sig P938, and we’ve also done reviews on the SIG P238. So, I’m not unfamiliar with Sig, but I mostly like Sig’s 1911-style handguns, like the SIG Tacops.

But I recognize that the P320 has its place. I got my hands on the P320 X5 Legion because I felt like it was unique, it’s not a concealed carry gun because I feel like they’re kind of overdone and it was time to branch out and do something a little different.

What makes the P320 unique on the exterior is the fact that the grip is tungsten infused with polymer. So it has a very distinct and very unique feel. As soon as you grab it, you’re going to know that this is a different gun than what you’re used to in the P320 lineup. It has a really solid feel to it when you first grab it. But let me not get too far into this.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready

Let’s dive in.

Sig P320 X5 Legion Features

Let’s talk about the features of the X5 Legion. Overall, the guns weight clocks in at 43.5 ounces. Which is kind of crazy for what you’re getting, because this is a full-size pistol.

Let’s talk about the grip ergonomics.

Grip and Ergonomics

The grip on the gun is tungsten infused with polymer. It’s really interesting strategy for Sig to try.

If you don’t know about the P320 series, the frames are interchangeable and the serial numbers actually embedded on the fire control group. So you can change out frames anytime with your fire control group.

Now I would never want to change this frame because this thing is fantastic. When you pick it up, it balances in your hand really well.

This frame is heavy compared to something like the regular P320 but not that much heavier, however, there’s definitely some substance there that’s much different.

Overall weight, it’s definitely heavier, but when we get into the shooting, I’m going to explain why that’s okay. Especially on a full size carry gun like this.

The bottom of the grip frame has a 1913 Picatinny rail. You can mount a flashlight, laser, or anything that mounts of a Picatinny pistol rail.

sig p320 x5 rail

The trigger frame is extremely elongated, especially on a pistol. I really like this because if you’re using gloves, you can get in there really easily.

Now it does have that standard P320 blocky style frame, but it works really well on this gun.

It does have a Beaver Tail, it allows you to establish your master grip really well. The big selling point that SIG tries to make on this is the balance.

It’s worth saying that is not just a sales tactic. It does balance really well in your hand. It’s almost like if you were to hold this under the trigger guard it would float.

So it holds really, really well. Overall. I really like the grip. The grip is a nice texturized grip different from the P320.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready

It is slightly different then what you’d see on a standard P320, it doesn’t have a thumb finger groove on the side of the frame.

The SIG logo actually is at the top of the frame, not in the middle like it is on the P320 and it’s not quite as aggressive and that’s probably due to the tungsten, but it really doesn’t matter because it feels really great.

One con on the grips are if you don’t like them their is no interchanging the grips.

The texture on the grip doesn’t feel quite as abrasive as a normal P320.


Now let’s talk about the sights. The sights on the P320 X5 Legion are a bit different.

First of all, it comes ready to mount an optic. I believe the optic mounting on this is a bit different. I believe the only optic you can mount on here is the Romeo One Pro.

sig p320 x5 legion optic plate

The stock sights on the X-Five Legion are actually really, really nice. You have a fiber optic front sight, which again, I hate fiber optic sights on pistols like I said in a number of other reviews, including the Staccato P.

I just don’t like them, but maybe my mind’s changing because I like it on this gun.

It could have a lot to do with the rear site is blank. It just has your standard U cut, there’re no dots, there’s nothing.

Sig P320 X5 Legion Rear Sight

It’s just the fiber optic front sight and that really works for me especially with this gun.

Overall, I just, I really like the sights and the way they did it on this gun. On the rear sights you can adjust the elevation and windage.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready

Let’s move on to the controls.


So first and foremost, let’s talk about this gun and its controls.

The gun doesn’t have a physical safety. The safety like all guns, should be in your trigger control.

Now, of course, this contains a drop safety and there were some issues with the P320s and dropping them on the hammer.

Those have since been remedied, and I don’t foresee any issues with those. On to the magazine release.

Magazine release

The magazine release on this is literally a direct copy of the regular P320s. A sideways triangle button for the release and this one doesn’t have any etchings around it.

sig p320 x5 legion mag release

It sticks out pretty far which makes it extremely easy to use. When you depress the magazine release, it shoots the magazine out. Even unloaded ones. Works pretty flawlessly.

Slide Stop

Next we’ll talk about the slide stop. The slide stop on this is actually really nice much like the P320s series in general.

sig p320 x5 legion slide release

It’s ambidextrous, so it’s on both sides. I really like how Sig did the slide stop on this gun.

The Glock Gen 5’s use the same type of dual-sided slide release and it works really well.

I’m a big fan of what them doing that because you can reach up and grab it on both sides. I know that’s recommended, but I like the ability to do that because if you’re having a hard time getting it down, you can force it down with both fingers.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready

Moving on to the trigger.


Now the trigger on the Sig P320 X5 Legion carry is probably one of my favorite things on this gun.

Sig P320 X5 Legion Trigger

It’s a flat, almost forward-adjusted trigger. It has very little take-up. The wall is very clean. The reset is exactly at the wall. There’s no rear take-up. It’s a very smooth trigger.

This is one of the best pistol triggers I’ve ever felt. It does remind me of the Apex trigger. I almost would say SIG knocked off the Apex trigger on this but I know they didn’t. The Apex trigger might be a little better, but this is damn good from the factory.

I really like the trigger, really like the reset. Good job SIG.

Sig P320 X5 Legion Range Bag

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Lynx Defense review without mentioning our pistol range bags.

sig p320 x5 legion

If you are going to carry a large pistol like the Sig P320 X5 Legion or your Double Stack 1911s or Staccato’s or any of the guns you prefer to carry that are full-size frame, large competition style handguns, highly recommend you go with our Concord.

Our pistol range bag will hold them, but I highly recommend the Concord. There’s more headspace, there’s more vertical space and there’s more horizontal space in the Concord.

It is a hundred percent larger bag and it’ll hold more guns and have a feeling if you own a SIG P320 X5 Legion, you own other guns.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready


The accessories for the X-Five Legion aren’t as vast as a lot of the P320 series but there are still some notable ones, starting with the red dot.

Romeo 1 PRO

The slide of the P320 X5 Legion comes cut ready for the Sig Romeo 1 Pro pistol red dot sight.

This is not a cheap pistol red dot by and stretch but it does have a decent number of solid reviews.

Once you tack on the Romeo 1 Pro red dot to this gun it becomes a pretty price gun at nearly $1,400.

The good news about the Romeo 1 Pro is you can buy it at popular online retails like Amazon and Optics Planet.

Surefire X300 Ultra

Flashlights are almost a must-have accessory these days. Since nearly half of any given day is dark you want to make sure you aren’t literally shooting in the dark with your carry gun.

While the X5 Legion isn’t exactly your EDC carry you may still want to have something that can cut through the darkness and the golden standard of pistol-mounted lights in the Surefire X300 Ultra.


The aesthetics of this gun are fantastic. It is nearly the same color as a regular P320 and I believe the slide has the same coating, but the frame is a little different color.

It’s got a grayish hue and that would probably be from the tungsten that’s infused with the polymer. Now that being said it looks great.

It doesn’t show carbon really bad and doesn’t show fingerprints really bad, if that kind of stuff matters to you.

It largely doesn’t matter to me. These are all tools at the end of the day, but you still want your stuff to look nice.

The magazine well is very nice. It’s got a really nice flare to it. Magazines, even sit flush with the bottom of the large stock factory magazine well, so you can’t even see the bottom of the magazine.

sig p320 x5 magwell

That could be some pros and cons there, but overall, I don’t have any issues with that.

The aesthetics really set in on the top of the slide. It has three cut holes, so you can see the barrel.

I really think this was more or less to cut down on some of the weight on the front end and actually create true balance on this gun, but they do provide a nice aesthetic to it.

sig p320 x5 slide top

The rear of the top of the slide has your optics plate cover that holds the rear sight. On a standard P320, it’s just a flat slide and then of course on the optics-ready models, it’ll look very similar to this.

This is a very long gun and has a very large frame, but it is a very attractive gun. I really like the way this looks, especially the colors.

The frame almost matches the slide better than it does on the standard P320s.

Shooting the Sig P320 X-Five Legion

Shooting this gun is really where it shines and that’s probably where a gun should shine.

SIG’s claim on this gun is one of the best shooting pistols on the market and that’s a marketing blurb.

How this gun shoots is extremely subjective.

Say what you want. In my opinion, as a Glock fanboy, this gun is probably one of the best shooting pistols on the market.

That says a lot because I am not a Sig Sauer fanboy by any means. I own one Sig, but it’s not in the P320 series.

I don’t care to own a P365, doesn’t do a thing for me. I’m perfectly happy with my Glock 19, but this gun shoots worlds better than a Glock 19.

I wouldn’t want to carry this every single day because this is a massive gun, but as far as shooting goes, if we’re just going to the range, give me the Sig P320 X5 Legion.

Sig P320 X-Five Ammo

Shooting the X-Five Legion is an absolute blast and there’s probably not much you can feed this gun that it won’t shoot.

While I doubt you are shooting this gun as an everyday carry here are some good ammo options.

Final Thoughts

You know, it’s great to be able to shoot guns and run a company that really revolves around the firearms industry because I get to interact with and shoot a lot of guns.

I’m not going to sit here and say, I’m a firearms expert and I think a lot of gun ergonomics and controls and sights are all subjective to the end user.

I will always recommend that you get something in your hand before you make a decision.

Stock Photo of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion

• 9 mm
• 3 x 17 Round Magazines
• Tungsten Infused Grip
• Fiber Optic Front Sight
• Optics Ready

If you can shoot it, shoot it, and find out if it’s going to work best for you.

But I can tell you that of all the guns I’ve shot, the SIG P320 X5 Legion is by far one of my favorites.

Again, I’m an unashamed Glock fanboy, but I will probably own another one of these.

This gun is fantastic. I’m more of a rifle guy, but I can tell you when it’s a nice pistol. You can pick it up, it’s very fluid and the controls are great. The recall mitigation is easy as can be.

There’s very little muzzle rise overall, this is just a joy to shoot.

My recommendation, if you want it is the SIG P320 X5 Legion is worth every penny. If you want the next step in this lineup checkout the Sig P320 Spectre Comp.

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  1. Purchased this gun today! I can’t wait to put it to the test. Love the feel of it! I had an old P320, love this one better.

  2. Your review was right on. Have had a P320X5 for about 18 months – absolutely love it. Yes it is big and heavy but it is FUN to shoot! Definitely not an EDC, but I did not buy it for that. I am ex-AF from back when issued side arms were 1911s and 38s, and bought a Glock 19 Gen 5 a few years back. A real vanilla gun – nothing to get excited about. The 320X5 makes me want to head to the range every chance I have.

  3. Growing up an 80s kid, something about this pistol gave me robocop vibes. I never been a fan boy, having owned both Sig and Glock. But this pistol just looked awesome. And after a couple years I was able to purchase it.
    Turns out it didn’t just look awesome. It IS awesome.
    First, this is a grown man’s pistol. It’s big. It’s heavy. But it’s so damn easy to shoot. I’ll admit it recoils a bit more than I thought it would but a couple hundred rounds later I got used to it. I can’t speak for the sights much. I took off the factory sights for a holosun 501t and don’t regret it.
    The only thing I didn’t like (more of a personal preference) was the magazine sitting flush with the well. I didn’t like that extra oomph I had to push on the mag to feel like it sat. This was an easy fix when I got the 21 round extended magazines. Additionally it eats steel case like a fat kid on cupcakes no problem. Put 2000 round through her without a single malfunction with the 14lb spring.

    Initially, I had the 12lb “competition” spring in it when she was new. I did have some malfunctions when she got dirty but she was new and I was feeding her crap ammo. I’m going to try the 12lb spring with some 124gr and see how she shoots. Happy shooting all!

  4. I just got this gun a month ago and I shot a 22 right before then shot the x5 and I could barely notice the difference, the gun is a cheat code it’s so accurate I love it

  5. Thanks for the review! It’s nice when you can tell that someone genuinely likes a gun, even though it’s not what they’re used to, because so many reviews seem like they could be getting paid by the company that makes the product.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jack! Likewise, it’s always nice to get a positive comment on the effort I put in on these every once in awhile.

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