PSA AK-105 Review

PSA AK-105

  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
4.1/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 5.54x39mm
  • Barrel Length: 16" Pinned and welded
  • Stock: Triangle Folding
  • Receiver: Stamped Steel
  • Low Recoil
  • Affordable
  • Ammo Cost
  • Weight on Some Models

The PSA AK-105 is a highly afforable and versatile rifle that I’m excited to dive into and review.

Will the PSA AK-105 steal the thunder and limelight of the PSA AK-74?

PSA AK-105 Product Details

Made in the USA

Made in the USA, the PSA AK-105 is a high-quality rifle that combines the iconic design of the AK platform with American craftsmanship.

This firearm offers exceptional reliability, durability, and accuracy, making it a reliable choice for both professional users and enthusiasts.

With its precise construction and attention to detail, the PSA AK-105 delivers superior performance and proudly represents the excellence of American manufacturing.

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 

AK-105 Features

Muzzle Device

On the model AK-105 I pruchase it has a pin and welded muzzle device. That’s something that Palmetto has taken to doing for a number of guns to get the overall length of the barrel to 16″.

PSA AK-105 Muzzle Device

To my knowledge PSA doesn’t make any short barrel rifles likely for logistical reasons.

Maybe of the Sabre AR-15’s feature a pin and welded muzzle device as well to avoid being an NFA item.

This particlar muzzle device is a bit wild. The overall design is that of a comp but with a spiked muzzle end.

I really like the overall look and feel of the gun but the muzzle break isn’t my favorite, while there are tons of other options that I like more I did choose this and it functions great while shooting, more on that later.

FSB/Gas Block

One of the key design features of the AK-105’s is the gas block and front sight block are one in the same.

psa ak 105 08

On this model the gas tube hides under a machined piece of metal that has a nice design and a picitanny rail.

I think this is a great addition because it adds the extra 1913 rail on top and is very AR-15-esk.

Front Trunnion

If you’re a newcomer to AK-47s and aren’t familiar with the assembly process, the term “front trunnion” might be unfamiliar. I, too, was once in that position.

psa ak 105 02

In the realm of AK rifles, trunnions are solid metal components to which various parts of the firearm attach or lock into.

Specifically, the front trunnion in the AK platform is a metal block riveted into the receiver, with the barrel pressed into it.

The front trunnion of the PSA AK is crafted through hammer forging, and it has proven to be exceptionally reliable in the performance of the firearm.

While the front trunnion is typically a component you won’t need to tamper with, it’s worth noting its durability, thanks to the hammer-forged construction.

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 


The configuration of the receiver on this firearm sets it apart.

The most common AK models feature stamped receivers—essentially, sheet metal stamped to shape the lower receiver—the PSA AK-105 adheres to the traditional AK design with its stamped steel receiver.

In contrast to the higher-end AK-47s that often boast hammer-forged or billet receivers, the PSA AK-105 has maintained a stamped steel receiver.

Thus far, the performance of this receiver has been exceptional, and the overall quality of the firearm has left me with nothing but positive impressions.

I find no faults to highlight when it comes to the PSA receiver.


The AK-105 barrel is a 4150 Steel hammer forged barrel and while I don’t know the exact length of othe barrel it is pin and welded to 16″.

The muzzle brake is pretty long on this gun so I estimate the barrel to be roughly an 11″ barrel.

The muzzle brake is a staggering 5 inches or so, which is large but needed to keep the gun from being a short barrel rifle.


One standout feature that appeals to me in PSA AK-105 is the inclusion of my preferred style of AK safety, the kerbs style AK safety.

psa ak 105 04

The safety incorporates the standard catch levers positioned both at the top and bottom of the selector.

This design significantly enhances ease of use, allowing for seamless operation with the index finger to transition the firearm between safety and fire modes.

Additionally, the safety includes the full-auto notch, although it’s important to note that this function is non-operational.

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 


Great part of this AK-105 model is the fact it comes with an ALG trigger and it is fantastic!

ALG Trigger for AK-105

One of my favorite AK triggers of all time is the ALG trigger and if you can get it from the factory with this trigger I highly reccomend it.

Very interesting trigger with very little takeup and no wall. So the bang is gonna surprise you nearly everytime.

Pistol Grip

For the most part the PSA AK-105 models feature Magpul MOE AK pistol grips. They are just the hard base grips but work and feel good.

psa ak 105 07

Some models may come with a more traditional style of grip depending on which model AK-105 you choose.

But the majority of the current options as of this writing are Magpul AK grips.

Magazine Release

The magazine release is conveniently located just ahead of the trigger frame, allowing for easy pressing to release the magazine and facilitate quick and effortless changes.

AK-105 Magazine Release

The magazine release is a standard AK release. It works but my one critic is it’s relatively small.


Because this gun is chambered in 5.45×39 it requires a slightly different magazine than typical AK’s.

The included magazine is the Magpul AK-74 magazine and is the quaility you expect from Magpul.

Like with most AK magazines you have to get a good angle and rock the magazine into the magazine well.

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 

Bolt/Charging Handle

The process of hammer forging the bolt and charging handle in the AK-105 significantly contributes to both the firearm’s dependability and durability.

PS AK-105 Charging Handle

The charging handle and the bolt are a single piece of metal and while it would be great to change this, that’s really an AK feature, it works well and sticks out far enough to easily grab the handle even while wearing gloves.


The AK 105 comes in a number of different stock configurations this particular stock that I have on my model is the triangle folding stock.


One of the hardest decisions to make when considering which PSA AK 105 to buy is likely which handguard you want to go with.

psa ak 105 08 1

On some of the rails it appears that PSA has partnered with SLR Rifleworks to make a branded PSA rail for some of the AK 105 guns.

They also offer a number of rails made by JL Billet that are in the lineup for the AK-105 rifles.

Optics for the PSA AK-105

While many of the options feature a full 1913 top rail to mount optics too some of the classic options still require a mount to get a 1913.

We have done a complete list of AK optics as well as the best AK mounts on the market.

Shooting the AK-105

Shooting the AK-105 is proably better done with just showing you rather than trying to explain it with words so without further ado…

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 

Uses for the PSA AK-105

You might be wondering what will I use my soon to be new PSA AK-105? Well there’s a few theroies and options.

Range Gun

This is a perfect range companion and shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to pick up a new “range toy”.

But just because it’s qualifies as a good range gun doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of heavy lifting.

I’ve had zero issues and malifunctions out of mine and while I don’t have a massively high round count my confidence in this gun is at an all time high.


While you may not see your local police department running around with the AK-105 it likely is a fan choice for tactical situations.

The 5.54×39 round is fantastic and the terminal ballisitics are very similar to that of 5.56mm.

While I find my model a bit heavy for a “tactical” application you could surely opt for a less weighty model and have the perfect truck gun.

PSA AK-105 Price & Conclusion

While COVID hasn’t been kind to the gun industry and prices within, the AK-105 from PSA has maintained a reasonable price point in line with PSA’s mission statement.

psa ak 105 01

Depending on which model you fancy the price ranges from right at $1,000 to $1,300.

The only downside I can find of the AK-105 is as of this writing 5.45x39mm ammo is wildly expensive and often hard to find given the two major military conflicts going on in the world.

But, if ammo is no issue you to use I can’t reccomend the AK-105 enough because it functions well and has a feature set that’s hard to ignore.

The number of different options PSA offer’s also makes the gun extremely attractive.

psa ak 105 stock photo

PSA AK-105

Caliber: 5.45X39MM
Barrel: 16″ Pin + Weld
Receiver: Stamped Steel 


What is the difference between AK-74 and AK-105?

While the AK-74 and AK-105 share similarities, the AK-105 is designed to be more compact and maneuverable, making it suitable for specific tactical applications where a shorter barrel is advantageous.

Which AK is chambered in 5.45?

The AK-74 is the variant of the AK series that is chambered in 5.45x39mm ammunition.

Developed in the Soviet Union during the 1970s, the AK-74 was designed as a successor to the AK-47, which uses the larger 7.62x39mm cartridge.

The introduction of the AK-74 allowed for a smaller caliber round, the 5.45x39mm, which contributed to improved accuracy and controllability in automatic fire.

What is the difference between AK-103 and 105?

The AK-103 rifle is chambered for 7.62×39 mm while the AK-105 makes use of 5.45×39 mm

Is PSA AK-47 good?

Yes, the PSA AK-47 is a good gun and the AK-105 is an excellent gun. The PSA AK is one of the best bang for your buck when it comes to American made AK’s.

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